Driver’s License Requirements: Categories, Exam and MORE

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The Driver’s License Requirements they are recognizable and individual evidence records that must be handled in order to be a resident of a nation. It is essential that the driver of any type of vehicle meets the requirements to do so.

In this article, we will inform you how you can carry out this procedure. To keep a check, governments have stepped up and issued a driving license. Here you will learn all about the Driver’s License Requirements!

What are the Requirements for a Driver’s License?

Citizens to freely drive their own or other people’s vehicles must comply with what is required to be able to move smoothly through the national territory.

This is why we need to provide you with an instructive guide with everything you need to know to comply with the Requirements for the Driver’s License in Nicaragua. As well as the needs and documentation that you must consider while doing it.

When starting this guide, the main things you should consider when applying for the permit are the prerequisites and documentation. Next, we will refer to the prerequisites that you must meet to complete the cycle:

  1. Present the expired license to validate information.
  2. Verification of the reinstatement fee.
  3. Vision evaluation together with the payment of the same.

These are the main files to prepare to initiate the permission reset measure. It is significant that you visit the workplaces of the relevant agency to advise you.

What Categories does the Driver’s License have in Nicaragua?

At this time, despite the extraordinary variety of transportation vehicles that have been manufactured, some nations have planned a specific type of permit for each of them.

In any case, they try to summarize the use of these, that is why you should read carefully which is the category that corresponds to it.

In Nicaragua, driving licenses are divided into 11 classifications. Each of these fits the size type of the vehicle just like how large it is.

They go through classifications ranging from 1 to 8 and some of them have subcategories that appear somewhere in the range of 4 and 6. If you need to know which one relates to each of these, you can visit and check the information.


Driving licenses are a fundamental need in the nation to have the option of circulating with a vehicle in Nicaragua, these licenses are assigned through the driving schools where learners take a driving course and later can apply for their driving license .

Among the classifications for driving a vehicle in Nicaragua, we have:

  • Classification 1: For the driving of cruisers, quadricycles with a restriction of 200 cc.
  • For driving cruisers, quadricycles with more than 200 cc
  • Drive cars, taxis and vehicles with a limit of 9 people
  • For driving 4 to 8 tonne commercial cargo vehicles
  • Drive specific vehicles with a limit of 18 passengers.
  • To drive 8 to 12 ton cargo vehicles.

  • Drive specific vehicles with a limit of 25 passengers.
  • To drive vehicles with a heap of more than 12 tons
  • Driving verbalized vehicles
  • To drive vehicles with a heap of more than 18 tons
  • To drive agricultural vehicles.

Necessary Exams for Driver’s License

As we mentioned earlier, the main test that must be completed to restore permission is the vision test. This to corroborate the necessary suitability to have the option of using a vehicle.

Most of the different prerequisites are fulfilled from now on on the first run by the permission measure. So you don’t need to worry about retesting to reset the license.

What is the Traffic Education Center?

It is the body in charge of bringing the issues to light and making the Nicaraguan population aware of great recommendations when driving any vehicle. It should be noted that your ability is to avoid car accidents or limit your belongings.

As well as, take the appropriate measures to face this difficulty that emerges in the nation. Simultaneously, it works in relation to traffic patterns, making the population prone to the welfare of the street to avoid any unexpected event or occasion.

This simply legislative way of life has extraordinary significance within the population. Despite the exercises that people do, they can be more confident when driving a vehicle.

What is the exchange of the driving license?

It is a file that certifies people suitable to drive a vehicle in and out of the public area. It works fundamentally the same as the driver’s license, what matters is that it is substantial in several nations.

It is worth mentioning that not all nations recognize this record to verify that the person is fit to drive. In any case, there is a wide repertoire of nations in concurrence with Nicaragua that approve this document.

Necessary documents

Lastly, we will provide you with the web-based interface where you will discover the logs that are important to carry out the process. You can access it by visiting the official website.

In case you need to process the driving license in Nicaragua, you must remember that you have to request an agreement by calling 060 or through the DGT Electronic Office. Where you must tell the employee or control body where you need to complete the method.

It should be noted that the request for this system does not confirm the acquisition of this report. This will depend on whether the specialists in the nation you want to visit or travel to affirm the legitimacy of the approval.

Where to process the driver’s license?

Citizens must pay the fees of the charges and must make them to the incline bank. It is suggested that it be carried out at Banco Lafise Bancentro so that the installment is more viable and productive.

Once this is done, you must go to perform the vision test, along with the payment of the equivalent and the charges. This will be done at the Public Red Cross to obtain the endorsement of the application.

What is it?

Driver’s licenses are a basic need in the nation to have the option of circulating with a vehicle in Nicaragua, these licenses are assigned through the driving schools where students take a driving course and consequently, they can request their permit. of driving. This requirement is required To move freely through the national territory, people must carry out the process in the body in charge of it.

Frequent questions

What happens if I fail the driving test?

When trying to obtain the main driving license, candidates must go through three test periods: Clinical, Hypothetical and Common Sense. As you pass one, you will likely move on to the next.

What happens if I fail one of the driving tests? Failure to appear will not prevent you from obtaining your permit, only that you have to wait a while to do it again.

Clinical test

The clinical evaluation, also called psychotechnical or sociometric, includes a meeting with a wellness expert, without prejudice to a progression of tests that evaluate sight, hearing, response time, body coordination and motor skills, among others.

In the event that the candidate fails any of these tests, the specialist will show him what the problem was, without prejudice to giving him a deadline to perform it again and at no additional cost. Unlike the rest of the tests, the time that must pass before trying again depends on the suggestion of the doctor.

If the individual fails the clinical and psychotechnical assessment again, there is a situation of intrigue before the Legal Clinical Help, which is totally free. To get to this, you must go to the base camp of this body closest to the house of domicile.

The unsuccessful must carry the Official letter delivered by the medical inspector, a request for revaluation, a statement from your private doctor stating that you are fit to drive, the driver’s resume due to a recharge and pass through the psychometric. exams one more time.

The Clinical Legal Aid will transmit a reaction, either tolerating or denying the request within a period of between 15 and 45 days after the person submits their request. The decision is not appealable.

Hypothetical and pragmatic driving tests

Theoretical test

In the event that the candidate actually completed the clinical evaluation and the psychometric tests, the time has come to perform the hypothetical and useful tests, which in case of failure, have similar cut-off times to perform them again.

The hypothesis, has a class B permit, consists of 35 queries and to pass the base score is 33 out of a limit of 38 approaches.

To set up this test with approved materials and following the Conaset prospectus, you can follow any of our official driving courses accessible for a wide range of licenses.

Helpful test

Due to the helpful test, the inspectors recognize the errors and rank them according to severity, thus deciding whether the individual quickly went through this evaluation.

In the event that any of these tests fail, the candidate may take it again within the following 25 days. In case it is the hypothetical, it will not be possible to go to the pragmatic until the first one effectively surrenders.


Thanks for reading the Driver’s License Requirements!

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