Driver’s License Requirements: Steps, Cost and MORE

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If you are interested in having a driver’s license, and you think that the process to obtain it is cumbersome, do not worry. Here you will find all Requirements for the Driver’s License.

In order to obtain the license, you must some simple procedures, which will allow you to present your corresponding documentation and have your practical and theoretical exams.

Do you need to have a driver’s license to drive through the streets of Ecuador? Keep reading! We will give you all the necessary information so that you can drive in your country without any inconvenience.

What are the Requirements for a Driver’s License?

When traveling through Ecuador with any type of car, you should know that as a driver you need to have a legal driver’s license. If you want to know what the Driver’s License Requirements, we will mention them below:

  • Present Ecuadorian identity card and / or citizenship
  • Bring the approved results that must be current, about your psychosensometric examination
  • You must bring your learning permit
  • Degree certificate of the course you previously took
  • Bring your card or certificate of your blood type, which must be issued by the Ecuadorian Red Cross
  • Show your proof of corresponding payment

You should know that the driver’s license is only issued for the first time in the province where you have completed your driver training course.

Steps to Follow to Obtain a Driver’s License

Carrying out any type of procedure requires the fulfillment of certain steps to fulfill your objective, therefore, to fulfill the Requirements for the Driver’s License and obtain it, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. You must generate your payment order.
  2. Pay the amount of the procedure with your payment order.
  3. When you make your payment, you will get a turn for what will be your license issuance.
  4. You must arrive 15 minutes before your assigned time at the corresponding Agency, on the indicated shift.
  5. Wait for them to mention your turn, to deliver the Driver’s License Requirements. In addition, you must present your proof of payment.
  6. You must answer the theoretical evaluation, which, you can help or advise you with the exam simulator or question bank.
  7. Go to the reception to validate your documentation and the payment you made.
  8. Wait for the delivery of your driver’s license.

Cost of Getting a Driver’s License

Knowing how much it costs to get a driver’s license is very important, because the last step of the Driver’s License Requirements is to cancel the cost of it. Next, we mention how much the Ecuadorian license would cost you:

  • It has a cost of USD 68.00. This amount does not include VAT, nor the commission of the financial institution.

If you are a foreign citizen, you must present your certification stating that you have completed your basic education. This must be apostilled, translated into Spanish and notarized.

Driver’s License Renewal

The driver’s license is one of the main documents when you want to travel with your vehicle, therefore, it has its renewal process for the moment your license expires.

Here we will mention the requirements that you will need to take and how is the process of it:

Necessary requirements

  • You must bring your expired license
  • Present Ecuadorian identity card and / or citizenship
  • Take your psychosensometric test
  • Show your proof of corresponding payment

Processing of renewal

Online process: You must access and give the option «Go to the online procedure» found in the following link. Then, fill in the fields that the form has. Afterwards, you will receive an email with the response of the license renewal, in the established time.

Face-to-face process:

  1. Enter the «National Transit Agency» page.
  2. You must make the payment order on the same website.
  3. Pay the cost of the renewal process at those authorized payment points.
  4. Get your turn on the page.
  5. Confirm and validate said shift in the information window.
  6. Submit your requirements and proof of payment previously made in the license module of your choice.
  7. Update your data.
  8. Take your theoretical evaluation, which you can get in the question bank in the simulator.
  9. Wait to receive your driver’s license.

Types of Licenses in Ecuador

In Ecuador, the National Transit Agency (ANT) issues different types of driver’s licenses, either for “professionals” and “non-professionals”. You should know that no citizen can drive his car, without having his qualifying title in force. Next, we mention the types of both:

Professional licenses

  • Type A1: Allows you to drive motorcycle taxis, in addition to tricycles, only for commercial service.
  • C: approves driving executive or conventional taxis. Also, light or mixed vans up to 3,500 kilograms with a maximum of 8 passengers and passenger cars with a maximum of 25 seats.
  • Type C1: authorizes the driving of any automobile that is used by the Ecuadorian State, such as police cars, municipal or military ambulances, among others.
  • D: allows you to drive passenger service cars, such as intra or interprovincial, intraregional, intracantonal or on your own.
  • Type D1: approves driving cars, whether school, institutional or tourism, of a maximum of 45 passengers.
  • AND: authorizes the driving of heavy or extra heavy trucks, with or without a trailer up to 3.5 tons, such as dump trucks, trailers, public platforms, tankers or state cars with these characteristics.
  • Type E1: allows you to drive railways, motor pumps, autoferros or trolleybuses, to be able to transport dangerous substances or goods. Also, it is used to drive other special cars.
  • G: approves driving heavy or agricultural machinery and road equipment, such as graders, tractors, forklifts, backhoes, among others.

These types of professional licenses are for citizens over 18 years of age, who wish to obtain their professional driver’s license type: A, C, D, E or G. For those Ecuadorian or foreign citizens, responsible for meeting their obligations in the companies.

Non-professional licenses

  • Type A: authorize driving motorcycles, mopeds, quad, tricar.
  • B– Allows you to drive trucks with trailers with a maximum payload of 1.75 tons or cars.
  • F type: approves driving special cars, which are adapted for those citizens with a disability.

These non-professional use licenses are for citizens over 18 years of age, who wish to obtain their professional driver’s license type: A, B or F. These can be natural, national or foreign citizens.

What is it?

The driver’s license is one of the main documents that the driver must have on hand. At the time of processing, certify your administrative authorization and you have the legal license to drive your car on public roads in Ecuador.

Also, it helps you as a personal identification, in case you have a car accident, since your insurance will ask for the driver’s license, to authorize the processing of the service for medical expenses or repairs. In addition, when you commit an offense, they also ask for your driver’s license with your identity card.

Driver’s licenses are issued to citizens who need to get it for the first time, to drive cars and / or vans of a maximum of 1.75 tons for mobile homes or with payload trailers.

Usually, those cars and / or trucks with trailers of a maximum of 1.75 tons of payload that are exclusive to the State, will be handled by civil servants or public servants who already have a type B license, and who comply with the determined requirements and circumstances. that deserves the regulations issued by the Comptroller General of the State.

You should know that if when obtaining the license you violate some rules, you may have automobile sanctions, which are established in the Transportation and Highway Law of the Federal District, specifically in articles 64 and 65. We will mention what they are and what is said sanction :

Temporary suspension of 6 to 12 months of your driver’s license

  • You must bring your expired license
  • Present Ecuadorian identity card and / or citizenship
  • Take your psychosensometric test
  • Show your proof of corresponding payment

Definitive cancellation of your driver’s license

  • Driving while intoxicated and being punished twice a year for the same reason.
  • For driving under the control of toxic substances.
  • Have two temporary suspensions of your driver’s license.
  • Reason for negligence, irresponsibility, lack of care or inexperience, due to endangering the life or safety of some users, pedestrians or third parties.
  • By apocryphal document or false declaration, which will be in command of the State authority.
  • Those who present false documentation or make false statements at the time of their management of the process, will be deserving of 2 to 6 years in prison.

Finally, it is important that when complying with the Driver’s License Requirements, you are aware that when driving you must avoid breaking the rules to avoid short or long-term penalties.


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