Domestic Service Form 2.75: Format, Instructions and MORE

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The Domestic Service Form 2.75 It is a document that serves as a request by women to carry out certain domestic tasks. It also provides a payment guarantee to these citizens as a way of retribution due to their leave time, referred to 45 days before delivery and postpartum.

In the same way, if you are in the prenatal process and have work responsibilities in this area, we recommend that you carry out this process. Therefore, it is necessary that you execute it as far in advance as possible. Below we will tell you everything you need to do to fill out this form, where to file, and more.

Domestic Service Form 2.75 Format

Mainly, we can tell you that the Domestic Service Form 2.75 It is a significant benefit in case you are in a prenatal or postnatal state with a period of 45 days in both cases. Thus, it is essential that we mention each of the aspects that you must place in this specific format:

  • Dependency Code
  • Tramit number
  • Name and Surname of the applicant
  • Document number
  • Email address
  • Telephone contact
  • Name and Surname, telephone number, identity and email of your employer or respective boss
  • Novelty type

  • Date of notification of maternity leave to your employer
  • Reason for discharge (termination of pregnancy or end of employment relationship)
  • Date of completion of the medical certificate
  • Estimated delivery date
  • Gestation weeks
  • Week of termination of pregnancy
  • Surname and names of the respective doctor
  • CUIL / CUILT of the certifying physician
  • Place and date
  • Hours worked weekly and amount paid for it
  • Moment in which they began their work activities in specific domestic employment

Instructions for Filling out the Domestic Service Form 2.75

Now, in this section it is up to us to mention the exact way in which you should fill out the Domestic Service Form 2.75. That is why it is very important that you take each of these items into account. The sequence of steps that you must follow to complete this document is as follows:

  • To complete the box provided, you must mark the corresponding option with an «X»
  • You must update the data on this form in case of interruption of pregnancy or termination of the employment relationship
  • For this you need to create a new file and send it to the National Social Security Administration (ANSES)
  • You only need to enter the «actual due date» when the child is born

  • Also, this must be before the start of maternity leave
  • You must accompany this form with the AFIP F.102 / B and the Worker Registration Certificate – High
  • Likewise, you must complete the field «date to notify the employer about maternity leave»
  • This date must be the same date that you present in the medical certificate to your employer and you say how the leave will be used. (30 days before / 60 days after-45 days before / 45 days after)

Steps to Complete the Procedure

  • Check if your personal data and family relationships (children and partner) have been updated in «MiANSES«
  • However, if it is not up to date, show the birth certificate of your minor children, the marriage or cohabitation certificate and the ID of the family group
  • Complete the Domestic Service Form 2.75 corresponding, indicated in the title document
  • During the social, preventive and compulsory isolation, you must carry out this process by submitting documents through the Virtual Attention system
  • If the office of your choice meets the public in person, you can also schedule an appointment with a shift

Shift Request

  • Enter the next web portal
  • In the section «Request appointment online», you will see a screen with possible options for a total of 15 respectively
  • Choose an alternative based on the steps you want to perform
  • Then, the system will show a form and you must fill in the precise data

  • Likewise, it will provide you with the following options: location; date and time of Anses Take Shift
  • Then, once the process is completed, you can print, save or send to the email registered in the system}
  • This can be in a PDF document format as proof of distribution of TURNO Anses and you must present it at the interview
NOTE: it is essential that your telephone number and email are correct, since they will be the means of contact with the competent organization

What is the Domestic Service Form 2.75 for?

On the other hand, once you are aware of how you should fill the Domestic Service Form 2.75 and its processing process, it is essential to mention something else. With which, it is up to us to point out the essential functions that this document fulfills and some aspects that may interest you regarding it.

  • The Domestic Service Form 2.75 fulfills the function that you obtain a benefit for the work registered during 90 days assigned to the Maternity Leave
  • It is aimed at dependent workers (Unique System of Family Allowances – SUAF), registered domestic service workers and those who are being charged by a Work Risk Insurer (ART)

  • If you want to obtain income in your bank account, you only need to register the CBU certificate issued by HomeBanking or ATM
  • In this way, you can find all the bank details in it as the account holder
  • In turn, this procedure is free of charge.
  • On the other hand, the public body ANSES is dedicated to the payment of maternity benefits, with the aim of replacing the minimum wage during sick leave or leave
  • Therefore, the workers, with the aforementioned permission, are legally prohibited from working and cannot receive their usual salary during the same period.
  • Likewise, the collection date is defined according to the family subsidy payment schedule published by ANSES
  • You can request allowances on the day your maternity leave ends

General requirements

  • You must be more than 12 weeks pregnant
  • It is necessary that you have at least 3 months of work experience when starting maternity leave
  • If you are a seasonal worker, you must be working when maternity leave begins
  • In the event that your baby is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, you must request an extension of leave from your employer.
  • This must be done through the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Certificate
  • Finally, you must carry out this 15 days in advance with respect to the end of your maternity leave

Who Issues It?

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) is the body in charge of providing the Domestic Service Form 2.75. Likewise, this entity is mainly in charge of social security policies in Argentina. Similarly, it maintains alliances with the Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS).

In this way, its resources guarantee the payment and maintenance of the value of the assets for retirement over time. Likewise, they contribute to the sustainable development of the national economy and the safeguarding of resources inclined towards social security policies through certain investments. Here are some of its functions:

  • With the support of the National Employment Fund, they grant retirement pensions to workers in this situation
  • Also, it provides family allowances and retired unemployment benefits
  • implement various social security plans for Argentine employees

Policies ANSES Security

  • Social Security Integration Plan
  • Pension System Sustainability Guarantee Fund
  • Universal Child Allowance for Social Protection
  • Pregnancy for Social Protection
  • Retirement Mobility Law
  • Argentine Bicentennial Credit Program for Unique Family Housing Pro.Crear
  • Credit Project for Retirees and Pensioners
  • Argentine Bicentennial Credit Plan for Single Family Housing Pro.Crear

What is it?

The Domestic Service Form 2.75 It is a document on request that guarantees the possibility that you will receive salary remuneration for the respective maternity leave period. Thus, it must comply with the prenatal and postnatal time period of 90 days together. With which, only by complying with this, you will be able to execute the procedure.

Similarly, this is granted by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). In this way, the aforementioned entity is in charge of supporting each and every one of the situations related to the social security of workers. For this, it is necessary that you comply with the procedure stipulated by this body.

Domestic Service Workers

  • In the event that you carry out work in this area, it will be necessary to complete Form PS 2.55 Affidavit of SUAF’s unified news in items 1, 3, 5, 6 and 10
  • With which, this will be necessary to carry out the application process for your maternity leave
  • Also, you must present a medical certificate that specifies your respective prenatal situation and the details of the professional
  • Present your signature and that of your corresponding employer within the section of item number 10 stipulated in the Domestic Service Form 2.75

Get your Maternity Leave with this document!

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