Export Requirements: Documents, Modalities and MORE

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Perhaps you have wondered what requirements do I have to meet to export my product? We have good news for you! To who Export Requirements : Documents, Modalities and MORE we bring everything you need to know to contribute with this activity to the development of Peru.

Exporting is a vitally important activity that plays a crucial role in the development of a country, as it is part of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the case of Peru, exports of goods and services reached an amount of $ 54.864 billion According to data from the World Bank, if the gross domestic product of 226,848 billion dollarss in the same period, their importance is evident as they represent 24% of the total economic activity in the country.

Now, if you are part of the merchants who want to export their products abroad, you must know all the Requirements to Export. Still don’t know what they are? Here we tell you everything!

What are the Requirements to Export in Peru?

Exports are a fundamental element to increase the growth of a country, trading with foreign producers and companies. Similarly, Peru is one of the main exporters of raw materials, such as gold, silver, bronze, among others. As well as, it is a country that specializes in the maintenance of crops or agriculture to export grains such as rice, corn, among others.

Therefore, if your company specializes in the activities indicated above, you should know all Requirements to Export. Don’t know what they are? Check each one of them here!

Within the Export Requirements that a person or company must comply with when carrying out the activity are:

  • In the declaration of your Unique Registry of Taxpayers (RUC) your tax address cannot appear as “There has not been ”.
  • Be authorized in the Single Taxpayer Registry (RUC) to carry out merchandise export activities. Have you not registered for the RUC? Wait no more, enter here!
  • You must present the relevant documents (Personal Identification, Company Name, Home Address, among others), whenever you import a merchandise (It also applies if the activity is carried out as a legal entity).

There are exceptions where natural people can export without having to be registered in the RUC, these are:

  • You will only be allowed to perform one maximum of 3 exports per year, which cannot exceed an amount of 1,000 US dollars or 3,579.31 soles (This value may change according to the price of the day).
  • You can also make a single export in the year, whose value is in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 US dollars, instead of the previous option.

Necessary documents

Likewise, it is important that you keep in mind all the documents and papers that you must have when applying. «Export permit». The latter will allow you to trade with foreign companies, legally without problems with the Customs Agency in charge. Therefore, the documents found in the requirements that demands the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) to be able to export they find each other:

  • Current National Identity Document of the exporter (Identification card, suffrage card, passport or any personal identification document)
  • Exporter’s invoices and sales slips (issued physically or electronically).
  • Documents referring to the transport of the merchandise: Bill of lading, air waybill or waybill.
  • If a third party will carry out the simplified dispatch on behalf of the exporter, they must carry a Power of Attorney Letter.

Export Modalities

When requesting the «Permission to Export» You must take into consideration the work methodology of the Customs Agency. Therefore, if the value of the exported goods does not exceed the 5,000 US dollars, any of the following modalities can be used:

  • Simplified Export Clearance: For this case, one of the Export Requirements is to present the Simplified Export Declaration (DSE). What should you do? Simple! You must fill out the relevant virtual forms that appear in the link.
  • Easy Export: In this case the Export Requirement main, is to present the Easy Export Declaration (DEF). This methodology allows the exporter to send his merchandise abroad using the National Postal Service (SERPOST), without needing the supervision of a customs clearance agent.


If the amount of the goods to be exported does not exceed US $ 5,000 (17,896.58 Peruvian soles), you can choose to use the benefit of the modality Easy Export, which allows you to use the national postal service.

This service can be used by both individuals and companies (legal entities)

Don’t you know what the Export Requirements of this great opportunity? Read everything in this section!

  • Have RUC or DNI with their respective SOL code, to be able to enter the portal of the Exporta Fácil declaration record.
  • The merchandise to be exported must be organized and with the appropriate documents to export (Make sure that the merchandise in question is not prohibited from leaving the country).
  • Properly identify the customer to whom the merchandise will be sold abroad, be it a natural person or company.
  • Carry out properly the Easy Export Declaration (DEF).

Next, we will tell you All the steps that you must follow to have a successful process and without any worries:

  • Enter the portal of Exporta Fácil declaration record, using the RUC or DNI and your previously created SOL password.
  • Record all the specifications regarding the merchandise to be transported.
  • Print and sign 4 copies of the registry, adding 1 additional for each package of the Exporta Fácil Declaration.
  • Take the merchandise to the offices of the National Postal Service (SERPOST) with all the previously mentioned signed copies, the ticket or invoice issued at the time of sale to the customer and the pertinent documentation (SERPOST will give you a guide number that will be registered in the Exporta Fácil Declaration and will proceed to make the shipment to the Postal Classification Center in Lima with all its documentation).
  • Track the shipment of the merchandise by SERPOST after having completed all the formalities.
  • After the first 15 business days, verify if your merchandise is within the SERPOST file sent to the Callao Air and Postal Customs Office, where shipments not shipped are registered. If it is not on the list, it is because the shipment has already been made.

Main Markets

As an entrepreneur, you should keep in mind which countries are requesting the resources or goods manufactured by Peru, this will allow you to have greater access to the international market. As well as, you can have a better study about the countries that import these goods or services to market them globally. Then, the main destinations of Peru’s exports according to data from the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) are as follows:

  • USA.
  • China.
  • Switzerland.
  • Canada.
  • South Korea.
  • Brazil.
  • Japan.
  • Spain.
  • Holland.
  • Chili.
  • India.
  • Colombia.
  • Germany.
  • Ecuador.
  • Belgium.

In Peru the Mining Sector It is the main protagonist of the country’s exports, since they are traded globally. In this case, the copper It is one of the main raw materials that are exported to the rest of the world, because its production represents about 51% of the country’s mining market.

Other sectors that stand out apart from mining market, are trading in precious metals and agriculture. The main items in the country are:

  • Zinc Mineral: It is the first zinc producer in Latin America and the second worldwide.
  • Gold: It is the first gold producer in Latin America and the sixth worldwide.
  • Iron: It is the fifth largest iron producer in Latin America and number 17 worldwide.
  • Tin: It is the first tin producer in Latin America and the third worldwide.
  • Tellurium: It is the leading producer of tellurium in Latin America and the sixth worldwide.
  • Silver: It is the first silver producer in Latin America and the second worldwide.
  • Lead: It is the leading producer of lead in Latin America and the third worldwide.
  • Bismuth: It is the first bismuth producer in Latin America and the third worldwide.
  • Grapes: It is the fifth world exporter of grapes.
  • Avocados (avocado): It is the third world exporter of avocado.
  • Mango: It is the fourth world exporter of mango.
  • Asparagus: It is the second world exporter of fresh asparagus.
  • Quinoa: It is the world’s leading exporter of Quinoa.

What is it?

Export consists of transport a merchandise produced in the national territory abroad, in order to be commercialized in that market for later use, consumption or processing.

Exports are registered in the balance of trade and they contribute directly to the level of economic activity of the country (GDP).

In the case of Peru, exports and imports of goods and services were 54,864 and 52,032 billion US dollars (World Bank), respectively, therefore, there is evidence of a surplus in the trade balance of 2,832 billion US dollars.

Do you want to know an interesting aspect of exports in Peru? Keep reading!

  • Peru is a net exporter of goods and services thanks to its surplus in the trade balance.
  • It is a giant in industrial mining and agriculture production, ranking at the top of the world rankings for many of the items in these sectors.
  • The requirements to export in the country are very few, which makes it possible to speed up and reduce costs in the merchandise export process and increases the competitiveness of products from Peru.

What are you waiting for? It complies with all the Requirements to Export and commercializes with the international market!


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