Domiciliary Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Domiciliary Certificate In Peru, it is a benefit when it comes to changing your location, obtaining greater legitimacy in relation to a piece of land you own or selling your current condominium.

If something of the aforementioned catches your attention, Don’t go and keep reading! We have much more information.

What is the Domiciliary Certificate?

The Domiciliary Certificate is a housing agreement or report, which grants the Citizen and Fiscal Security Directorate, where the permanence of a person residing within Peru, whether native or foreigner, is registered with legitimate indications.

The report shows the exact location but excludes individual information. It doesn’t matter if you own a house or loft, rented or bought.

It is said, then, that it is a document where it is verified that legally the person who owns said document lives in a specific region of the national territory, having the approval of the government.

This legal evidence works perfectly as a complement to when a dispute occurs. Example: you change your address or to find a new job.

If this change of address takes place, residents must submit a request to edit the information in the RENIEC, which is the acronym for the National Registry on Identification and Status.

It is worth noting that at times, it can be difficult to achieve the confirmation process but it is not impossible. In case this happens, you can resort to making a «Sworn Management Statement».


Now it is much easier to carry out this procedure, in terms of costs and administration within the legal framework, because it went from being a procedure carried out by the National Police of Peru to being part of the legitimate processes carried out by government agencies.

Previously, according to testimonies, the process that all this certification entailed in a police headquarters was very difficult, mainly due to the absurd amounts they charged for processing this document.

The new authorization, in addition to not allowing the police to direct the procedure, does not allow anyone to commit acts of extortion, robbery or cheating.

Whoever does so will be suitably punished. The new management maintains a strategic order to avoid errors or inconveniences between requests, fees and / or payments.

Requirements for the Domiciliary Certificate

Here are the requirements:

  • Original and copy of your national identity document, updated and legible.
  • Copy and original, legible, of any receipt for services such as water, energy and gas, with no more than 2 months of issuance.

In the event that this receipt does not include your name or any of your own data, you must present a «owner’s testimonial‘, Showing that you reside in the home.

This testimony must be authorized by a legal official working in the region where you live.

  • The ideal would be to present a property title. This to reaffirm their dominance over the house or address.

Generally, an additional document is requested to effectively verify the area in which the dwelling is arranged.

It is important to know that none of the required documents should be excluded. If one is missing, the procedure cannot be completed and your request will be delayed.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Domiciliary Certificate

The process is simple, as long as you follow what we will mention below to the letter:

  1. Verify in the place where you will present the requirements that you have everything that that agency requests.
  2. Request, at the Municipal Inspection and Control Office, the Home Affidavit. In that place, they will ask you to have a file where you affirm that the house is yours or is where you reside.
  3. Visits will be made to the property to verify the information given. It is all part of the procedure.
  4. After this, the documentation should be delivered in an estimated time of 2 days.

Where to request it?

The Domiciliary Certificate it is issued by the Citizen security and the Fiscal management so you must go to this place with the precautions that they request and thus, they will proceed with the management.

Once the entire procedure has been completed, once the verification visits have been made and the corresponding waiting time for the delivery of the documentation has passed, it must be presented at the authorized offices.

Always keep in touch with the appropriate entities if you have any questions regarding your procedure.

If you want to make improvements in the layout of the home, it must be done at the RENIEC.

To request the Affirmation of Residence, once the certification has been delivered, contact the Municipal Inspection and Control Office. Here they will ask you to sign said paper and the process will be considered completed.

How to obtain a Home Certificate?

You must only appear, within your locality or dependency and near your residence, at the aforementioned public offices or any other state organization authorized for this purpose.

If anyone on your certification provides false information, penalties including jail time will be decided. Sentences of 2 to 10 years in prison.

Also, people who give false information in their testimony will be rejected and they will be deprived of their freedom. They will be challenged for the crime against open trust that condemns with 2 to 10 years in prison.

Sworn Declaration of Address

If you find it necessary to write a Housing Affidavit, keep in mind that it is no longer necessary to have a Household Certificate to obtain it.

The simple Affidavit is more than enough to certify the current address of any person.

It is known that anyone can write their own document but it must be considered that it must have a specific format and must not include errors to be valid and thus, be able to carry out any procedure with it.

Later, you will get relevant information about this writing. documentation, including the steps to write it and a simple model of a sworn declaration of domicile.

What is an Affidavit of Residence?

The Sworn Declaration of Address It is a notarial document that is used to confirm the place of residence of a person before a public or private organization.

Some time ago, the Congress of the Republic disavowed the National Police of Peru to issue this documentation. This procedure was carried out before a notary public and had a cost of 60 soles.

However, at present the simple Affidavit is sufficient to certify the certifying the address of any citizen. You only need a piece of paper where the data and the applicant’s signature are included.

According to Law No. 28882, officials who do not want to receive the Affidavit will be committing an offense and may be administratively sanctioned.

Meanwhile, people who provide false information will be punished for the crime against public faith and must serve a sentence of 2 to 10 years in prison.

To manage the Domiciliary CertificateYou should only go to the municipal notaries or courts of the peace authorized to carry out electoral or judicial procedures.

On the other hand, the law indicates that all persons who change their address are obliged to report it to the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC).

Basic Model of Affidavit

In this part, we detail the information that should be included in this document.

  1. Write it in the first person. Placing the person who processes as the candidate or main interested party.
  2. In the header, the current laws regarding this subject should appear. And so far they are the Nº. 28882, law of criticism of the forces of the National Police of Peru to give domiciliary statements and Nº. 27444, general management strategy law.
  3. Include the full name of the interested party and the subject of the request.
  4. Enter personal information of the applicant: age, exact address of residence, identification number or other replacement document.
  5. Make the Affirmation of Residence, which we mentioned above. It is an indispensable requirement.
  6. Unique brand to verify your way of life.
  7. Mark of the legal officer or open authority that signs your application.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Domiciliary Certificate

  • For how long is the Domiciliary Certificate valid?

The home report is valid for 90 days or 3 months.

  • Is it allowed that the National Police of Peru take charge of this procedure?

Since 2005, this authorization was revoked from the National Police of Peru indicated in Law No. 28862. Motivated by several cases in which this entity requested excessive amounts, of up to 60 soles per procedure.

  • What is the amount to pay to carry out this procedure?

The procedure has an approximate cost of 10 soles.

  • Can I grant someone else a power of attorney to do the procedure for me?

It is a management that must be supervised at all times, all step by step to avoid theft of goods or misrepresentation. Furthermore, it is an individual and personal process.

Therefore, it is recommended not to entrust the procedure to anyone else, unless it is extremely necessary.

Anyway, you have the opportunity to ask in order to do so.

  • Do I need to make an appointment to be served at one of the authorized offices?

No, it is not necessary. Just collect the requirements for the process and present them.

  • How long does the process take?

It should not last a maximum of 2 or 5 business days.

Much success!


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