Driver Information Certificate: Steps, Cost and MORE

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It can be explained that the Driver Information Certificate It is a proof where you can verify or report all the points of the driver’s license, pending infractions or courses in school that the user has.

All users must be registered in the National Single Database of the ANT. It is very important to know the points of the license because exceeding the points can take away the license.

Necessary Requirements for the Driver Information Certificate

The National Transit Agency of Ecuador provides the facility to carry out this process in person and online. In order to obtain the certificate, you must meet these requirements:

Requirements for face-to-face processing
  • Present the identity card, the RUC or the passport.
  • A valid email, preferably Gmail.
  • Having generated the payment order on the ANT website.
  • Original proof of payment and photocopy.
Requirements for online processing
  • Proof of payment for the service.
  • Identity card number, passport and / or RUC.
  • A valid email, preferably Gmail.
  • Some special requirements such as:
  • If for any reason there is a problem in the online process, you should approach the ANT agency to be able to solve it.
  • The applicant must be up to date with each of the obligations with the National Transit Agency.
  • The applicant will have to accept the terms and conditions presented by the ANT in order to generate the certificate.

As already mentioned, the National Transit Agency allows obtaining the driver information certificate in two ways, in person at the ANT agency or Online on the website. This process of the certificate has an estimated time between 10 and 60 minutes when it is treated in an optimal way; however, it can have a time of 24 hours.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Driver Information Certificate

For the certificate or proof issued by the ANT, you need to perform a simple procedure, to begin you must enter the ANT website and then do the following:


  1. Approach the office of the National Transit Agency.
  2. Then take turns at the information windows.
  3. Request the payment order in the service module
  4. Pay the requested money order.
  5. Present the original proof of payment and the vehicle registration number to the worker.
  6. After all that, if there is no problem, you will receive the Driver Information Certificate.


  1. Enter in the website of the National Transit Agency.
  2. You must click on the tab “services».
  3. Then select in the option «New – Online procedures».
  4. A box will appear saying «Online certificates», you must click on that box.
  5. Then you must select “driver’s certificate”. And place the ID, RUC and / or Passport number.
  6. If necessary, you will need to update your email, preferably to Gmail.
  7. When updating the email, place it on the page and accept the terms of the ANT.
  8. The payment order of the procedure must be generated, and the ANT page must reflect the option of «to print».
  9. You must pay the reflected values ​​of the procedure through Banco del Pacífico with the printed payment order.
  10. When the payment is made, you will receive the certificate in the email.
  11. It should be taken into account that the estimated time of the online procedure can take up to 24 hours, this due to any delay with the payment of the values ​​in the Bank.

Cost and Validity of the Document

The Driver Information Certificate has an established cost, the National Transit Agency is the entity that is in charge of placing this amount every year, according to the tariff table. Currently the cost of the procedure is:

  • An amount of 7.50 USD (US dollars) Does not tax VAT + Bank commission value.

This cost is obtained each year thanks to the ANT tariff table. This year the ANT has ratified the 2019 tariff table, in the “Resolution No. 002-DIR-2020-ANT ”, where it is specified that the amount of the procedure will be equal to the amount of 2019 (7.50 USD).

The payment of this value can be made in a simple way through the Banco del Pacífico platform, the payment must be made at the box office with the order generated.

You can go to any Banco del Pacífico agency, take a turn and go to the box office with the order, the opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

This certificate has a legal validity of 30 business days as specified in the «Resolution No. ANT-NACDSGRDI18-0000047 » which was published on January 7, 2019, where it contains everything related to the issuance of online certificates.

According to this resolution, the certificates must have a validation code that will be valid in all administrative and judicial procedures, both in the public and private spheres.

Who is it for?

This certificate can be requested by any Ecuadorian citizen or foreigner over 18 years of age who is registered with the National Transit Agency. All these people can become:

  • Natural person: This type of person is personally liable for debts and exercises rights and fulfills obligations in a personal capacity. They can be Ecuadorians or foreigners.
  • Legal person: These types of people are companies that are subject to rights and obligations, they can be both private and public.

National Transit Agency (ANT)

The National Transit Agency is a public organization that is in charge of guaranteeing the free and safe mobility of the Ecuadorian land space. Also, it provides services in order to satisfy any need of the Ecuadorian citizen or assigned foreigner.

The main objective and mission of the ANT is to plan and control the management of all land transportation and road safety throughout Ecuador. In addition, it contributes to the development of the country by promoting the preservation of the environment and sustainable mobility.

The current vision of the ANT is that by 2021 a general accessibility to the land transportation system of Ecuador can be generated. Adding that it can protect life by improving road safety.

The National Transit Agency on its website has its section on «Strategic Objectives», where it specifies what the future goals are, these are:

  • You want to increase the quality of ground transportation and transit nationwide.
  • Increase institutional efficiency in the National Transit Agency.
  • Reduce the accident rate and mortality in the network via the state.
  • Increase the development of human talent in the National Transit Agency.
  • Increase the efficient use of the budget in the National Transit Agency.

The ANT’s legal basis is based on the Organic Law of Land Transportation, Road Safety and Traffic. This Law regulates the aspects that relate to the legal procedures with all vehicle license plates throughout Ecuador.

It is important to know that the Executive Director of the National Transit Agency is Juan Yavirac Pazos Carrillo, was announced by the President of the Republic of Ecuador «Lenín Moreno Garcés».

Its main functions are to legally represent the ANT, appoint all the directors of the different agencies, and enforce all regulations in terms of ground transportation.

What is the Driver Information Certificate?

The Driver Information Certificate it is nothing more than a procedure aimed at verifying and verifying the driver’s license points that any citizen registered with the ANT has.

These points are of vital importance because each person has a point limit, where if they are exceeded, they can be punished with even the loss of the license and must be requested again.

East The document also reports on total infractions that have not been paid and courses in driving schools, all this only to registered users in the National Single Database of the ANT.

This certificate has the function of informing all the points and information that is of interest to the driver, despite the fact that today this document can have several uses due to all the information it has.

The document or certificate is among one of the most requested and known when talking about transit and land transportation. In addition, it is currently one of the most essential documents for any driver.

If you have doubts about the total number of points you have on the driver’s license, you can request the certificate through the page or the ANT agency where you will be informed of your situation with the points.

We can conclude that this certificate is almost as important as the driver’s license itself, because this document gives some validity to the license of any registered driver.

It is recommended to always have this certificate in force for any inconvenience, besides that it is a very easy procedure. After having informed and explained how to carry out the entire procedure, we hope this article has been of great help.

We hope you have a lot of success in the process!


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