EsSalud Form 6012: Format, Fill It Out and MORE

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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of diseases or illnesses. In itself, it is the general state of a living organism, as it executes its vital functions in an efficient way which allows us to function properly in the environment.

Prevention constitutes the central point of health insurance since they protect us from diseases and accidents. It also shields the economy of individuals and families against the costs of private medical care. In this article we will tell you a little about the EsSalud Form 6012.

Read on, this information is for you!

EsSalud Form 6012 Format

Without a doubt, having insurance is considered one of the best investments that can be made at any age, so it should not be considered an unnecessary expense. You should bear in mind that when a family member contracts a disease, the costs of such an event negatively impact the economy of the rest of the family.

You must bear in mind that it is a document that must be downloaded and printed. That is, you must have a computer at the time you decide to carry out this procedure. The document It will be downloaded in a PDF file so that in this way it can be easier to print it. Next, we will explain a little the data contained in the EsSalud Form 6012.

  • Insured information.
    • Type of document of identy.
    • Identification number.
    • Surnames and names.
    • Email.
    • Type of insured.
    • Agreement with the CGBVP.
    • RUC number of the employee (only if he is a regular insured or a dependent agrarian).
  • Information of the spouse or common-law partner.
    • Type of document of identy.
    • ID number.
    • Surnames and names.
  • Beneficiary information.
    • Type of document of identy.
    • Identification number.
    • Surnames and names.
  • Signature of the insured holder
  • Signature and stamp of EsSalud.

These are some of the data you will get in the EsSalud Form 6012. This form will be very easy to complete. It should be noted that it must be printed and legible. Smudges, studs, or amendments will not be accepted.

The data of the persons and the signature must be identical to those consigned in the identity document. Therefore, in case you have any doubts regarding the EsSalud Form 6012 You can contact the area in charge, so that the authorized personnel can clarify your doubts immediately.

How to fill out the EsSalud Form 6012?

The EsSalud Form 6012 It is extremely easy to complete and here we will explain how to do it. As we said before, you must bear in mind that it is a document that must contain legible letters. This to avoid inconveniences when making the request. Also, in this way we will explain how to fill in the requested fields.

  • In section n ° 1 we have “Information of the insured holder”.
    • Here the type of document that the insured holder has, be it the National Identity Document, the Immigration Card or Others, will be marked.
    • Then, you must enter the number of the Identity Document. The full name and email.
    • Then you will have to mark the type of insured. Either “regular” for regular worker, “agrarian” for dependent or independent agrarian, “optional” for optional affiliate of EsSalud.
    • Finally you must enter the RUC number of the employer.
  • In section n ° 2 we have «Spouse Information».
    • Likewise, we will enter the type of identity document and the number.
    • Complete the name and surname.
  • In section 3 we have «Beneficiary information»
    • Here we will also place the type of identity document, the document number and the name and surname of the beneficiaries.
  • Finally, we will find the «Affidavit», here only the signature of the insured holder and the signature and seal of EsSalud will be placed.

There are a large number of reasons why health insurance should be contracted, however, the most important is that the insurance company guarantees the insured the medical payments that arise in the event of an illness, accident or during a consultation with the doctor. This is a benefit that the user obtains by paying a premium for an insurance policy, which can be contracted for life or renewed every year.

What is the EsSalud Form 6012 for?

The EsSalud Form 6012 You have the possibility of opening the doors to the social security system in Peru, that is, this document will allow you to have protection in EsSalud. Once you have completed this form, you will be able to access social security that promises social, economic and health benefits to its users. In addition, it can be noted that EsSalud has the following functions:

  • Administers the contributory regime of Social Security in Health and other human risk insurance.
  • Enroll the insured and employing entities.
  • It collects, supervises, determines and collects the contributions and other resources established by law, being able to delegate or grant such functions, in whole or in part, to State or private entities, according to current legal regulations.
  • It invests the funds it manages, ensuring their profitability, security and financial balance, within the corresponding legal framework.
  • It formulates and approves its internal regulations, as well as other norms that allow it to offer its services in an ethical, efficient and competitive manner.
  • Performs all kinds of legal acts necessary for the fulfillment of its functions;
  • Determines the qualification periods for the granting of Benefits of the contributory regime of Social Security in Health, in accordance with the modalities and working conditions.
  • It develops programs for the prevention of occupational health and professional risks.
  • It dictates provisions related to the obligations of the employing entities and their policyholders.
  • It promotes the execution of dissemination programs on social security in health, for which it coordinates with the Health, Education and other State entities.
  • It develops special programs aimed at social welfare, especially for the elderly and people with disabilities, under the conditions established by the regulations.
  • He proposes to the Ministry of Labor and Social Promotion the issuance of norms that contribute to the better fulfillment of his mission and gives his opinion on the projects of legal devices related to his role.
  • It enters into agreements or contracts with other entities for the provision of services related to its purpose and objectives.
  • It develops social outreach programs and special health plans for the uninsured and low-income population.
  • Supports the population affected by accidents and catastrophes.
  • It performs the other functions that the law entrusts or allows.

What is EsSalud?

EsSalud It is a public entity in charge of providing comprehensive attention to the needs of the workers who are affiliated with this entity. Likewise, it has the priority of guaranteeing the coverage of all its insured through the allocation of benefits, to prevent, recover and rehabilitate. In this way, they also grant social and economic benefits dedicated to the field of health.

This entity has, since August 12, 1936, providing social security services in Peru, being the leader in the Social Health Security sector. Its vision is to be a leader in Social Health Security in Latin America, exceeding the expectations of policyholders and employers in protecting their health and being recognized for its good treatment, with modern management and at the forefront of innovation.

EsSalud has a variety of principles, such as solidarity, universality, equality, unity, integrality and autonomy. Likewise, it aims to protect the insured population by providing health, economic and social benefits with quality, comprehensiveness, efficiency and good corporate governance, collaborating with the Peruvian State in achieving Universal Health Insurance

Advantages of EsSalud

We already know that being part of an insurance is quite important. By being an affiliate of EsSalud you will be able to count on a series of advantages and benefits. Next, we will let you know what you can enjoy when you join this entity. Read on, this is interesting!

  • You can join voluntarily and independently. It will also have a series of options that will allow it to be complemented with other insurance services.
  • It will have protection and compensation in the event that the owner dies.
  • You will have the possibility of accessing comprehensive medical care, both for the holder and their relatives, in any type of situation.
  • It will have a monthly payment system that is comfortable, safe, that adjusts to the possibilities of each linked.
  • You will have access to benefits to protect and promote health, well-being and others among workers of all types of entities.
  • You can count on optimal peace of mind and confidence for both employees and employers that their needs will be met in unfortunate situations.
  • You will have the facility to modify the policies contracted at a certain time after certain deadlines have passed.

What is EsSalud Form 6012?

The EsSalud Form 6012 As its name indicates, it is a form that must be completed in its entirety to process the registration of the holder and the beneficiaries in EsSalud. As we already know, this entity is in charge of providing comprehensive care to the people who are affiliated with it.

Today more than ever the most important thing is the health and well-being of our loved ones, so taking care of them has become a priority for all of us. And so, at times like the ones we are going through, prevention takes on a great level of importance. Although you cannot predict the future or the appearance of any disease, you can be prepared and thus guarantee your medical care and that of those you love the most.

You now have all the information you need to complete your Form 6012 of EsSalud! Do not wait plus.


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