DICOM Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Dicom Certificate, is a tool widely used in Chile. It should be taken advantage of, since it has an interesting functionality in the economic sphere of the country.

First, you must know all about dicom and their way of using it. In this article we will disclose everything about her so that you are up to date and clarify any doubts about it with this certificate.

Requirements for the DICOM Certificate

East requirement is very importantas it is necessary for any situation.

We will explain in a very simple way without any errors, to avoid any misplaced data.

  • This document must be accessed every four months, it can be verified in the status through the Dicom official website and its procedure is very easy to understand.
  • Be prepared to fill out the form they ask for in the Web page, since, it is necessary to have all the identification documents available.
  • In it, it consists of certain questions that are personal, All this is for your safety and for this, it must be clear that, for the process, you can request the RUT document.
  • By leaving all your data and answering each question for the user, you only have to upload to the web and continue.
  • Finally, by leaving the personal email, The certificate or bulletin will be sent, to be able to download and print it, depending on the person.

Steps to Obtain the DICOM Certificate

It should be noted that, first of all, this commercial bulletin is a document or paperwork Of a public nature, and it is protected by the Law, therefore, it has no cost whatsoever, it is completely free.

There are some exceptions, they are adjusted to particular cases in which they must be canceled in a specific or determined amount. This happens in a newsletter Platinum 360, the other type of document that Dicom offers.

But, if you need is the basic background request To be able to request a loan, you will not need to go to another more complicated option.

With the newsletter it is more than good and solve it in the requirement.

Before it has to be canceled some additional cost, the same system will notify in time, why and how much the amount would be.

By understanding all this process, below, we will present the steps to follow to obtain your commercial certificate successfully in Dicom and freeThey are extremely simple and adaptable to the needs of each person or resident in Chile.

  • You must enter the Web page by Dicom
  • After that, the option must be selected on the page «Obtain report of Law 20,575», then it is important to direct the form.
  • It will indicate all the data with name, surname, identity number and email, plus other important information. Verify all the information before uploading it.
  • Several people questions appear, for which it could be varied from one applicant to another, this is done as security measures to know that, in reality, you are the person requesting the procedure and not a third party.
  • At the end, finish answering the questions and automatically the newsletter will be received, just by downloading it to the email provided above.

Can the DICOM Certificate be obtained in person?

There are multiple ways to request this Dicom certificate, if your option is not to do it via the internet, you can do it from any office distributed in Chile, where by making a prior identification and payment a Dicom report can be obtained from the corresponding rate.

You can make calls to customer service by calling the phone 700 30 30 (Santiago) and 70 30 30 (from other regions), you can request a commercial report of the debts and if it is included in Dicom. The price is $ 45 per second plus SLM during your call.

Another way is to call any bank or financial institution to request information about financing (a credit or a card) and the RUT of the person to know the credit history.

At that time, the information will appear if everything is correct or if, on the contrary, there is any debt, it will appear reflected in the Dicom newsletter.

How do I know if I am in DICOM?

Dicom is a very popular name given to it in the Business Information Directory, a report prepared by the company Equipx and that includes a list of debtors in Chile.

This list of debtors is used by banks, financial institutions and other companies to know the possible insolvency situation of clients.

Also to know the citizens, the right to consult the Commercial bulletin for free at least every four months. It is decreed by Law 20575, what does it say:

“Everyone over the age of 18 has the right to access their Equifax report free of charge. This report can be requested every 4 months at all Equifax Branches or via the web ”.

At least in each 4 months you can see if it is in Dicom’s commercial bulletin, it is completely free.

Exit Dicom

This document is important, since its main objective is to power to collect and publish monthly a series of data groups that are of public interest, for which they are: debts and finances.

This information is collected and organized, since it works as a support tool in any process in relation to the credit evaluation and of course, in the commercial risk of an individual or a company.

Therefore, it is very fundamental the Dicom newsletter for all its connection with the country’s economy, since it represents an important element in the evaluation of each credit for a person.

So you do not have to worry about its veracity, since it is subject to the disciplinary legal framework.

What is the DICOM Certificate?

This document is very important, it must be fully available in Dicom, being a certificate in Chile. This commercial bulletin allows to obtain the commercial history of the person who is requesting it.

This bulletin is under the name of a «commercial information bulletin» and other words in the central database that contains everything that is needed in relation to the economic part.

This same information is administered by the CCS, these acronyms mean «Chamber of Commerce of Santiago AG» and that it has been regulated by the obligations imposed by the decree supreme 950 of the Ministry of Finance for the year 1928.

About the law

This law does not talk about the protection in all that is covered in the information of a personal nature in each person.

Many wonder how important this business newsletter can be and what information it has. Here, we leave some important points about the content, which can be of great help to keep up to date.

  • All inquiries that are related to debts and delinquencies, which may be had in a company or resident of the country, in this way a credit history of the same is created You can analyze if there is a risk when making a loan or credit.
  • Other information that can be had when protesting bills of exchange and promissory notes, this is practiced in all notaries in the country.
  • Protest of checks, for which it takes care to issue in the bank.
  • There are mortgage or credit installments making and not paying in any bank or financial company, the debt would be fully exposed.
  • A clarification that has a relationship in some of the protests or of the quotas that are or are amorous.

Types of debts

There is a number of debts that can be presented throughout being registered in Dicom, they are varied. Next, they present you all the types so that you can have an idea of ​​which it is type.

  • Current debt: In this you can the total amount of the debts that the person owns in the bank or in a financial institution, without counting the interest. It should not represent a major problem because it is a debt that is still in a course.
  • Delinquent: This state passes when the payment is late between 30 and 60 days after the deadline that was established by parts.
  • Expired: is when the person is late in payment between the 61st and 90th day.
  • Punished: This becomes a classified status, since, when the person is more than 91 days late, after having a payment limit.

As can be seen, it is important to know the information about Dicom and how it can be used.

So, be able to get the most out of it. Also, it is very important that they keep up with the debts and are pending with the payment of the same.

Stay updated in Dicom and that it does not harm at the time of requesting it in another loan.


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