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The Domain CertificateIt is a very important document for all citizens who wish to validate and register an acquired real estate as property or belonging. This is why we invite you to continue reading this article.

In addition, we not only offer you information about this certificate, but we also add: What are the necessary requirements to obtain the certificate, all the steps you must follow to obtain it, who is authorized to process it, what is their function, the issuance format and, we conclude with the definition of it.

Requirements for the Domain Certificate

Normally, to start obtaining any type of certificate, organizations and institutions require or require a series of documents. This certificate, being a legal document, is not exempt from these requirements.

But, don’t worry, because below, we will show you a detailed list of all the requirements requested and demanded so that you can start with the process of this certificate. We will start with the requirements for the automotive certificate:

  • The main requirement is that you are the owner of the property.
  • Possess an identification document:
  • If you are an Argentine citizen, you must have the DNI.
  • If you are a foreigner and do not have a residence, you must deliver your passport.
  • In case you have permanent residence, you must bring your ID.
  • If you are part of the bordering countries, deliver the DNI, CI or CI of your country of origin or, failing that, the passport.
  • Now, if you are the legal representative or attorney-in-fact, you have to bring a document confirming that you comply with that title.

On the other hand, and to culminate with this point, there is only one requirement requested for the certificate of a property. Y is, an FDomain Certificate form, both the original and the copy thereof. For more information, visit the official website of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Click here.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Domain Certificate

After the explanation of the requirements, we continue with the steps you must follow to obtain this certificate. It is very important that you follow everything to the letter, since this is a document that must be done with great care.

Now, as in the previous point, there are steps to request the document of a property, and the steps to request the domain of the car. Here, we show you a list of both. Let’s start with the automotive application:

  • Online:
  • First, you must enter the official website of the Address of the Automotive Property Registry.
  • Then, click on the option: Domain Certificate.
  • Fill out the application that appears on the screen.
  • Cancel the corresponding tariffs.
  • Finally, you will receive the certificate in the email you registered.
  • In person:
  • Show the corresponding documents in the Registry.
  • Cancel the set tariffs.
  • Complete the Form 02 that they will deliver to you.
  • Upon completion, wait 24 hours to remove it.

Let’s continue with the steps you must follow to request a property certificate:

  • You must go to the avenue Venezuela 1,135, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • Then, you must present yourself to the area of: Documents submission.
  • Here, they will give you two coupons. The first contains the procedure number and filing date. The second coupon corresponds to the pay lot to pay the checkout area.
  • Soon, you must present the coupon and, finally, you will be able to withdraw the documentation.

And, the waiting time from the request to delivery will depend on whether it is common or urgent. If it is common, it will be delivered on the third day. But, if it is urgent, it will be delivered the same day in the afternoon.

Who can process the Domain Certificate?

It is important to emphasize the difference between this certificate and the domain report. And, all this lies in who are the people who are authorized to carry out this procedure. So, in a nutshell, judicial authorities or the owner of the vehicle they are the only ones who can request the certificate.

Now, any citizen who is registered or registered in the petition for a notary public, can also carry out this certificate. In addition, it is convenient to inform that the validity of this document will depend on several factors, such as:

  • The Notaries of the City of Argentina will have 15 working days.
  • The Registrars of the Province of Buenos Aires will have 30 business days.

Finally, there are only two moments where you should go to this body and they are: to obtain information about the procedure and, to grant the documentation. In addition, anyone who wants to know the registration status of a motor vehicle, is allowed to request the report thereof without any inconvenience.

What is it for?

It is convenient that at first you know the definition of this certificate and later, its function and purpose, since in many cases it is not usually given the importance it deserves. That is why, below, we will explain what this document is and what it is for.

This certificate is used primarily to establish a basic level of trust that allows its validity to be verified. That is, this document will be issued when the issuer can confirm that the domain is valid and owned by the citizen who requests it.

Due and thanks to this, you can report the legal status of a real estate that belongs to you and that, as a main rule, is based in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Also, this certificate must be endorsed by a registrar. He will guarantee and sign the information contained in the document.

As we have mentioned previously, this certificate concerns all those assets that are located only in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and, a point in favor of it is that it gives validity to various rights before:

  • Courts.
  • Institutions.
  • Physical persons.
  • Third people.
  • But legal.
  • Public organisms.

Domain Certificate Issuance Format

There are different formats for the issuance of this type of certificate, one of them is the one you can see. In this way, you will notice that this certificate is nothing more than a document of vital importance at the time of processing the validation of real estate located and based in the Autonomous City of Argentina.

It will offer details about your legal situation. Including everything that may be closely related to the real estate object of the certificate. In addition, this will show that it is under the ownership and property of the citizen, regardless of whether the domain is outdated or current.

Likewise, it is up to us to highlight that this certificate or public document must be endorsed in a mandatory way by a Recorder or, failing that, by a Notary. And, it must comply with a series of legal stipulations that will allow it to process said domain document, establishing a priority reservation.

In addition to this, it is precisely the Notary Public or Registrar who will guarantee and sign all the information present in the document. In addition, everything that is contemplated in said report will be valid, whether of past or present domain, with expired or current rights.

Finishing with this point, you should know that, in order to apply for this certificate, whether it is automotive or real estate, you do not have to cancel any amount, that is, the process is completely free. And, in turn, it has a total duration of 24 hours. However, you have to be attentive to the information of both parties, since their effects are very different.


We will finish this article by answering questions and doubts that are usually quite frequent in relation to this type of certificate. For this reason, keep an eye out for each of them.

  • What is the monetary value of the transaction?

Well, to know the monetary value, you must first consult the Table of Securities Or, also, you have the option of calculating the value using the CRegistration Procedures calculator. But, you must obey the current taxes, taking as a starting point the foundations of the recorded data.

Generally, these factors or amounts will vary between $ 80 and $ 143. This variation will always depend on the type of request you choose, since it can be a common request or, failing that, urgent.

Now, the amount of the procedure in the automotive certificate will vary according to the type of vehicle, whether car or motorcycle, and also depends on the modality in which it is carried out. That is, if it is done in person or online.

  • How long is the certificate valid for?

As we mentioned in a previous point, this time of validity will depend on two factors, the first is for Registrars of Buenos Aires, which will have 15 days of validity. The second is for Notaries of the Province of Buenos Aires, which will be valid for 30 days.

  • What organizations does this certificate depend on?
  • Registry of Real Property of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation.

We end this article by inviting you to share it!

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