Electoral Certificate: How to Get It, Benefits and MORE

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The Electoral Certificate It is a kind of public document that expresses that the citizen fulfilled the duty to vote. This offers some benefits for those who exercise their right to vote in Colombia. Contains the Declaration of the President of the voting table, the District or Municipal Registrar of the Civil Status where the identity card has been registered.

All Colombians have the right to vote but do you know what the Electoral Certificate and the benefits that this offers you? Here we explain everything! Keep reading.

How to Obtain the Electoral Certificate?

Voting is about supporting a proposal or a candidate anonymously. The importance of the vote is that it is a resource to define the paths to be followed by a community, including small groups, large regions or the nation state.

The Electoral Certificate It is delivered to the voters in order to guarantee the enjoyment of a series of benefits stipulated in the Law, which establishes that «voting is a duty and a right of the citizen.» This participation by voting in political, civic and community life is considered a positive attitude of support.

The electoral certificate is issued and delivered to the citizen after having exercised his right to vote. But, if you are not yet registered to cast your vote, here in a very simple way we explain the process Score!

  1. Check your polling place. On the official page of the Registrar’s Office, you will be able to verify your polling station.
  2. Identify which are the polling stations.
  3. Complete the registration. You can go to the corresponding position to vote and register your identity card.
  4. Check your registration. In this step, you will present your identity card again, to verify your registration.
  5. Bring your identity card. You will need this at the time of voting.
  6. Once the process is finished, as a citizen you will be able to request the proof of registration, which will have the date of the registration deposit, identification number, the place of registration and the voting station.

It is very important that you, at the time of voting, request the delivery of the Electoral Certificatel, since this document will allow you to enjoy hundreds of benefits (we will explain which ones later) and will also show that you exercised your right to vote.

Electoral Certificate Benefits

The Electoral Certificate, it can be used only once for each benefit that is enshrined in the Law and will expire with the realization of new ordinary elections. Depending on the benefit you want to use, this Certificate can be used 30 or 45 days after voting.

The Electoral Certificate It is given to the voters to guarantee the enjoyment of the stipulated benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduction of one month, in the time to render compulsory military service in the case of high school graduates.
  • Priority if a tie occurs in the results of the exams to enter public or private institutions.
  • Priority to obtain state benefits, such as educational scholarships, rural properties, housing subsidies.
  • Discount of 10% in the cost of issuing the passport, it will only be in the next 4 years of voting and it will be valid only once.
  • Higher education students from an official institution will have access to a 10% discount on the amount of student tuition.
  • If you vote, you have a discount of 10% of the value in the initial procedure and issuance of duplicates of the Military Book; by duplicates of the citizenship card, from the second duplicate onwards.

Cool! Once you fulfill your duty and right, you will be able to enjoy these benefits Isn’t that amazing? But, you must bear in mind that when you vote and receive said certificate, it must be signed by the judge at the voting table, otherwise this document will not be valid.

If you have any questions regarding the benefits that correspond to you after voting, do not hesitate to contact the Citizen Service Center (571) 220 2880 so that they can solve all your doubts.

Why is the Electoral Certificate delivered?

The fact of voting in elections has become a right of many citizens but also an obligation. It is a way of being able to express power, social acquisition and total control over the votes. Every vote is important and makes a very noticeable difference.

In addition to being used as a form of expression, the act of voting in elections represents the opportunity to elect good representatives who will stand up for the country and is one of the forms of basic democratic participation.

Elections in Colombia are controlled by the National Electoral Council. These elections consist of opting for a political party with which we agree in its ideology and political platform, to which we can join or not.

The Electoral Certificate It is delivered to voters after exercising their right to vote. This is done in order to guarantee the enjoyment of a series of benefits that are stipulated in the Law. This right is recognized, facilitated and encouraged by the different authorities.

Said Certificate, as we explained above, must be signed because otherwise it will not be valid and you will not be able to enjoy the benefits that we already explained. If you accidentally misplace your Electoral Certificate And, you do not know what to do to recover it, below will be all the information that will help you recover said Certificate Keep reading!

What Happens if I Lose the Electoral Certificate?

In case you lose your Electoral Certificate nothing will happen! You only have to write a letter and address it to the Departmental Delegation of the corresponding Registrar’s Office where the date, place and voting table must be indicated. If you do not remember where you voted, you can go to a delegation and they will give you all the corresponding information.

To obtain a copy of the Electoral Certificate You must direct your request to the National Electoral Management Directorate of the National Registry of Civil Status , filling in the data requested in the PQRS section on the page of the National Registry of Civil Status.

Frequent questions

Here are the frequently asked questions from voters:

  • Does the 10% tuition discount benefit apply to public and private universities?

No. Students from an official institution of higher education will be entitled to a 10% discount on the cost of tuition, according to Article 1 of Law 815 of 2003, but it is not applicable to private institutions.

  • Does the citizen have the right to some kind of rest for having paid?

According to Article 3 of Law 403 of 1997, the citizen who exercises his right to vote will have half a day of remunerated compensatory rest, which can be effective thirty (30) days after the date of the election.

  • Is the employer obliged to give the corresponding rest to the employee who voted?

Yes, since these benefits are granted by law, the employer may not refuse to recognize the compensatory day of paid rest.

  • If a student was a jury vote, is he entitled to a compensatory day?

No. Jurors who are public or private employees are the only ones who have this benefit. The few students who are designated as voting juries do not have an employer to grant them this compensatory day.

  • If a student paid, is he entitled to a half day of compensation?

No. Students do not have an employer to grant them this compensatory day. Your benefit consists of a 10% discount on tuition, if you study at an official institution of higher education.

  • If the voter lost the electoral certificate, can he request a copy?

The citizen who loses his electoral certificate must send a letter to the corresponding Departmental Delegation of the Registrar’s Office indicating the place and voting table.

  • The countries with compulsory voting give incentives to the voter?

No, Colombia does not have a tradition of compulsory voting.

What is the Electoral Certificate?

An election is the means through which the political rights of citizens to choose and be elected are made effective. It is a democratic decision-making process in which citizens vote for an option in the face of a relevant question, or for preferred political parties or candidates.

For single-member positions and members of public corporations in multi-member elections, being their representatives in the government.

In Colombia currently, through the voting process, the following are elected: President and Vice President of the Republic, Congress (Senate and Chamber), Deputies, Governors, Councilors, Mayors, and Ediles.

The Electoral Certificate It is a public instrument, where it is established that the citizen fulfilled the duty to exercise his vote in the corresponding elections, likewise, this certificate contains:

  • The identification number.
  • The country, the city
  • Position in which you took the vote.
  • Voting table for the voter.

Exercise your right and duty to vote, request the Electoral Certificate and enjoy all the benefits!

Much success!

Avenida Calle 26 # 51-50 – CAN (Bogotá – Colombia) Business hours for correspondence from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm continuously (Headquarters CAN Avenida Calle 26 # 51-50)


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