Emssanar Certificate: Steps, What It Is For and MORE

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The Emssanar Certificate It will allow you not only to prove that you have completed the affiliation process, but also to carry out other very important procedures. Consequently, today we will be explaining each of the steps you must follow to obtain it, in the easiest, most comfortable and fastest way possible.

Likewise, we will tell you about its use, the enrollment process, what the copayment is about and who does not need to cancel it, as well as other things that we think you are interested in knowing. Do not go! Today you will learn more about Emssanar EPS.

Affiliation to Emssaanar

The only requirement that is required to be able to download the certificate of this entity is to complete the Emssanar Membership Process, something that you have probably already done if you are looking for this document.However, it never hurts to explain it again, especially if there is a possibility that you are here out of curiosity.

Consequently, we have that there are two possible regimes that you can join depending on your socio-economic situation: the subsidized and contributory regime. These remain the same in all EPS in Colombia, so you may already know what it is about.

Let’s see!

Subsidized Regime

In order to join this regime, you must enter one of these two large groups of people:

  • Qualified persons in category 1, 2 or 3 of the SISBÉN. You must have the certificate that proves it, and also you cannot find yourself already registered in a contributory regime.
  • Special and priority people. Various people fall into this category, some of which are:
    • Children at the hands of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare.
    • Individuals in a state of displacement.
    • Rural population in migratory status.
    • Minors unrelated to the armed conflict.
    • Older people who are located in Protection Centers.
    • Members of the Witness Protection Program.
    • Gypsy population.
    • Homeless.

If you are part of any of these groups, to join you just have to go to the nearest Emssanar office, with your SISBÉN certificate and your identity document. Once there, you will have to answer a series of questions and fill out the affiliation form and voila! You can proceed to download your Emssanar Certificate.

Tax Regime

On the other hand, to join this regime there is only one requirement: there must be an employment relationship. Remember: by ‘contributory’ it is understood that there will be a specific contribution from the affiliate, so it is necessary that you receive enough income to make this contribution.

This amount will be determined by your socio-economic situation, more specifically for your ability to pay. A study will be carried out to determine the amount to be canceled, as well as its periodicity.

To joinYou have to go to an Emssanar office with your identity document. Once, they will indicate the other documents that you must submit, which are generally account statements, income certificates, among others that allow you to determine the appropriate contribution.

Once you finish joining, you can proceed to download the Emssanar Certificate.

Steps to Obtain the Emssanar Certificate

As we told you before, once you finish the affiliation process you can proceed to carry out the Steps to Obtain the Emssanar Certificate, which are very simple to do and are done completely online. Consequently, you can get this document from your home, your office or wherever you are.

As for enrollment, the process to acquire the certificate will depend on the scheme to which you have joined. Let’s see how it works.

Subsidized Regime

  • First of all, you must go to the web portal of Emssalud.
  • Once there, you must click on the section of Subsidized, and then in Affiliate.
  • Next, a new page will appear with various services. Press the option Generate your Certificate.
  • Enter your type and number of document with which you affiliated with this EPS. If they ask for other information, also type it.
  • Click on Look for.
  • Finally, verify that all the data is correct and proceed to download the certificate in generate.

Do not refresh the page if it does not download immediately, it is useless and you will lose your work.

Once you have the file on your device, proceed to open it in your PDF file viewer. From there you can print it, in the option that is generally found in Archive.

Tax Regime

  • To begin, you must go to the web portal of Emssalud.
  • Once there, in the main menu, you must click on the section of Subsidized, and then in Affiliate.
  • A new page will appear with various services that you can use as a beneficiary. However, in this case you must press the option Generate your Certificate.
  • Almost to culminate, it’s up to you to fill out the form, in which they will ask you:
    • Type of document of identy.
    • Identification number
    • Date of birth.
    • Code.
  • Click on Validate.
  • Finally, verify that all the data is correct and proceed to download the certificate in generate.

That’s it! Once you download it, you have the option to print it and use it whenever you want. You just have to open it in your PDF file viewer and, usually, you will find the option to print in Files.

As you can see, it is a very simple task. In a matter of minutes you will get your Emssanar Certificate.

What is the Emssanar Certificate for?

The Emssanar Certificate allows the holder to prove that he has successfully completed the affiliation process to this Health Promotion Entity. In other words, you are now entitled to be a beneficiary of all available services.

Accredit to whom? Before the EPS itself or before other entities or companies that require it. Many companies require that their potential workers present this certificate to be able to qualify them in the position, of course, in conjunction with other requirements.

Likewise, you may be required to do paperwork with public bodies. Why do you request it?


The tool Copayments It is implemented to people who have the subsidized regime. When you join this regime, they will tell you if you will be assuming the registration at Mandatory Health Plan (POS).

Thus, Copayment is understood to be a financing method. Basically, people who use a health service pay for it every time they use it. But do not worry! The costs are very low, established in a way that they can be managed by these people, since this is used is to finance the system.

The Copayment is made for some people who are in certain categories of SISBÉN, but what people? How do you know if you are part of this group that must enter Copays? All citizens belonging to SISBÉN level 2 and 3 at the time of joining must cancel this service.

Likewise, children older than one year whose representatives are affiliated under this system, may access different Emssanar services like those of traumatology, surgery, hospitalization and orthopedics.

Here we leave you a table, so you can see what are the values ​​that you would have to handle. If you analyze well, you realize that these are based on the current monthly minimum wage at the time of payment.

Who does not pay Copayment?

There are also people who do not need to cancel copays, either because they are certain situations or because they have certain characteristics. We will tell you when you should not pay, as we believe that it is information that you should keep in mind.

Let’s see!

  • When there is an emergency situation, especially when it comes to diseases with a high degree of risk of death or with a great cost.
  • If there is a preterm labor situation.
  • When certain maternal and child services are needed.
  • If there is a situation of complication during pregnancy.
  • There are no payments for promotion and prevention programs.
  • When looking for family planning, pregnancy and / or child growth services.
  • If you want outpatient dental, medical, paramedical and specialist doctor services.
  • Finally, special transportation, laboratory, and so on.

Also, the following people they should not pay:

  • Children under one year of age.
  • The special populations that fall within the second group that we mention: indigent, Roma population, infants in the care of the ICBF, adults under the guardianship of certain institutions.
  • People who qualify in grade one (01) of the SISBÉN.
  • Minors with certain health problems.
  • Victims
  • Disabled people.

These people do not need to adhere to the Subsidized Regime – Copayment, as we said at the beginning, there are characteristics or situations that establish it.

What is the Emssanar Certificate?

Emssanar is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS) and, consequently, it is part of the country’s Health System. It is responsible for offering services in this area, using clinics and hospitals in the south western region, which will not charge anything or well below the real prices, to the affiliates of this entity

There are two regimes for which you can join: subsidized and contributory. This first is intended for people who have little or no ability to pay and must be subsidized by the States. The latter is in charge of people who can cancel certain payments based on the salary they receive and who are treated at IPS.

If you already joined EmssanarYou can surely make use of the medical services that it offers. These are hospitalization, general medicine, hospitalization, specialized medicine, and so on.

In addition, you can process the Emssanar Certificate, which is done very easily from the website and allows you to prove that you are affiliated with this entity. We for our part hope to have helped you.

Until next time!


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