Donation Certificate: How to Get It, Facts and MORE

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Currently, Spanish citizens can acquire the Donation Certificate, is a tool that allows you to declare and pay taxes to the Public Treasury. Also, this document is one of the most cited by people who help various non-profit companies. CoKeep reading and you will get more information.

This document can be acquired easily and simply, you just have to perform the steps that we detail below. Citizens who carry out this procedure contribute to legally reduce the taxes that they must pay annually.

Keep reading, and you will get more information!

How can I get a Donation Certificate?

The main thing people look for when they find out about the Donation Certificate, is the form in which this report can be acquired today without problems. This type of support is something very easy to acquire, since you do not need to do it before a public entity.

Indeed, the request for this document has nothing to do with administration, nor does it intercede in any of the essential stages. All gift authentications are provided by charities and charities.

At the same time, NGOs, which are short for non-administrative association, are the main ones that can transmit this certificate, paying little attention to its character. Therefore, a gift by establishments to users serves similarly.

What is significant for this type of guarantee to be transmitted is that the establishment is perceived by the specialists of the country’s administration. The purpose behind this is that the political entity must verify that the gift was actually made.

To tell the truth, in this sense the main thing that is expected to achieve this certification of the organization is the gift that was made. Obviously, when there is this request, you must show all the appropriate information for the depositary to consider on their expense form.

To do this as a rule, you must record the following:

  • Present the DNI.
  • Also the NIF.
  • Provide the Postal Location.
  • Post the Identity Document near the application you submitted.

Who can request it?

The most sought-after query regarding gift declaration is who can request and obtain this record by law. Also, this really is a decent investigation, in light of the fact that the law has specified the appropriate cases.

In this sense, they emphasize that everything that individuals can demand from this registry in case they have proof of the gift. This implies that the association to which the subscription originated must have proof of this in order to grant the proper authentication.

However, both ordinary and legitimate persons can demand this voucher to use it without problems in the form that they transmit to the Custodian. The purpose behind this is that it is considered that both people and organizations can give gifts.

In reality, this is an extremely basic move due to huge organizations exploiting it to fill fewer positions and improve their image. In any case, the main thing that changes is the amount of information that the type of individual must enter.

In this line, it is important that the common people for the most part have the DNI, NIF, full name and postal location. However, for legitimate persons and affiliations, they must enter the identifying information of the organization or the relationship.

At the same time, it is imperative to refer to the fact that, due to the realization of the gift in real money, it is also possible to request this document, however complicated it may be. The explanation behind this is that currently not all associations supply it.

What is a Donation Certificate Good for?

Among all the questions people ask themselves when talking about Donation Certificate, one of the fundamentals is what it is for. In addition, today it has an exceptionally striking and meaningful use for people.

The explanation behind this is that this authentication serves to decrease the amount of assessments that you must pay to the Custodian on your return for the year. In this sense, there are various degrees of decrease in charges depending on the amount of the gift.

So you don’t need to check much, here is the summary with the particular instances of how much the sum is and its rate from now on:

  • If you are a natural person and have given a measure of up to 150 euros, it will be reduced by 75%.
  • Likewise, people, who deliver a surplus of 150 euros, at that time will be reduced by 30% of the amount paid to the tax.
  • Finally, if as a natural person you have donated more than 150 euros for three consecutive years or a little longer, your spending will be reduced by 35%.

For affiliations and social orders, there are two types of discount, depending on the type of gift made and the certificate issued:

  • The main type of donation delivered will be reduced by 35% of the total amount currently delivered.
  • Similarly, donations over 150 euros for three consecutive years or more will reduce the tax by 40%.

What Does a Donation Certificate Include?

Citizens who have any questions about the approaches that the Donation Certificate, here is the summary of the document:

  • The main thing that this endorsement should have is the person’s first and last name or their business name.
  • Similarly, you must have the identification number of the assessment.

  • It is significant that you have the amount of the gift or in the case that it was not in real money, the estimate of what was given.
  • It should also refer to whether the gift was made for support activities.
  • Simultaneously, you must enter the total data of the returns of the gifts that have occurred during the year.
  • Lastly, you must reference whether the gift qualifies you for one of the deductions.

Important Facts about the Donation Certificate

Every person should bear in mind that tax reductions, which are paid for the concept of Donation Certificate, they are calculated for the first month of the year. The explanation behind this is that each year the associations send their last report in January.

In the same way, keep in mind that the total of the reductions for this concept cannot exceed 10% of the salary. This implies that, regardless of whether you have donated to several associations on different occasions, you will only be charged for the amount mentioned.

What is it?

It is a report that is used to legitimize gifts made by individuals or organizations that can benefit from tax reductions. This certificate allows justifying the donation made and therefore non-profit institutions continue to operate.

How to Download the Donation Certificate for the Income Statement?

People who need to obtain the deduction of their taxes, must download the Donation Certificate for the declaration, therefore, you must do it as follows:

  • The applicant must have an internet connection.
  • Access the official page to request the certificate.

  • When being in the system, put the user’s data and secret password.
  • Then check that the records provided match your invoices.
  • If everything is in order, print the certificate.
  • Finally, keep for your records or present as collateral to demonstrate gifts made.

Why should the donation certificate be made?

All citizens who in one way or another have made gifts and benefit from income tax, it is important to legitimize the gift made in a file that must be provided to the NGO. This file should include:

  • All the information of the donor, such as the Nif, personal data and also the person who will receive the donation.
  • Show which entity is making the donation and where the resources come from.
  • Also the date and the amount of the sum given in case it was effective.
  • Gift contract when what is given is not effective.
  • The goal that the organization will provide you for the gift obtained.
  • Explicitly show that the gift made is conclusive and cannot be ruled out.

Likewise, if what is given is a property such as a house or a flat, to legitimize this gift, the reports or public or private agreements where it has been caused must be accessible, in such a way as to demonstrate that this gift has been delivered. .

It is important to note that the organizations and NGOs that receive the gifts must also send a statement to the entity that is in charge of controlling this process, such is the case of the Public Treasury and they must do so through the structure 182 .

Likewise, this entity will be in charge of corroborating whether all the data provided is correct or, failing that, there is any fraud in this process. Currently, there are companies that are being monitored for inappropriate registrations.

Success in the process, we hope it has been helpful!


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