DIAN Form 220: How it is, Steps and MORE

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The DIAN Form 220 It is necessary to obtain it to keep abreast of the income or withholdings that apply to you.

If you still don’t know anything about it, do not worry!. After reading this article, you will know everything you need and more about this topic.

What is DIAN Form 220?

The Form 220 It is a certificate of income and withholdings for work income and / or pensions belonging to the current year.

It is where your boss, employer or withholding agent must comply with the obligation to report the payments made to you during the year and verify the withholdings at the origin of said payments.

This document is extremely important to be able to declare the income of the current year because it deals with the support of the income received in the mentioned year and the withholdings that took place at the origin of the payments, as mentioned above.

The date of delivery of this certificate or form is must exceed the month of March of each year, generally, it is cited for the last days of that month. If after that time the document is not delivered, it is good to contact the employer or withholding agent so that they can account for the process.

What is DIAN Form 220 like?

The DIAN Form 220 must contain the following information:

  • Full name and identification number of the worker.
  • Business name, identification number and address of the withholding agent.
  • Withholding agent or employer signature. Thus, it is certified that the data provided is true and there is no other payment that benefits the worker simultaneously with the informed one.

All this following the established norms regarding the subject that concerns us.

  • City and year in which the withholdings were applied.

Steps to Fill out DIAN Form 220

This documentation is in digital format to be downloaded directly.v This benefit is granted by the human resources department of the companies to facilitate its obtaining. Sometimes it is possible to download it through web platforms. To achieve this, the following must be done:

  1. Enter the website of the organization you work for, as long as it belongs to the public sector.
  2. Consult using the option »Payments and Services». (In other organizations they offer the link referred to as a server).
  3. Once done, select »Treasury Service». Then click on »Certificate of Discounts and Withholdings».
  4. Within this option, click on »Generate your certificate».
  5. You need to answer some validation questions that the system asks to obtain the certificate.
  6. You must complete certain information, such as: start and end date of the fiscal or employment relationship period, discounts and withholdings applied so far, to generate the document.
  7. The type of report (detailed or consolidated) is what following that you should select.
  8. Afterwards, click on »Generate PDF».
  9. You should save the file in the preferred folder on your computer. Simply, by clicking on «Keep».

Another option to obtain the form is to download it from companies such as trusts. All depending on where you work.

Example: Teachers who work for the La Previsora ​​trust fund or, depending on the teaching profession, for FOMAG.

The issuance of the document has no cost. It is a totally free procedure.

Another way to obtain the Certificate of Income and Withholdings

The electronic route is not the only option that exists to obtain it.

The alternative is to appear in person at the company where you work. It is the obligation of this to comply with the delivery of the signed and processed document, as it should.

What is DIAN Form 220 for?

This form controls and specifies the income from work and pensions that are earned per year.

In it, the payments that the company you work for or the employer makes to the worker are detailed as labor reciprocity.

With this form, the income tax declaration is made. What guarantees the Colombian fiscal security, for the benefit of the public economic order.

Who should process it?

All formal and retired workers must carry out this procedure, as explained previously, in the company where they work or worked, depending on the case.

This company is the only one authorized to issue it.

It is as simple as wearing the DIAN Form 220 to the employer for it to certify, validate and process it properly.

Or, you can present it in the human resources department of the company so that they can process it together with the payroll.

In the latter case, it is completed as long as there is an employment relationship.

What is DIAN?

Is about The Special Administrative Unit of Direction of Taxes and National Customs (DIAN) you are looking for collaborate and guarantee Colombian tax security.

It also seeks to protect the national economic public service by making use of administration and control to comply with tax obligations.

  • Issue and renew the electronic signature.
  • Create RUT update and verification requests.
  • Register and update the RUT.
  • Enable user account.
  • Obtaining a copy of the RUT.
  • Recover login password to web services.


  • RUT: are the acronyms for the Single Tax Registry. It is the sole mechanism for locating, identifying and classifying administrative and control obligations by DIAN.

Which means that every person who carries out economic activities in the national territory must be registered with the RUT. This makes it possible to collect taxes from the Government of Colombia.

  • NIT: is the Tax identification number which is an exclusive taxpayer number granted by the DIAN, only once, when the person registers in the RUT. This number contains the first 10 digits separated three by three by a period and separated by a hyphen, is the last digit.

This is a check digit of the number before it. It is determined by an algorithm that works automatically.


This institution has several means of contact. The most important are:

– The offices in the main cities of the country: DIAN Central Office in Bogotá, Central Level, Carrera 8 Nº 6C – 38 Edificio San Agustín PBX.

– Telephones: Hours of operation

Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Bogotá Contact Center: 057 (1) 3556922

(57 + 1) 607 99 99 PBX

(57 + 1) 382 45 00

(57 + 1) 607 94 50 FAX

– The DIAN website (the most accessible and easy place to establish contact with the company).

Form legalities

  • This documentation is mentioned in the National Tax Statute, article 378, which establishes that withholding agents are authorized to issue said document.
  • Format made by the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN).
  • The information that this document must contain is expressed in article 379.
  • Decree 2345, issued by the Ministry with jurisdiction over Finance, in December 2019, establishes the obligation to issue the document through companies.
  • People who have a salary, whether or not withholdings are applied, must process form 220.

There are many employees to whom withholdings were not applied because their salary is a very small amount. This obligation is established in article number


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