Debt Certificate for Expenses: Data, Laws and MORE

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The Debt Certificate for Expenses It is a document by means of which the administrator of a functional unit or a residence is issued. This refers to the collection of the expenses of the people who live there, whether they are owners or tenants. Furthermore, this certificate is considered as an executive title document.

Seeing this and the importance of this certification in this article we are going to tell you everything that is related to it Certificate of Debt for Expenses. From what this certification contains, the legality on which it was based, its execution. Even the purpose and concept of what it is.

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Data Contained in the Certificate of Debt for Expenses

Inside of the Certificate of Debt for Expenses There must be some data, these refer to the settlement of the expenses and the declaration of these. This must be done by the administrator through the inputs, or income, and the outputs, or expenses, of the goods on a monthly basis. This is for the maintenance of the common areas of the residence and to be reflected in the financial statement.

A settlement of expenses must contain the data that we are going to present to you below. It is important that you read them carefully so that you are clear when processing your Certificate of Debt for Expenses.

  • The first thing that must be reflected in the document is the administrator’s data.
  • Following this, both the full name, the address, your CUIT number and also your telephone number must go.
  • The data referring to the consortium must also go.
  • Attachments must also include the data referring to the staff of the residence, or functional unit.
  • These data are: the full name of each one of them, the CUIT number, the base salary that each one receives, the extra hours of work.
  • Also, data such as the payment period, discounts and contributions for social charges must be included.
  • In addition to what has already been mentioned, the details for the services and supplies must be added.
  • Then come the details related to the insurance payment.
  • And, finally, if applicable, if there is any executive judgment for the collection of expenses. You must also indicate these data for the certification.

Legal Aspects about the Certificate of Debt for Expenses

Regarding the legal aspect and the regulations in which the Certificate of Debt for Expenses, there are some criteria to consider. In this section we are going to mention everything you need to know regarding the legality of this certification.

The regulations were issued by the Argentine Institute for Standardization. They include aspects such as the structuring of certificates. These laws by which the Certificate of Debt for Expenses They are the ones that we are going to present to you below.

Legal content of the Certificate of Debt for Expenses:

  • The first legal aspect to consider for this certification is that it must be printed on A4 paper.
  • It must also contain what is related to the consortium’s address. This must be supplied in full.
  • Attached to the data that we already mentioned, you must add the number of the residence, or functional unit, the floor and the department of residence.
  • Then you must indicate the CUIT data of the consortium.
  • The debit balance of the expenses must also be indicated. In the same way, the balance due due to the certification put in both letters and numbers.
  • Next, you must have the data related to the following: insurance data, the policy number, the type of risks it covers.
  • It must also include the data of the company that is in charge of insuring that policy, the value of the same and, finally, it must indicate the expiration date of the policy.
  • If this is the case, if there is any existence of a reserve of the amount contributed to the same insurance. This must be indicated both in letters and numbers and in Argentine pesos.
  • In the same way, the data that correspond to the judicial case must go.
  • Another piece of information that must be reflected is the full name and surname of the clerk.
  • Subsequently, what is related to the name and surname, in a complete way, of the administrator.
  • The CUIT number, the administrator’s signature and the stamp that corresponds to the administration must go in the same way. All this in conjunction with your current legal address.
  • As a last piece of information we have that everything has to be in accordance with what was previously exposed, this is of the utmost importance that it exists.
  • This document is generally used when you are in the process of negotiating a property, this with respect to the model of the Certificate of Free Debt to Expense.

Tariff Certification

The application process to process the tariffs in the Argentine territory is done through the web portal of the Argentine embassy. After having entered that portal you will find a section that will say «Fees of more frequent procedures», there you will see a list of fees that are very processed daily. In this section we will tell you some of those so that you have knowledge of them.

Frequently processed fees

  • Documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates by c / 25 lines or fraction.
  • Granting of powers for c / 25 lines or fraction.
  • Testimonials with 25 lines or fraction.
  • He was coming from a trip / travel authorization.
  • Legalization processes of any type and obtaining documents of the same type.
  • Consular views.
  • Issuance, renewal and extension of passport under any circumstances.
  • Procedures of any type of visa.
  • Processing of any type of certifications.
  • To request background information.

Fees processed by the National Registry of Persons

It is worth noting that these fees have a cost. The costs are stated in both dollars and euros. the tariffs evaluated in euros are only for those countries where the official currency is that.

  • Address change.
  • First copy of the DNI by citizenship option (under 14 years old). Also by citizenship option (over 14 years old).
  • Update 5/8 years. If this is the case, it is also processed with a fine (greater than 9 years).
  • Update 14 years and this also has the case of paying an additional fine.
  • Late identification with fine (over 18 years old).
  • Exchange of Civic Book and exchange of Enrollment Book.
  • New Item (due to theft, loss or uselessness).

If you want more information about these procedures and their costs you can do click here and expand this information.

Execution of Debt for Expenses

According to what is established in the co-owner regulations, some steps are established that must be followed for the collection of the debt that is owed. These debts are aimed at defaulters and their execution. The administrator has the ability to make this charge corresponding to the expenses.

The steps that must be followed to carry out the execution of this collection of expenses are the ones that we are going to present to you below. Pay attention and read carefully:

Process for the Certificate of Debt for Expenses:

  1. The first thing you should do is have a conversation with the owner and come to an agreement to pay the debt and a date for it.
  2. Regarding the agreement, a minute must be drawn up. This must be signed by both parties and sealed by the administrator.
  3. In the event of breach of the agreement, within the established period, the administrator must prepare a Certificate of Debt for Expenses. This must be signed and with the approval of the same in order to present it to the Council of Owners. It will be signed and approved.
  4. At the time the certificate is signed, it is considered an enforceable title. That is to say, with that the request for the services of a lawyer is validated and a lawsuit will proceed through an executive judgment.
  5. Already with the previous step the process is simpler and easier, this due to the urgency to recover the debt.
  6. The administrator must appear before a judge, together with the Debt Certificate for Expenses. You must also present the minutes that certify the agreement that was reached with the co-owner and that it was breached.
  7. Then the judge will proceed to evaluate the documents that have been presented and order the seizure. Usually this is the property.
  8. Finally, if the co-owner cancels the debt, totally not partially, it can be considered that his delinquency has caused a condition to all co-owners. This is because the process was destabilized.

Who Sets the Fees for the Certificate of Debt for Expenses?

Regarding the setting of the fee for the expenses, it is an issue that is in charge of the Assembly of Co-owners. This takes into account the ordinary payments that are made month by month and the deadlines to cancel are also agreed. Generally this period of time is between the first 5 or 10 days of each month.

It also has the capacity to fix this, in the case of an extraordinary fee being necessary. Of this also, a specific date would be fixed to be canceled.

In case of non-compliance with this established payment date and delinquency occurs, the co-owner will proceed to cancel a default interest, this is equivalent to 1.5 times the interest of the bank rate. This is set by the Superintendency of Banks.

Despite the fact that a co-owner wants to give up the use of the common areas of the residence, because he does not need them or does not want to use them, he has a duty to pay. You have an ordinary fee to pay for the expenses, or the extraordinary fee. Failure to do so will be issued a Debt Certificate for Expenses.

What is the Certificate of Debt for Expenses?

As we have already been talking about, the Debt Certificate for Expenses It is a document by means of which a function is issued and granted to an administrator, in charge of a residential complex. This is the ability to collect a fee from the owners or tenants who live in said residence.

This certificate must be approved, in the first instance, by the administrator. Then, it will proceed to be approved and signed by the Council of Owners. Also, the certificate is considered an executive title, this means that if necessary it must be presented in a mandatory manner signed and with its due approval.

The property is sold and the certification will become a Debt Free Certificate for Expenses before any authorized authority in the case.

We hope that this article has been very useful to you and that all your doubts have been clarified,

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