Export Requirements: Steps to Follow, Costs and MORE

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First of all, it is important to highlight that El Salvador has a great level of economic freedom. Thus, the legal system is mainly inclined towards export processes. Therefore, these activities have generated significant levels of evolution within the nation. In the same way, you must take into account the export requirements.

In addition, the country has become a broad export platform to large markets. At the same time, it stands out for having an excellent workforce in products, accessible prices and capital stability. If you are an entrepreneur, here you will find the necessary information for export activities. Also, we will tell you what to do, costs and more.

What are the Export Requirements?

Initially, you should know that the body responsible for export processes in El Salvador is the Integrated Foreign Trade System (SICEX). In the same way, it links exporters with companies inclined towards foreign trade.

It also meets the optimal goal of businesses obtaining correct customs clearance documents for their selected merchandise. Therefore, as regards the export requirements suggested by SICEX we can mention the following:

Person to export

  • Registration form as own exporter
  • Present the original Tax Identification Number and a copy (1) enlarged to 150%
  • VAT card as a holder extended to 150%
  • Unique Identity Document, residence certificate or passport of the holder and of the other authorized
  • In the case of export of fishery products, you must present your Cendepesca card
  • Official newspaper authorized by the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador

Company to export

  • Registration form to request export processes
  • Tax identification number
  • Show the Taxpayer Registration Number together with the copy (1) enlarged to 150%
  • Certificate of company deeds respectively
  • Power of attorney in force that reflects the legalized representation of the company
  • DUI, proof of residence or valid passport of the official representative of the company

Steps to Follow to Export

On the other hand, regarding the steps that you must complete to carry out an adequate export process, we can indicate the following:

  1. First, you must register in the SICEX database as an exporter
  2. Submit your registration application in a physical format at one of the facilities of this entity
  3. Verify each of the export requirements that you should take into account, depending on the specific area
  4. These requirements will be governed by the type of product and the country to which the export will be destined.
  5. Complete and approve the process in SICEX
  6. To do this, you must have a username and previous password registered at the time of performing step 1
  7. The information regarding approved export decisions will be sent to the General Directorate of Customs of El Salvador
  8. In case your export is directed to Central America and has an error, you must send an email to ciexexportaciones@bcr.gob.sv.
  9. Likewise, in the email you must notify the incident to resolve with the competent authorities
  10. Also, the Central American Single Customs Form FAUCA issued must be approved in the authorized customs areas.
  11. Therefore, it is necessary that, as an exporter, you are registered in the tax processes of the destination countries
  12. Finally, it will be necessary for you to pay the respective tax for the type and number of products of your export merchandise. With which, this payment can be made at the customs or SICEX facilities

Duration of the Procedures to Export

At the same time, in addition to taking into account the export requirements in El Salvador, you must know the duration time. Thus, this period corresponds to the time period in which the export will take place. Therefore, we can say that the time of the procedures is as follows:

  • Registering as an exporter will take you 4 hours in SICEX, that is, in one of its branches in El Salvador
  • The Consultancies corresponding to the Central American Single Customs Form will take you a period of 60 minutes in SICEX. Likewise, you can do this action virtually and its waiting time is approximately 20 seconds
  • The authorization of the phytosanitary and zoosanitary certificate has a duration of 30 minutes in the SICEX agencies. Also, through the official web portal, this will take you 20 seconds on average
  • The issuance of visas for agrochemical goods and for veterinary use represents a processing period in SICEX of 30 minutes. Also, it is necessary to highlight that this procedure can only be carried out within these facilities
  • The approval of specific certificates contains a duration of 60 minutes within the SICEX branches. In addition, when carrying out this process online, it may take a maximum of 20 seconds to go to Local Customs
  • Authorizations by customs entities such as DGA, SAT, DARA and DGA Costa Rica, can only be done online. Therefore, this process will take you a temporary period of approximately 20 seconds.

Export Procedures Costs

In the same way, after presenting the requirements to export, steps and duration of procedures, it is necessary to mention their respective costs. In the following list we will indicate the value of each document that you must have:

  • Registration as an exporter: No cost
  • Central American Single Customs Form: $ 6.00 + 13% VAT
  • Additional data statistics: $ 1.00 + 13% VAT for each page used
  • Certificate approvals and free trade agreements: No cost

  • Previous registration within the System of the General Directorate of Customs of El Salvador: No cost
  • Transmission and registration in the customs registers of Central American countries: Free of charge
  • Regulation of export quotas and payments: No cost
  • Visas for the export of products and raw materials inclined to agricultural concepts: $ 6.00 + a respective% VAT
  • Phytosanitary and zoosanitary certificates for the export of products by land and air: $ 5.71 + a% VAT for every 10.00 Kilograms or fraction
  • Granting of phytosanitary and zoosanitary certificates for the export of products through the sea: $ 5.71 +% a VAT for each 40 Kilograms or fraction

Main Products Exported by El Salvador

Export agribusiness

  • It comprises a series of Quality Products like sugar and coffee. In the same way, the Salvadoran export process has evolved with products of better value and offer
  • In addition, it grants exports of gold, tuna, cane molasses, corn flour, cheeses, sweets, cuttings, honey, among others.
  • Likewise, it should be noted that the main destination countries are: Spain, the United States, Honduras, Guatemala, Germany and Canada

Drinks and food

  • The main export in this group includes fruit drinks, inflated and not inflated, nectars, juices, cookies, sweet bread, beers, seasonings and condiments, carbonated drinks, among others.
  • Thus, this sector has shown advances in the technological field to improve the competitive process in the territory
  • The destination markets are: Nicaragua, Honduras, United States, Panama, Dominican Republic and Mexico


  • This export area provides cotton T-shirts, sweaters, socks, synthetic and artificial fiber garments, T-shirts of different fabrics, shorts, pants, lingerie, among others.
  • The main destination countries are the following: United States, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Canada


  • The products that are exported in this area correspond to containers for beverages, plastic bags, disposable items, foils, advertising material, among others.
  • Among the main countries interested in these exports we can mention: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras. Dominican Republic Costa Rica and United States

Chemicals and pharmaceutical industry

  • The products that govern this sector are: medical tablets for human use, fertilizers, medicines, cleaning detergents, antibiotics, capillary chemicals, paints of all kinds, parentals, among others.
  • The destination markets for these products are: Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua

Export services

  • First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that this sector comprises 60% of Salvadoran economic activity with respect to its GDP
  • Among the services offered by this area we can mention softwares and mobile applications. Whose use is based on installations, supports, tests and maintenance of computer systems
  • In addition, it provides creativity services in terms of graphic design, editorials, companies, audiovisual animation, illustrations, among others.

What is Export?

With regard to economic concepts, export is based on the shipment of goods and services produced in a nation. In the case of El Salvador, the policies and conditions of this process are established by the Integrated Foreign Trade System. Therefore, this entity is part of the organic group of the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador and its International Management.

Likewise, SICEX’s essential objectives are to promote the centralization, agility and simplification of export procedures. That is why these processes include shipping activities for selected goods and raw materials. With which, it is essential that you comply with the export requirements referred by the tax system.

To conclude, it should be mentioned that you must mainly be registered within the database of this regulatory body. Then, you must be aware and remember your username and password of your own choice. Next, it will be necessary for you to cancel each of the requests and authorizations in order to carry out the procedure.

Expand your company and export correctly in El Salvador!

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