Domain Transfer Request Form: Format, What it is and MORE

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To transfer a property to a potential buyer, you need to complete a document called Domain Transfer Request Form, This will allow us to indicate that there is a new owner of an asset, in this way we can avoid any inconvenience in the future.

In this article we will explain everything you need to know about the Domain Transfer Request Form, how to fill it out, what it is for, what requirements we need and finally we will give you a brief explanation about what this form is.

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Domain Transfer Request Form Format

We know that a domain transfer is a common process where you move your domain from the current domain registration company to a different domain registration company. The domain transfer is usually free, but in some cases there may be additional costs.

It is important to note that when carrying out this process we must have the Domain Transfer Request Form This document can be found on the website of the SRI. This form will be presented in a PDF file to make the download and printing process much easier. This form will contain the following information:

  • Place and date of presentation
  • . Mr. Director of the Zone / Provincial
    1. of the Internal Revenue Service.
    3. :
  1. Names and Surnames / Company Name.
    1. ID / RUC / Passport.
    2. Plate / RAMV / CPN.



Conventional or cell phone.


In this field different options will appear, depending on which one you adapt to, you will select. For example, if you want to make a subcategory change, a service change, a correction of owners in domain transfers, elimination of observations, among others.

Also, this option will also allow you to select the domain transfer. For example, purchase and sale contracts, auctions, capital increase, donations or inheritance, raffles and raffles, judicial determinations, vehicle invoiced to other clients, payment dation, among others. We must remember that this Domain Transfer Request Form is a very important document which should not be presented with any erasure, amendment or illegible data, otherwise this form may not be accepted by the corresponding authorities. Also, it is important to clarify that a third person can sign this application only as attorney-in-fact, legal representative, guardian or curator. You must submit an application for each vehicle you own.

  • Filling of the Domain Transfer Request Form
  • The
  • Domain Transfer Request Form
  • It is a very easy document to complete, since it will only ask you to enter certain data and mark the transfer you want to make. In this way, it is important to note that the document has two pages that must be completed by placing the following information:
  • Data of the taxpayer as seller / transferor: individual who owns the property and wishes to transfer it to a third party, depending on whether it is a natural or legal person, fill in the corresponding space, NOT BOTH.
  • Data of the taxpayer as buyer / acquirer: individual who wishes to transfer the property for his possession, depending on whether he is a natural or legal person, fill in the corresponding space, NOT BOTH.

Address of the seller and the buyer: indicate specific information in the corresponding box. Description of the real estate object of the transfer of ownership. Domain transfer data: indicate specific amounts in the sale. Declarant signatures: people who participate in the process of the procedure.

  • After filling the
  • Domain Transfer Request Form
  • You should know that you have to have a series of requirements to be able to carry out the process without any inconvenience. Next, we will briefly tell you what these requirements are.
  • Pay close attention!
  • Certified copy of the public deed.
  • Certificate of liens updated for each property.
  • Updated property letter or municipal appraisal for each property.

Payment of Municipal Taxes. Plans and Corresponding Permits. Declaration and payments of taxes in the Internal Revenue Service.

Copies of identity card and voting ballots.

If you have any doubts when filling out the

Domain Transfer Request Form or regarding the requirements, do not hesitate to contact the SRI customer service center so that the authorized personnel can clarify your doubts quickly. What is it for?

Before performing all the actions to execute domain transfers in Ecuador, it is necessary to pay some taxes. Like the ones we present below so that there is a proper management of all this. Such as the alcabala tax, the contribution or CEM taxes, the speculative value of the land, and the utility taxes.

  • The
  • Domain Transfer Request Form
  • It has the main function of registering or modifying the owner of a certain real estate, in order to avoid future legal problems. Through this document you can make the proper billing of the property when making a sale.
  • By having such a document, you allow the other party to register the document in your name, including the improvement of support services, and thus avoiding being scammed at the time of purchase. You should read carefully everything that corresponds to this procedure and you should be advised very well to avoid any inconvenience in the future. In addition, this document will help you:
  • Register the current owner of a property.
  • Avoid legal problems regarding the possession of an asset.

Get more competitive prices in the labor market. Register the domains with billing. Improve the quality of support services. Offer security guarantees. Likewise, it is clear to us that the

Domain Transfer Request Form

It is extremely important and with it we can carry out different procedures in a totally legal way. In this way, having the

Domain Transfer Request Form

  • we can avoid any future legal problems.
  • In the event that you present any complaint or inconvenience, do not hesitate to contact the SRI headquarters. Av. Amazonas between the National Union of Journalists and José Villalengua. Quito, Ecuador. Phone: 02 393 6300
  • How is the Domain Transfer Process?
  • To carry out the Domain Transfer Process, you must take into account that you need certain requirements (explained in the previous section) to then start the process. It is important to clarify that there are circumstances in which the application may be rejected, for example:

If the registration has expired or is less than 60 days old. The domain name has a debt to pay.

  1. The domain name is in dispute.
  2. The domain transfer confirmation email has not been confirmed correctly. Once this has been clarified, we can explain how the process to carry out the Domain Transfer is like, we have already said that it is a fairly simple process as long as everything is in perfect order. In this way, we go with what would be the step by step
  3. Take note!
  4. As a first step, you must obtain the electronic signature to be able to process all the processes, that is, you must proceed with the user registration. After performing that procedure, you will download, print, and complete theDomain Transfer Request Form.

    Subsequently, you must complete the form correctly and then upload it to what would be the SRI website.

    Once this document is uploaded to the platform of the


    , the system will verify all the data provided and will give you an answer to all of it.

The system will notify you by email of all the procedures that you have carried out and in this way you will be able to carry out all actions regarding the transfer of domain of any real estate in the Ecuador. Remember that this is one of the most important procedures in the entire management process for the procedure.

What is the Domain Transfer Request Form?

The Domain Transfer Request Form It is a document of necessary use when wanting to change the owner who manages the registration of a domain, that is, it allows the owner of the estate to be modified for some specific reason. Then, it can be said that a person has the possibility to transfer or transfer the right of owner or owner of lots, houses, apartments or other real estate to another individual.

Likewise, it is important to carry out this procedure because otherwise, from a legal point of view, the owner will be the original and said object could be considered a stolen property, which, in the future, may bring a series of unwanted inconveniences.

In general, this document can be applied in all the transfer of assets that you wish to carry out, either for a sale or for inheritance in lives.When making and consolidating this document, a legal agreement is reached where the asset belongs to the other person.

What are you waiting for to apply for the Domain Transfer Request Form? You already have all the necessary information!

We hope we have helped you with your process. We wish you the best of luck.


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