Debt Free Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of Free Debt It is nothing more than a record where each Argentine citizen can verify and verify that you do not have any provincial tax debt that you are in charge of. It is important to mention that the provincial taxes are: Gross Income Tax, Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Tax.

The purpose of obtaining this certificate is to demonstrate that you are not a debtor with the state, complying with the country’s tax payment regulations and thus collect your debts in the state.. We invite you to continue reading!, so that you discover everything you need to the Certificate of Free Debt.

Requirements for the Certificate of Free Debt

Each Argentine citizen who wants or should request the Debt Free Certificate, You will have to meet, without exception, each of these requirements:

  • Original and Copy of the National Identity Document.
  • A proof of Income Tax can be both rural and urban.
  • Home receipt where you can verify a payment to a public or private entity.
  • An email, a Gmail account is recommended for faster streamlining.
  • If in your case you are particular in labor independence, have an independent labor certificate.
  • If you want to generate the certificate through the DGR page, have a password.
  • The current CUIT or CUIL number.

The individual is able to choose between completing the entire procedure, through the General Revenue Directorate page or if he prefers to carry out the procedure in person, for this he must go to the nearest General Revenue Directorate office.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Debt Free Certificate

If you want to carry out the procedure for the certificate or proof through the website. First, you must register with the DGR page with your CUIT number and after registering, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the CUIT number, the password you have chosen and press the button «Confirm».
  2. Then you need to look in the Menu, the option «My paperwork» and you will be shown the option «Free Debt Certificate”.
  3. After you have clicked on that box, the system will present you with the option to Certificate Request and the option of Certificates Awarded.
  4. As you wish to request the certificate, you will click on the option «Certificate Request «.
  5. Then mark on the «Option +» (more), so that the system generates a Certificate Request.
  6. The system will show a box where you must select whether the property tax is rural or urban. Then, you have to select the button «Look for property».
  7. The system will show the information of the identification of the property, it must be checked and then click on the button «continue”.
  8. The request must be confirmed by selecting the delegation where the request will be presented and clicking on “confirm”.
  9. At the end you will be shown a list with your generated request, where you can see the date of the request, the CUIT number, and the Company Name with name and surname.
  10. To present, select the green check icon and if you want to cancel the same request, you just have to press the red X button.

When all the information has been completed and the certificate is delivered to you, the registration system will give you the option to download the certificate, it is important to mention that it can only be used while it is in force because, after its expiration, it will not be of legal use .

Who can request the Certificate of Free Debt?

The Free Debt Certificate It can be requested by each of the Argentine citizens over 18 years of age who want or need their free debt status to be verified, which can be:

  • Financial debts.
  • Real estate debts.
  • Profitable.
  • Tax debts.
  • Free of debts in the labor institution.
  • It may also be that if the applicant is the director of a company that is registered, he must generate the certificate to verify that he does not have a debt with the State.
  • Citizens who are going to request a loan in a bank and want to verify that they do not have debts with the State.

It is of great importance that any applicant has all the legal bases in his possession if there is any problem with the application and the certificate is rejected. Keep reading!

If, at the time of opting for the certificate or proof, the National Identity Document has reached the expiration date, the General Directorate of Revenue must be notified at the time of the process so that they take it into consideration.

How is the Certificate of Free Debt?

There are several models of certificates that exist, there are a variety of types of certificates where certain aspects change. Some that there may be: a certificate of the taxes of a company or the certificate of property between which there are differences.

For this very important reason, a clear example of what a business debt-free certificate or a tax certificate for a company is like will be placed:


Certificate of Free Business Debt

Buenos Aires, Argentina: (day), (month), (year).


(The department in which the certificate is awarded)


(Full names and surnames of the person in charge of the company)

Considering that:

On my behalf as the legal director of (company name), CUIT number 12-345678-9, I legally legalize granted by the General Directorate of Revenue that the private citizen (full names and surnames), National Identity Document number 12,345,789, does not owe any late payments.

This Certificate was issued on (Day when the certificate was printed), (month) of this year by the company (name of said company).


(Names and Surnames of the Director General)

Signature of the Director General

What is the Free Debt Certificate for?

Obtaining this certificate is of vital importance, because it is the only way in which an entity can demonstrate beforehand that it does not have any debt with the State or at tax levels, which makes the applicant a great client with good payment history.

Also, it serves as an indispensable requirement for the request of a great variety of procedures at the property level, since the certificate indicates that said property does not have any type of debt.

The level of importance of this document is so great that various Argentine contractor companies have it as one of their great priorities, because it is considered by employers the first obligation in terms of union charges.

At the business level, it is considered a high priority at economic levels, for the reason that a failure to present payments in an accumulated manner can be punished with the retention of a large percentage of the monthly billing.

It should be noted that the maximum payment term to comply with all obligations and payments is 30 days from the start of the process. If that time is exceeded, the procedure will automatically be canceled and it will have to be started again.

What is it?

You can consider the Certificate of Free Debt as a document or record that verifies that a citizen or taxpayer does not have any type of debt with a specific body and / or with the State. This certificate allows a government entity to verify information about a taxpayer in any procedure and thus facilitate said procedure.

It is considered an easily accessible procedure, since it can be completed through the DGR website and is extremely fast. The General Revenue Directorate is the only organization in charge and capable of controlling the records and requests of these types of Certificates in Argentina.

In addition, this certificate is of great importance because it is a clear example of not owning any debt. This generates things like: Peace of mind when making payments in companies, since it does not generate any stress or future problems with payments or credit applications.

Or better return on money, because as you do not have any debt, you can ensure that the remaining money will be enough to make payments and investments. Easier goals such as applying for loans, you can have good financing for companies or real estate without generating large loads of debt.

Solving debts and being up to date with payments to the State can give you better planning of expenses, the money can be used for different purposes that you have as a company or as a citizen.

Although also, it is necessary to understand credit financing so as not to enter into some unpayable debt. It is good to have a change of mind and try to reduce the debts obtained.

It is convenient to make expenses and request credits to improve the flow of our accounts, but it depends on each situation. After knowing everything you need and how to do everything to obtain the Certificate, We thank you for reading this article!

Comply with all the instructions to obtain the Certificate of Free Debt, successes!

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