ENAC Certificate: Documents, Step by Step and MORE

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The ENAC certificate, it is a document that enjoys prestige and advantages in the market. To get the ENAC certificate in Spain As a natural or legal person, several aspects must be taken into account before entering the market.

If you want to know a little more about the certificate, the necessary documents and other information, keep reading and you will find more information.

Necessary Documents for the ENAC Certificate

To guarantee quality, health, consumer protection and the environment, among many direct and indirect factors impact the status of products, there is a regulation No 765 in 2008.

It is found in the regulations to implement and apply the respective accreditations of the European community.

The organisms that are checked in the processes, systems and people related to the production or service offered are identified, complying with the maximum conditions that increase their quality.

Specifically in Spain, ENAC is one of the institutions authorized to carry out the accreditation process at the national level.

ENAC accreditationIt can cover any public or private company, regardless of the activity carried out. It can be of controls, verifications, tests, inspections, among other evolution activities.

Includes evaluations of the services offered or that are part of internal processes, such as receiving materials, cquality control, supplies and many more.

  • Through the ENAC web platform, a catalog of Accreditations is available to those interested.
  • In it you can get the Certifications in three categories: The Certification of products or services.
  • Directed to objects, processes and services: The Management Systems Certification.
  • Aimed at checking and complying with the respective standards of a system implemented by a specific body.
  • Such as safety, environmental protection, and the well-known ISO quality standards and among many others.
  • To facilitate the accreditation activity, ENAC has provided on the web platform, a section of «Documents», among them are:
  • The Application Forms, as well as the information required to begin the process.
  • In order to describe the general accreditation process, such as the request, evaluation, result and definition of the results, between the elements.
  • The database, where the large number of documents is consolidated with the processes and criteria for accreditation.

You can locate the general and specific documents, where the requirements of each standard are explained and how they can be evidenced and are met for the good and for the services of the activities.

Information on fees is applied by each scheme for accreditation.

The costs are indicated in the phase of accreditation process, for the scope of accredited activities.

Step by Step to Obtain the ENAC Certificate

First, you must see the scope of the activities that are credited. In it, the types of activities will be specified so that the accreditation you want, those of ENAC declares itself and the drink has technical competence.

To locate the evidence that is not indicated in the company in question, it must comply with international regulations plus the appropriate one to which it performs.

  • The first step, is to identify the norm
  • Then you must know the requirements that are accredited by what is established in the standard
  • Locate in documents of ENAC and which are those that support its development
  • Establish the system, so that the ENAC justifies compliance with the requirements found in the standard
  • Fill the form and request accreditation
  • ENAC assigns the officials / advisor from the file
  • The official must evaluate documents and will be the person who guides the accreditation process
  • In case of having the documentation correctly, it will be sent in quotation at the cost of the process, so that it is accepted by the applicant
  • Creation of the audit team for the evaluation company technique
  • Accreditations must be awarded in a within 3 months. If they are new activities, you should not accredit previous ones, the accreditation may take a little longer.

This validity of accreditation is indefinite, as long as the maintenance actions are carried out, thus validating the form cancels the technical competences that originate the accreditation

It is validated by the specialized officials in the ENAC, prior notification to the accredited company

After it must be four years after the initial accreditation date, the technical competence of the company or organization is re-evaluated by means of an audit similar to the initial one.

What is the ENAC Certificate for?

The operation of the ENAC is due to the purpose of creating trust in society and in the general market.

This generates well-being in people, in the protection of the environment, in the quality of products and services.

Technical competence in the production chain and services offered to Spaniards are increased, which leads to lower costs for all factors involved in the consumption and use of it.

National Accreditation Entity (ENAC)

The prestige and rigorous evolution is carried out in the ENAC, complying with some internationally certified standards, justifying the high standards of the technical competence of the accreditation.

What is generated by these companies or organizations, generate great benefits, such as the recognition, prestige and trust that it generates in the various factors that make up society.

As well as the consumer or user public, those who intervene directly or indirectly in internal processes.

Avoiding varieties, are evaluated before the different control agents or national and international authorities

This is due to the worldwide recognition of the ENAC operations, Independent of the economic areas of operation

Accreditation also generates a competitive advantage in the please. This differs from similar items.

Opening in the competition of large organizations and leading companies in the market. In addition to enabling the possibility of offering new services or products that require this accreditation.

Added value is given to the economic and moral results of a company or organization.

Frequent questions

People who want to be part of the National Accreditation Entity in Spain have some questions on the subject.

Many want to know the answers to many questions about the ENAC, here we bring some very interesting ones:

Can an academic training institution be accredited by the ENCA?

Of course, when determining the scope of the accrediting activities and the most appropriate standards for it. There are some ISO standards for quality accreditation in processes.

What procedure should be followed if the ENAC annual evaluations of the accredited company are not passed?

In the evaluation, the observations that put at risk the fulfillment of the conditions that were initially given on foot in the accreditation are raised. These must be resolved in a period of time that is the best for those officials, depending on the complex and the area that is affected.

Is the Certificate accepted internationally?

Yes, the certificate is accepted without any inconvenience

Can someone else make the request?

You must have a legal authorization and that this certificate to sign.

Do the people who are authorized to sign have to be legal or natural?

It must be a legal entity

Is the organization for profit?

No, it is for profit.

Can the virtual request be made?

Yes you must follow the instructions and having all the documents at hand.

At the end of recognizing the importance of the standards implemented by the National Accreditation Entity in Spain, you will be able to successfully obtain the ENAC Certificate.

What is it?

The National Accreditation Entity is the only accreditation body at the national level in Spain, designated by the Spanish government.

The entity complies with five principles established in the Regulation No. 765 of the year 2008, a regulatory document that accredits the EU

These principles are:

  • No profit motive
  • Independence
  • No competition
  • International Assessment
  • Mutual recognition

The operation of ENAC has the purpose of creating trust in citizens and in the general market.

Generates well-being in people, protection of the environment, in quality of products and services.

I know increase competition technique in the production chain and services offered to Spaniards, which is lowered at cost for all the factors involved in its consumption and use.


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