Environmental Fitness Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of Environmental Aptitude It is a document issued by the Environmental Conservation Office of each Argentine province. Therefore, each company or industrial emporium needs to have this certificate up to date in order to operate. In this regard, the preservation of the environment in Argentina is a priority, given the dire effects of pollution.

According to the above, if you have a business or factory, it is necessary that you have your Environmental Fitness Certificate. That is why Argentine laws are very clear in this regard. In this sense, the sustainable development body of each Argentine region has the competence to evaluate the activities of your company and determine the degree of environmental impact caused by its operation.

Requirements for the Certificate of Environmental Aptitude

On the other hand, if you are interested in obtaining the Certificate of Environmental Aptitude, remember that the Argentine government is meticulous about that. Therefore, you should keep reading. In this regard, we are going to indicate the provisions and conditions that you must have on hand to obtain your Certificate. Thus, these requirements are necessary to weigh the scope of your operations in the preservation of the environment.

  • Present the basic data of the industrial undertaking (name of the person in charge, name of the company, address of the work unit, among other data).
  • Have the form C / Decree SPS 797/00.
  • Have a report on the physical and economic expenditure of the basic services used in the industrial emporium.
  • Record the management record on the permit for the industrial waste discharge.
  • Report of the production processes of the establishment.

  • Present a catalog of maps with the graphic design of the outlets for liquid, solid or gaseous waste, or combined.
  • Consign the Company’s Industrial and Personnel Safety Report, indicating the level of risk and preventive measures to avoid workplace accidents.
  • Deliver an Environmental Impact Assessment Report, according to the updated and regulated technical standards, according to Law 1741/96 and the statutory rules according to code No. 11459.

As indicated above, it is important to reiterate that the certificate that you are going to obtain is a means of control that the Argentine State will have in any of its provinces. In this way, you will be able to know at what level or degree of environmental aptitude your industrial company is.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Environmental Aptitude Certificate

Subsequently, if you have already met the requirements indicated above, what remains then is to do the corresponding procedure for you to obtain your Environmental Fitness Certificate. In this sense, if you observe the requirements already explained above, one of the most important conditions to access the certificate is the Environmental Impact Report.

Therefore, first of all, to obtain the Environmental Aptitude Certificate in a fast and comfortable way, you must use digital services. In this regard, the electronic government in Argentina makes the digital platform available in each province so that the Provincial Bodies of Sustainable Development (OPDS) make management more user-friendly for their users.

  • The first step is to have a good computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone.
  • Find a secure Internet connection.
  • Access a trusted browser such as Google, Mozilla Firefox, safari or another.
  • Enter the name of the Sustainable Development Office of the region and search for the official link of the provincial government.
  • Ask for the appointment in «process and environmental evaluation», to request the certificate and find out about the precautions that you must consign on the day of your attendance at the environmental office.

Additionally, we inform you that one of the key precautions to obtain the certificate is the Environmental Impact Assessment. In this way, said report must technically explain the positive and negative impacts as a consequence of the company’s industrial operations on the environmental balance. Therefore, the steps to generate this report are:

  • Access online to the collecting body of the respective province and request the AGIP city code.
  • Then enter the virtual platform of the provincial government and look for the links on the Loading Instructions for urban codes. and the instructions for the respective documentation (Law 123).
  • Then proceed to enter the official link of the Argentine provincial government and seek the beginning of the application.
  • Fill in your form with the data according to the steps indicated in the link.
  • In this way, the application process for the Environmental Impact Report will begin.

Costs of the Environmental Fitness Certificate

Based on the above, note that in Argentina, this type of procedure is very serious. Therefore, eradicating environmental pollution and preserving a healthy and balanced environment is vital for the health of Argentines. It is also necessary for the sustainability of natural reservoirs and protected areas. In this sense, Complying with environmental regulations is a citizen’s duty!

Subsequently, the digital system of the provincial governments of Argentina, has modified the procedure fee in 2020. Therefore, the electronic government procedures guide establishes an amount of no less than 240 Argentine pesos to manage the Certificate of Environmental Aptitude. In addition, it is easy to pay for this service with the SIPSA module (APRA Public Application System).

On the other hand, if you still have doubts regarding the costs and the payment procedure for this service. !Do not worry! if you access the page of the provincial government such as Buenos Aires, you will find telephones such as the central 147 for your inquiries on this matter. Do not stop, find out and take care of the environment and ecosystems.

Likewise, the provincial governments in their digital links take advantage not only of explaining the certificate payment process. You can also find out about environmental policies through the following modules:

  • Environmental policies and strategic lines: called green policies to improve the interrelation between citizens and the environment.
  • Environmental Control: this module will allow you the environmental indicators in each region.
  • Management of procedures and environmental evaluation: here they explain the steps for the appointment that you need if you are going to issue the certificate.

What is it for?

In another order of ideas, the Certificate of Environmental Aptitude It is necessary for an industrial company or a business to start its operations in any Argentine town. In addition, it is a fundamental requirement if the establishment has future plans or programs for expansion or new production lines.

Given the above, you must bear in mind that if you start the execution of a business project in Argentina, the production processes in some way will impact the environment positively or unfavorably. Therefore, it is necessary that you previously carry out your Environmental Impact Study and then obtain your certificate.

Consequently, for the Argentine government it is necessary to know if your company handles residual effluents or waste, emits gases, handles biosafety samples and operates with industrial safety standards, etc. If so and they can verify it, you will most likely get your Certificate of Environmental Aptitude.

For that reason, the Certificate of Environmental Aptitude It is your exit pass to the conglomerate of companies that contribute to the care of the Argentine environment, to guarantee its sustainable development. Therefore, with the certificate, an entrepreneur knows that he is scoring points to preserve current natural resources and guarantee the future preservation of the planet.

This will interest you: the governments of the provinces in Argentina in this year 2020 have prioritized the need for Environmental Fitness Certificate in the following cases:

  • If the company is going to carry out activities with a high environmental impact, whose environmental indicators can significantly affect ecosystems.
  • When the industrial sector produces hazardous or highly polluting waste for tributaries of rivers, lakes, reservoirs.
  • In the event that companies generate products or waste that cause disease or pollute environment.
  • If the organization has industrial security protocols that threaten the physical integrity of workers or the corresponding biosecurity measures are not taken.

What is it?

Finally, many companies that operate in Argentina still do not know that they must comply with a series of environmental regulations. Consequently, the document that establishes that an establishment is able to function without deteriorating the environmental balance is the Certificate of Environmental Aptitude.

For this reason, the Government of the Republic of Argentina is the authority that by mandate certifies whether an industrial or business emporium complies with the operating standards without damaging the environment. For which, the entire procedure for issuing this document can be carried out in each of the OPDS managed by each Argentine province.

In short, according to Law No. 123, no company can do commercial or manufacturing activity without having its own Certificate of Aptitude Environmental valid. For this reason, if an environmental inspector requests said accreditation, it is because the entrepreneur or industrialist had to previously prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

Finally, Argentina insists a lot on the environmental impact assessment of the companies that operate in its territory, motivated by international agreements for environmental conservation. Remember that the southern country has large territories of protected areas and must contribute to the environmental preservation of the planet.

Get your Certificate of Environmental Aptitude and help take care of the planet!

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