EsSalud Form 1010: Format, Fill It Out and MORE

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First of all, before exposing everything concerning Him EsSalud Form 1010 We want you to know what the EsSalud Health Social Security consists of. In this regard, it is a public body, created in order to provide coverage to the insured and their rights holders through the granting of health benefits.

Likewise, you should know that this form is applicable to all people who are insured. With which, everyone has the right to receive health, economic and social benefits. Next, we will tell you what it is and how you can obtain it, its usefulness, the process that your application entails and more.

EsSalud Form 1010 Format

First of all, you should know that the EsSalud Form 1010 It is a format established by the Government of Peru as a registration tool or instrument. Which is aimed at everyone who is affiliated, on a mandatory or voluntary basis. Thus, this affiliation corresponds to one of the insurance offered and administered by EsSalud.

In the same way, through the website of El Seguro Social de Salud EsSalud, you can locate the referred Form 1010 in digital PDF format. Consequently, you can fill it out electronically, just by downloading it to your laptop or computer and print it out. As well as you can fill it manually.

Likewise, in terms of the format itself, you will find, first, the information of the insured holder. Which corresponds to all your personal data if you are the owner. Next, the personal data of the right holder or beneficiary. However, if it is not the same owner, there you must place your relationship with the owner.

Finally, if it is a temporary assignment of a beneficiary, all their data and relationship with the owner, if applicable. Finally, the acceptance and signature with an Affidavit that the information provided is true and verifiable by any legal entity that requires it.

How to fill out the EsSalud Form 1010?

Next, we will explain how to enter all the information required by the aforementioned EsSalud Form 1010, in order to do it easily. As well as, know what data you need to fill it, since you must be careful not to put any wrong data, which makes you need a rectification.

  • First it is up to you to download the form It can be in Version 5 or 6, from the EsSalud Economic Benefits Request link on its website
  • Within section 1, information of the insured holder, you must mark with an X the type of document of the insured holder and employer, as well as the number of both.
  • Regarding section 2, data of the person requesting the registration, you must mark with an X if the applicant is the right holder or beneficiary.
  • Now, if you are the insured holder, you must complete the area of ​​surnames and names, marital status, dates, telephone, email and address

  • In reference to section 3, application for economic benefit in case of unemployment, if it applies to your case, you must enter the name or company name of the employer, as well as the RUC and date of termination
  • In section 4, application for financial benefits, you must complete it in case of requesting the subsidy for breastfeeding, maternity, burial or disability
  • With regard to section 5, affidavit in case of registration, in this place the net amount is indicated if the affiliation to the EsSalud Agrario Independiente insurance is to be made
  • In section 6, signature of the applicant and / or employer, you must mark X the link with who is requesting the procedure. Then, the employer’s signature if the application is for maternity or disability
  • Finally section 7, data and dates, which constitutes the final part of Form 1010

Important aspects

  • Before starting the filling process we want you to take into account the following items
  • All the data to be entered must be correct and registered as they appear on the person’s ID
  • Form 1010 must be completed in print and fully legible, if manual
  • Forms containing erasures, erasures or amendments will not be accepted, so you must be very meticulous when filling it out

Usefulness of EsSalud Form 1010

In relation to this point, the EsSalud Form 1010 It is used to register or update the insured and employing entities that require health benefits. That is, the aforementioned 1010 form is a registration instrument where you as the owner or beneficiary. With which, you can supply all the information and data for the required.

In the same way, the use of this tool is of great importance for the benefits of the health system of the Republic of Peru. With which, it can be of vital use to you as well as to other citizens. Thus, they can access this registry, in order to obtain benefits and medical health insurance and improve the quality of life.

To conclude in this context, the aforementioned benefits are very necessary in case of work-related illnesses or accidents. As well as, in case they produce some type of disability. In the same way, it can help in instances in which functions occur or in case of maternity and even breastfeeding at work.

What is EsSalud?

Now we want to tell you what the Social Health Insurance is, which is also known as EsSalud. With which, this is a decentralized public body of Peru. It was created with the purpose of providing coverage to the insured and their right holders through the granting of health benefits.

Additionally, EsSalud is assigned to the Labor and Social Promotion Sector, with technical, administrative, economic, financial, budgetary and accounting autonomy. As well as, it includes prevention, promotion, recovery and rehabilitation; as well as economic and social benefits for all citizens.

Likewise, its purpose is to provide coverage to the insured and their right holders. Thus, it does so through the granting of prevention, promotion, recovery, economic and social benefits. All this, in what corresponds to the contributory regime of Social Security in Health, as well as other human risk insurance.

Advantages of EsSalud

On the other hand, it is essential to mention an additional point about the entity that grants the EsSalud Form 1010. Next, we are going to indicate the advantages of belonging to the EsSalud Health Social Security as a regular insured and as a beneficiary or right holders. This will correspond according to your current legal regulations

  • Receive social security benefits in health
  • Receive prevention, promotion and health recovery benefits, economic benefits for temporary disability, maternity, breastfeeding and burial benefits
  • The benefits provided are determined based on the type of insurance to which the insured is affiliated and provided that they meet the corresponding accreditation conditions

  • Special coverage for unemployment or latency
  • Complementary Risk Work Insurance
  • Receive timely and quality services. Policyholders must receive timely and quality benefits within a framework of reliability and warmth
  • Receive benefits without any type of discrimination
  • Receive dignified and respectful treatment, with preferential attention to pregnant women, minors, people with disabilities and the elderly
  • Right to present your complaints and reports of misconduct, before the Insured’s Ombudsman or the authorities that they deem pertinent

Additionally, it has 28 healthcare networks, with their respective managements. Thus, they have the administrative management of the assistance centers located by geographic circumscription. In this regard, each one has a Base Hospital, which has the highest resolution capacity. Also, patients from the network’s healthcare centers are referred

What is EsSalud Form 1010?

At the end of this article we want you to know more about what is called EsSalud Form 1010, by the time you need to obtain it. First of all, you should know that Form 1010 is a format established by the Government of Peru as a tool or instrument. register.

Therefore, it is aimed at any person who is affiliated, on a mandatory or voluntary basis, with any of the insurance offered and administered by EsSalud. Likewise, this Unique Registration Form is used for the registration or affiliation of insured holders. As well as, right holders, representatives or contacts of employing entities.

Likewise, it is essential that you take into account a suggestion from us. With which, this refers to that you carry out this procedure in the most anticipated way possible. Only then can you have the guarantee of having support in the field of health. Therefore, you need to think about your quality of life and that of your loved ones.

Finally, you should know that this form is applicable to all people who are insured. With which, everyone has the right to receive health, economic and social benefits. Consequently, they can enjoy the different insurance that is responsible for managing health.

Maintain your quality of life and health!


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