DIAN Form 350: How it is, Instructions and MORE

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East DIAN Form 350, It is a valid official document that serves to declare or pay national taxes and they are accompanied by various instructions that need to be filled out on the form.

In this article, you will be able to know everything about this form that must be fulfilled by the citizens of Colombia.

What is DIAN Form 350 like?

This is how the DIAN form where you can view all the important points, entering this PDF.

It is important to follow the instructions that are given in each of the DIAN regulations

Instructions for filling out DIAN Form 350

These types of instructions without a general guidance for the filling out the form and there is no obligation to apply, in a particular case, the legal rules that regulate withholding at source

It is also about the correction of the data that is declared, the diligence of all the boxes of a new form, which totally replaces the previous one.

Except for the payment section, where it is due register only in the values ​​that are canceled together with the presentation of the correction declaration.

Totals must be filled out within each of the sections of the form, the numbers indicated refer to the box number and the result must be written if it is greater than 0, if it is negative, write 0

All the boxes are destined to values ​​that are filled in and approximated to the multiple of thousand (1,000) nearest di there is no quantity that it registers.

What is DIAN Form 350 for?

This document serves to identify the economic activity of the company before those with whom it has a relationshiplabor, commercial or economic relationship.

This also works as a identification document, such as an economic card, allowing the company to be identified and supervised by the control entities.

This document is very important, since it allows DIAN to develop effective management in matters of collections, control and service.

The information facilitates compliance with the tax obligations and streamlines a little more paperwork.

Who Issues It?

The DIAN is known as a Special Administrative Unit of the National Order eminently technical and specialized character, with legal status legal, administrative and budgetary autonomy.

This company contains its own assets and is attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

This jurisdiction can be found in the city of Bogotá, but you can learn about the following cities and municipalities of Colombia in this link

The Special Administrative Unit Directorate of National Taxes and Customs is in charge of guaranteeing fiscal security.

Also, of the Colombian State and the protection of the national economic public order. Through the different forms of administration and control in each of the tax obligations.

The DIAN functions They are important to highlight, because you can learn a little more about this entity, and they are:

  • It is in charge of the administration of income, national stamp and sales taxes, customs duties and other internal taxes in the national order.
  • Control and surveillance on compliance with the changed regime regarding the import and export of goods and services.
  • Tax administration, such as collection, inspection, settlement, discussion, collection, return, penalty and all the different aspects.
  • They know about the administration of customs duties and others foreign trade taxes.
  • They handle the direction and administration of customs management, including the service and support of foreign trade operations, the apprehension, confiscation or declaration of the amount of merchandise.

What is it?

The RUT is known as the Single Tax Registry, a document issued by DIAN (Directorate of National Taxes and Customs)

Its function is to identify the people who have an obligation in tax, customs and exchange matters in the Colombian country.

These obligations are controlled by the DIAN, which is responsible for making the collection throughout Colombia. Its objective is to help guarantee the fiscal security of Colombia and protect the national public economic order.

Taking charge of managing and controlling the tax, customs obligations, exchange rates, exploitation rights and administration expenses on games of luck and chance.

To contact this entity, it can be done through the page Web or at the main headquarters in Bogotá – Carrera 8 Nº 6C – 38 Edificio San Agustín and by calling the contact numbers 01 900 555 0993.


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