External Signs Certificate: Documents, Step by Step and MORE

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Do you want to acquire the External Signs Certificate? We will tell you how! Today we will be explaining to you the steps you must follow to be able to complete the procedure that will allow you to acquire this very important document to prove the ownership (or lack of it) of goods, being these properties or vehicles.

Likewise, you will be able to know the documents that you need to consign for the process, what exactly this certificate is for, delivery and presentation time, cost and much, much more. In addition, we will give you some advice and solve any doubts you may be having. Stay with us!

Documents to Consign to Obtain the Certificate of External Signs

Let’s start with the Documents to Consign to Obtain the Certificate of External Signs. These are an essential factor, because without these you will not be able to carry out the management. Keep in mind that these may vary depending on the route used to complete the procedure, since you can do it online or in person most of the time.

Next, we will indicate what you need to process this certificate.


  • To do the procedure on-line, you need to have a Digital certificate or Electronic DNI. With these you will be able to enter the system and complete the procedure.

This route can be a bit controversial. Not everyone can use it, only those who are domiciled in a place where the electronic office corresponding to the city council has the option of carrying out this procedure in this way.

Consequently, you should investigate on your own if the website of the city council corresponding to your place of residence has this option. Usually found in the section of Municipal Procedures or Telematic Register.


  • Original and photocopy of Identification document From applicant. It can be the DNI or the Passport.
  • Application form. This is purchased directly at the office or on the website of the town hall or site in charge of informing about this procedure. For example, the one in Siero can be found here.

You can always carry out this procedure at the town hall, only with these documents. Especially suitable for people who want to resolve doubts in the process, as they will be surrounded by people who are knowledgeable about the procedure.

If it is a third party who requests the certificate, then you must also present the DNI (original) and signed authorization by the certificate holder. Of course, this additional the applicant’s documents.

This will not be able to carry out the process online. Only the document applicant can do it. Of course, unless the person has the data to do it.

Step by Step to Obtain the External Signs Certificate

Now that you know what you need to record, we can go on to explain each of the Steps to Follow to Obtain the External Signs Certificate. Whether you choose to do the procedure online or in person, you must first have the documents in hand.


As we told you before, explaining how you can do the procedure online is quite complicated. Each page works differently. We recommend that you follow this series of steps that we will indicate below, so that you can be a little better oriented or oriented.

  • To get started, go to the website of the City Council. There you can find the section on Municipal Procedures and / or Electronic Office. You can try searching ‘Certificate of External Signs in Siero City Council ‘ in your search engine, for example.
  • Login with your DNIe or Digital Certificate.
  • Follow the instructions given by the system.
  • Acquire the External Signs Certificate.

Call to the Citizen Service line that you can find on the web portal of any city council. Solve your doubts promptly.

Do this certificate on-line it may be the most comfortable way. You can obtain the certificate from the comfort of your home, home or office. However, if you do not get the option to process it online, you will have to do it in person.


  • First of all, you must locate where you are going to do the management. The issuance of this document is given in:
    • Town hall headquarters corresponding to your residence (usually town hall). Exactly at the Citizen Service Office, General Registry or Tax Management Service.
  • Once in place, indicate that you want process the Certificate of External Signs.
  • When prompted, submit the documents and fill out the application form.
  • Wait for the management to be done. The legal time to deliver this document is one (01) month, but it is usually delivered in less time. If you do not obtain an express resolution after the month after the request was made, then you can process the Administrative Silence Certificate.
  • Go pick up your certificate. As a result of the process, you will have obtained the Certificate of External Signs.

We recommend that you use this route. You will be able to solve your doubts immediately, which can be of immense use. Remember that the procedure may have its variations from place to place.

What is the External Signs Certificate for?

The External Signs Certificate It serves to prove that the owner is in possession of certain assets, which may be real estate or moving. It also serves to show that the owner does not have ownership of any of this, if it is the case.

This owner is a natural person, who needs this document to carry out certain legal and / or administrative procedures. Among the procedures that require the presentation of this document we can find:

  • Provision of free legal assistance.
  • Ask for grants of any kind.
  • Apply for financial aid.
  • Receive other free services.

Most of these services are done with the Public administration. This is the one in charge of offering most of the state’s services that are free or that analyze the socio-economic situation of the applicants.

Of course, there are also the Nonprofit organizations. They can also request this document to lend the different programs they offer. And, obviously, institutions and private entities also reserve the right to request it if they see it necessary. It would not be an anomaly.

However, it is mostly requested to do paperwork with the government. As we said before, to access subsidies or provision of goods and services.

But tell us! What do you need it for?

Delivery Time of the Certificate of External Signs

The Delivery Time of the Certificate of External Signs it can vary from person to person. The administration must first check that all the information is in order, which can occur immediately or take a little longer.

However, all the procedures that are carried out with the State have a maximum legal term to be resolved. In other words, there is a time limit for the body or entity in charge of the procedure to make an express resolution.

In the case of this procedure this deadline is one (01) month. This begins to count from the moment the request is made. Once this time has passed, it can be assumed (estimated) that there is Administrative Silence.

The Administrative Silence is nothing more than passing the legal time to express resolution about the process carried out. You can process a Administrative Silence Certificate so that the corresponding body expresses itself by reason of which it did not respond to the request of the owner.

This document can serve to prove that the request for external signs was made but no response was obtained and therefore it was out of the hands of the applicant. Especially useful if the certificate was needed before this time.

We recommend you that you take time precautions and process the certificate when they tell you that you need it.


You can carry out this management at any time of the year

Tips and Questions

To finish, some Tips and Questions. We have already mentioned the tips, but we will list them all so that you can take them into account more easily. Likewise, we will present some very important aspects that can help clarify any doubts you may have regarding this procedure.

  • Obtaining the Certificate of External Signs can be processed at any time of the year.
  • There is no cost associated with the management.
  • The maximum term to deliver the certificate is one month.
  • With this document you can access grants, financial aid, free services, and so on.
  • It can only be done online if the website of the city council has the option available for it.
  • The procedure can be done by a third party. However, only in person and with the listed requirements: ID and authorization of the owner.
  • Take your time precautions and manage the Certificate of External Signs as soon as they ask for it.
  • Complete the procedure in person if you do not get information about the online service of the town hall corresponding to your address.

Taking all these aspects into account you should not have any problem when obtaining the External Signs Certificate.

What is it?

The External Signs Certificate allows the holder to prove possession of real property or vehicles. It also shows the lack of these. It is a more useful document when applying for subsidy programs and services, financial aid and access to free services.

You can process it in person, although sometimes you have the option of opting for the online mode. Investigating if the town hall corresponding to your address has this option is up to you.

Primarily, you need your identity document. Other requirements could be requested if deemed necessary. The maximum term to resolve the procedure is one month.

We hope we have helped you.

Until next time!


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