F30 Certificate: Requirements, Step by Step and MORE

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The F30 certificate or Certificate of Employment and Provisional Background It allows the holder to prove his conduct, reflecting both fines and provisional debts resolved by the Ministry of Labor. It is commonly called F30 because the Request Form for this certificate has been assigned this identification number.

Today we will be explaining how you can obtain this document, what you need to do it, how you should fill out the form, what is the difference between the F30 and the F30-1, what is the cost of the procedure and many, many more things that will be of useful when you want to acquire this document. Do not go!

Requirements for the F30 Certificate

Let’s start with the Requirements for the F30 Certificate that you must gather to be able to do the procedure. This is probably the most important aspect of the entire article today. Why? Because without these you will not be able to carry out the procedure, not to mention getting what you are looking for.

Consequently, the first thing you should do before taking action is to have all these requirements on hand, so that you can use them when appropriate. Of course, keep in mind that these may vary depending on the way you use to obtain the document: face-to-face or online. Let’s see!


To carry out the management in the office, you must present:

  • First, Request for Certificate F30. This will download and open in Word, so you can print it, fill it out, and take it to the site.
  • RUT of the person requesting it, whether legal or natural (Unique Tax Rol).
  • In the event that the procedure is carried out by a legal representative, a Simple Power.
  • Finally, Proof of payment for processing fee. This payment is made at BancoEstado and we will talk more about this in the section on Costs.


If it is online, you should only have:

  • Unique Key. If you have not processed it yet, we recommend that you also expedite this process as soon as possible. It is a very useful tool that allows you to do endless procedures online, in the fastest, safest and most comfortable way possible.
    • To obtain your Unique Key You just have to go to one of the Civil Registry offices with your identity card and indicate that you want to request your Password. There they will give you a code that you must enter on the page of Activation of ClaveUnica to be able, finally, to acquire it.

That is all! As you can see, the requirements are totally basic. Consequently, you can carry out the procedure using the route with which you feel most comfortable, always taking into account that each one has its advantages.

Who is the procedure for?

Before going on to explain the procedure to follow, you should know who is it addressed to this procedure, something that is really very simple and concise.

This management is aimed at both legal persons and natural persons, which for some reason require proof of their provisional and labor conduct before institutions, whether public or private. This is obviously done through Certificate F30.

Step by Step to Obtain the F30 Certificate

Now we will explain the Step by Step to obtain the F30 Certificate, knowing that you can use two ways to complete the procedure: in person and online. We urge you to read up on both so that you can decide which one suits you best.


  • With the requirements in hand and depending on the address of the company, come to the Labor Inspection office. You can find the one that corresponds to you by clicking here.
  • Indicate in the User Service area that you want apply for the F30 Certificate (of Labor and Provisional Background).
  • When requested, provide the relevant documents, including Form F30 and proof of payment.
  • Finally, wait a moment, after which you will get your certificate.

This option is especially useful for those who feel more comfortable doing face-to-face negotiations with professionals in the field. They can solve your doubts immediately, and do not need the Unique Key.


  • First of all, you must have already processed your unique passwordWithout this, you will have to do the procedure in person.
  • Once with her, go to the web portal of the Work address, to the online services section that corresponds to My DT.
  • Click on the option Log in, and proceed to enter your RUN and ClaveUnica once the indicated page opens.

  • Click on Employer and select the appropriate option Individual or Legal Person.
  • Go to the section Labor and Provisional Certificates (Background) and enter the application.
  • Fill out the form that appears on the screen and click on Generate Request.
  • You will be able to see the status of your request. When it’s finished, you can download or send the certificate to the email of your choice.
  • Finally, print the certificate or use it in its digital format. Both are equally valid.

If you have any questions or you get stuck in the process, we recommend you download the User manual. You can find an illustration of how to get the F30 certificate very complete, no blank spaces.

This option is especially attractive for those who want to obtain the document from the comfort of their home, office or wherever they are. They do not need to waste time and the procedure is free.


How to fill out the F30 Certificate?

About How to fill the F30Well, the truth is that it is very simple. The form has been designed in such a way that it contains the necessary instructions to fill out the form correctly.

Thus, it has been divided into three essential parts, each with a different block of information.

  1. You should not enter anything here. It is not more than a summary of the background information that you must gather in order to apply for the procedure in person. Also, what you need if you want to register in the portal of the Work address.
  2. In this section if you must fill out the form with the individual data of the legal applicant, which must coincide with those registered in the Internal Revenue Service (SII). You will enter the data of the company, the legal representative and the corresponding address.
  3. Finally, here must go the basic and contact information of the applicant, the one who is carrying out the procedure to obtain the certificate. In addition, you must select which procedure you want to carry out: obtaining the certificate, or obtaining and registering with the DT. Additionally, the signature of the legal representative must be included.

These correspond to the data that the F30 should contain. If you do the procedure online, it only corresponds to verify that the data is correct, otherwise you will have to update it at the SII office.

So, what you have to do is accept the Affidavit that the data that appears on the screen agrees with reality, without having to fill out the F30.


If it is a natural person, that is, without a legal representative, it is best for them to fill out the form directly at the office or do the procedure online. The online form does not ask for the representative details for the individual person, and in the office you can ask how to proceed.

Differences between Certificate F30 and F30-1

Both the F-30 and the F30-1 are issued by the Labor Directorate and correspond to application forms, although for different certificates. The F30 It corresponds to Certificate of Labor and Social Security Background, Meanwhile he F30-1 It corresponds to Certificate of Compliance with Labor and Social Security Obligations.

First (F30) reflects the fines imposed and the history of pension debt (all existing at the time) of the applicant. It is obtained from the Bulletin of Violators of Labor and Social Security Legislation.

The second (F30-1) reflects the status of compliance with all the obligations of the contractor and / or subcontractor, both at the labor level and at the pension level, with respect to their workers. Legal indemnities linked to the termination of an employment contract are included.

If you are interested in knowing how to process it, enter here.

Costs and Validity

Almost done, let’s talk about the Costs and Validity of the F30 Certificate, another aspect that you should keep in mind when processing and using this document.

Regarding the costs, there is only one and it is the one corresponding to the right to the procedure. Total cost is $ 2500 and it’s only for him face-to-face procedure. If you do the online procedure this runs completely free.

This payment must be made just before making the request for the Certificate, making the deposit in the Banco de la Nación with the following information:

  • Work address (Headline).
  • 502,000-1 (RUT).
  • 9021574 (Current account).

Do not forget to save the payment receipt to make the request.

Refering to validity, this is undefined. However, it is recommended that you process the document if the previous one is already one year old or if there was a change in the company at the SII level.

What is it?

The F30 certificate o Certificate of Labor and Social Security Background It is a document that allows the holder to prove whether he has or has had fines or pension debts. Accredit to whom? Simple, before public or private institutions that require it.

Obtaining it is extremely easy, whether it is done online or from the Labor Directorate office. In both cases, the result of the procedure is the immediate obtaining of the certificate. Of course, in the second case you have to pay a certain cost for processing rights. We recommend doing what seems best to you.

The validity of this document is indefinite and not to be confused with the F30-1, which corresponds to Certificate of Compliance with Labor and Social Security Obligations, whose purpose is to prove compliance with the obligations of the contractor and sub-contractor.

We hope we have helped you today.

Until next time!


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