Employer Registration Form to the SEPP: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Employer Registration Form to the SEPP corresponds to a procedure that all employers must complete to become part of the Social Security Payroll Preparation System (SEPP), which is part of the Superintendency of the Financial System (SSF). It is a very important procedure when you want to register a business or company, among other things.

For this reason, today we will be talking about how this document is made up, how you can download it, what instructions you must follow when filling it out and what exactly it is for. Also, we will tell you about the Superintendency of Financial System of El Salvador, so that you can keep up to date. Keep reading!

Format of the Employer Registration Form to the SEPP

Let’s start by talking about Format of the Employer Registration Form to the SEPP, which has been designed to be easy to fill. We will talk to you about what this document is like and what information you should indicate. As a result, it will serve as a kind of guide for when you start to really fill it up.

First of all, it is found in Pdf format. However, unlike other forms, this can be filled out directly from the computer as it has been enabled for it. That is, there is no need to print it and then proceed to fill it by hand. You can do it directly from the file and then print it and present it.

It consists of only one page and does not contain instructions because the information they request is very basic. In fact, data you must include are as follows:

  • To begin, the place and date of application. You must add both the place where you will be doing the procedure and the date it is done.
  • Next comes the Kind of person, which can be natural or legal. Depending on how the company or business was incorporated, this may vary from one to the other.
  • Additionally, you must select the Employer Type. This can be from a private or public institution. Again, it depends on the case.
  • Tax Identification Number (NIT).
  • ISSS employer number.
  • Specific dates: Name, trade name of the company or business, and trade name.
  • Address details, such as the employer’s address. Also, department and municipality are requested.
  • Employer’s country of origin. Only the name of the country should be entered, not the state or city.
  • Economic activity performed by the employer. Be it service, marketing, etc.
  • The Contact information. You must enter the phone number, fax and email.
  • Then goes the Name of the legal representative If it is a legal person and / or name of the contact in the company. If the latter exists, you must also indicate your email.
  • Finally, only the signature and name of the legal representative or attorney-in-fact with power of representation goes. Don’t forget the company stamp.

As you can understand, it is a very easy document to fill out. It only contains the data referring to the employer and, of course, their company or business, if they are not the same.

The best thing about this form is that you can fill it out from the comfort of where you are, whenever you need it and you can do it. Forget about long lines and racing against the clock.

How to download it?

Now that you know how it is, we can explain How to Download the Employer Registration Form to the SEPP. Obtaining this document is very simple and we will explain how you can achieve it by following a series of steps. Keep in mind that this is issued by the Superintendency of the Financial System, so you will find it on its web portal.

  • First, you must enter the official page of the Superintendency of the Financial System.
  • Once there, locate the Services section. This is located below the page name.
  • There a menu with options will be automatically displayed. Make sure you find the option to Information for Supervised (second column) and click downloads.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, where you will find the Forms option. Click on it, it is in the SEPP tab.
  • Finally, you just have to click on Form for the registration of employers to the SEPP and ready! You just have to view it and download it. As a result of the process, you will have obtained the document you were looking for.

You can access this form, or any other form issued by the SSF, in a matter of seconds. You just have to follow these steps and that’s it. However, and for greater convenience, if you only have to access it, we will leave you the corresponding link below.

Filling the Employer Registration Form to the SEPP

Regarding the Filling of the Employer Registration Form to the SEPP, there are a series of instructions that you must follow. They are a few, but all very important and which are crucial to present it correctly.

Here we have also decided to list these guidelines for you, so that you can see them more easily. Let’s see!

  • You can fill out the form directly from your computer or you can print it and fill it out.
  • If you complete it by hand, you must use Letter template. This is to avoid difficulties due to illegibility in the answers provided. Likewise, the document will not be accepted if it contains studs or amendments.
  • Use a black or dark blue pen. You cannot fill out any form with a pencil or a ballpoint pen of another color unless expressly indicated so.
  • Preferably print in color.
  • If the form is not signed and sealed, will not be received. Take your precautions.
  • This document must be completed in its entirety. There can be no blank spaces.
  • Do not forget to attach the Additional documents required to support the form. Without these, it will not be received either. In this sense, you must attach a photocopy of the NIT, ISSS employer card, VAT card (if applicable) and DUI of the representative.
  • Finally, don’t forget to enter a letter in each box. These are separated to increase readability.

We hope we have helped you with these tips or recommendations. You must follow them religiously to submit the form, so don’t pass them by. They will help you a lot.

What is the SEPP Employer Registration Form for?

The Employer Registration Form to the SEPP It is used precisely by employers. They seek to register their business or company with the Superintendency of the Financial System, a vital step in its constitution.

The SSF also provides the form with which you can request a username and password. With this, the workers of the employer’s company or business will be able to enter the Social Security Payroll Preparation System (SEPP). However, before this you must submit this form, which we have been commenting on so far.

This form must be completed correctly and then the person in charge must present it. Where? In any Pension Institution that corresponds: AFP Crecer, INPEP, AFP Confia and UPISSS. It is only presented once, because then it will no longer be necessary. After submitting it, you will only have to wait for you to receive an email notification of the registration, with the username and password.

Internally, this form is responsible for logically organizing the employer’s data, making it easy for the official in charge of the procedure to process the information correctly.

In conclusion, the form is used to do the business or company registration process of a potential employer. This must be done by all the people who have completed the process of establishing a company or are in the process of.

Social Security Payroll Preparation System (SEPP)

The System of Preparation of Provisional Returns (SEPP) It was created by the Superintendency of the Financial System El Salvador. This has the purpose of managing everything related to the preparation, validation and generation of provisional quote forms.

In real time, this system allows data to be validated, using the best security system. Ensures confidentiality and standardization of all forms so that information can be sent and received efficiently.

This is a web application, that is, it does not need to be installed. However, if there are some requirements at a technological level that the one who is going to use it must have.

It is certainly an incredible innovation. Now you can do online procedures in the easiest, fastest and safest way.

What is the SEPP Employer Registration Form?

The Employer Registration Form to the SEPP It is a document that is used to register a business or company in the Provisional Payroll Preparation System, which is in charge of preparing, validating and generating provisional quotation forms.

It consists of only one page and can be obtained from the official page of the Superintendency of the Financial System, which is the body that created the SEPP. It contains in an organized way the employer’s data and the background information that must be submitted to enter the system.

This form is submitted either in AFP Crecer, INPEP, AFP Confia or UPISSS. Any of these institutions will receive it if it is correctly filled out. Once delivery is made, the applicant must wait for an email in which the username and password are indicated to enter the SEPP or where the registration of the company or business is recorded.

It is a very easy procedure to carry out and we hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!

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