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If at this time you have a product or service that is doing well commercially and you are now thinking of exporting, stay here reading the Requirements to Export in Ecuador.

In Ecuador the procedure is easy, there are regulations and government entities that support the export process. It does not matter if you are not an Ecuadorian citizen, just by being a legal resident you can.

Likewise, it is not an essential requirement to have a company, any natural person can initiate the export procedure.

So, do not think about it so much and read the entire article so that you know the practical way to start as an exporter of products or services.

What are the Requirements to Export in Ecuador?

In Ecuador it is possible that both Ecuadorians and foreigners residing in the country, as well as natural and legal persons, can export.

Given the concerns of students, entrepreneurs, artisans, exporters, producers, the Requirements to Export in Ecuador, are the ones mentioned below:

  • You must have the Unique Taxpayer Registry (Ruc) which is granted by the Internal Revenue Service (SRI), indicating the economic activity you want to develop.
  • Also, you must have the digital signature certificate o Token, which is granted by Civil registration Y Secury Data.
  • Should Register with the National Customs Service of Ecuador (SENAE).
  • Make the Exporter Registration on the website of Ecuapass Customs.
  • You can also visit the ProEcuador offices by going to the Exporter Services and Advice area.
  • Subsequently, register on the web portal of Proecuador.
  • The National Council for Foreign Trade and Investments (COMEXI) established that exporters must also register with the Ministry of Industries and Competitiveness in applicable cases.

Steps to Export in Ecuador

Continuing with the Requirements to Export in Ecuador, the steps that every Ecuadorian citizen or resident in Ecuador, who personally or as a company wants to export products or services must follow the steps shown below:

The first step is the Registration

  • You can enter the web portal Exportafacil.
  • You must enter the Ruc.
  • Should register tariff items.
  • Create a username and password.
  • Then you must make the declaration

The second step is the Declaration

  • Through the Postal Service makes the Customs Export Declaration (DAE)It starts with electronic transmission and can go with a proforma invoice. This is a declaration that initiates the legal bond and the obligations to comply with the National Customs Service of Ecuador.
  • Prime Service does the Export Form.
  • Enter data from addressee.
  • Also, the data of the product or merchandise by invoice.
  • Likewise, data from consignor.
  • Specify the destination of the load.

  • It should indicate the quantities of the goods.
  • Also, the weight and other data of the goods.
  • Attach the mandatory documents such as the original commercial invoice, prior authorizations if warranted, electronic Certificate of Origin and packing list and any other additional in PDF format.
  • You click to save and send to CDE, if you do not carry out this step, the shipment cannot be processed.

The third step is the delivery of the package to CDE

  • You must enter the complete data of the exporter sender and the recipient.
  • You must physically attach all the documentation, for the Prime Service you must print the export form.
  • Also, you must indicate the number of the order that was generated in the system and deliver it to any of the agencies nationwide.

When the DAE is accepted, the products and / or merchandise enter the Primary Zone of the district where you embark. That is why the temporary warehouse registers and stores it prior to export.

When the export is carried out, the assigned capacity is notified, these may be the following:

  • The Automatic CapacityIt is when the exit authorization for the shipment of the merchandise is automatic at the moment of entry of the cargo to the temporary warehouses or primary areas.
  • Documentary CapacityIt is when an official is appointed to take charge of the procedure at the time of entering the cargo to the temporary warehouse or primary zone. Then, they review the electronic data and digitized documentation and proceed to close if there are no news. If there are news, these will be registered by electronic notification. When the DAE closes, the status changes to authorized departure and the cargo can be shipped.
  • Intrusive Physical Capacity, the procedure is the same as the previous one. Additionally, a physical inspection of the cargo is made to check with the electronic and digitized documentation sent to the DAE.

Documents Needed to Export in Ecuador

I agree with you Requirements to Export in Ecuador, and following the line of steps and requirements to export from Ecuador, the basic documents are the following:

The Customs Declaration

It is a document that is part of all customs procedures, it must be presented by the Customs Agent duly registered with the Ministry of Finance. The merchandise to be exported must be declared before Customs within a period of five business days, from the moment it enters the authorized storage area, in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Customs Law.

The Transport Document

The name and address of the shipper and consignee must be indicated, as well as places of shipment and destination. The brand, numbering, class, weight, quantity, volume, content of packages, type of freight, color of the merchandise, other expenses, delivery conditions, among others.

Land shipment or consignment note

Sender information, place and date of shipment of the letter. Place of delivery, recipient data, quantity, types of packages, brands, denomination, current numbers of the load, freight, value of the merchandise, additional costs.

Maritime Shipping

It is a supremely important document in the transport of merchandise by sea, it is a transport contract and a title to the merchandise without which the merchandise cannot be removed. Likewise, the original document must be in the hands of the Captain.

Commercial invoice

Document proving the existence of a purchase and sale contract and is part of the required documentation for international trade transactions. In addition, it must have data and technical details regarding the merchandise that is the object of the transaction.

With indications of the units of measure, quantities sold, prices per unit and totals, gross and net weights, brands, number of packages, among others.

Boarding order

It is the electronic transmission of the customs declaration. Customs are responsible for granting the authorization for the merchandise to leave the country.

The electronic shipment is made and the format is delivered to the carrier for the cargo to enter the Port Authority facilities.

The Certificate of Origin

It seeks to establish whether or not the merchandise is subject to preferential treatment.

The Insurance Policy

It is the contract through which one of the parties called the insurer is obliged in exchange for the payment of a premium to make the compensation to the other party. It must be an all-risk policy.

How to Obtain the Exporter Registration?

Reviewing the Requirements to Export in Ecuador, the first step in this case is to get the Exporter Registration.

Once the Ruc has been obtained in the Service of Internal Revenues, the following steps must be followed for the Exporter Registry:

  • You must acquire the Digital Certificate for the electronic signature and the authentication granted by the Central Bank of Ecuador and Security Data.
  • You must register in the Ecuapass portal, where the database can be updated. Create the username and password. You must register the electronic signature.

Requirements to Export. Customs Export Declaration (DAE)

According to Requirements to Export in Ecuador, and continuing with everything related to export from Ecuador, very important is the Customs Export Declaration (DAE).

The Customs Export Declaration (DAE), is a form in which the export registration is made. It is the only legal customs document that certifies and approves the export of goods.

Absolutely, all exports must present a Customs Export Declaration (DAE) and this is obtained through electronic transmission with the Ecuapass system.

The Customs Export Declaration (DAE) creates a legal bond and obligations that must be complied with by the National Customs Service of Ecuador by the exporter.

When the exporter is already registered and starts the electronic transmission, the data to be recorded in the DAE are the following:

  • Declarant data or exporter.
  • The merchandise description export object.
  • The consignee’s data.
  • He too cargo destination to export.
  • In addition, the quantities and weight of the merchandise.

The original documents that must be consigned with the DAE are:

  • The original invoice.
  • The corresponding authorizations.
  • He too electronic certificate of origin.

When the DAE is accepted, the merchandise enters the Primary Zone of the district where the boat is made. In addition, the temporary warehouse registers and stores it prior to export.

Subsequently, you are notified of the capacity channel that has been assigned to you.

What is Export?

Export is a customs regime that allows the exit of products and / or merchandise in free circulation, that is, it does not have legal restrictions, outside the Ecuadorian customs territory, in accordance with the provisions within the current regulation.

Exporting is placing goods or services produced in a given country for sale to potential buyers in a foreign country. It is when national goods leave the customs territory for use abroad.


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