Falabella Card Requirements: Documents, Benefits and MORE

Credit and debit cards are tools that have been maintained over the years as one of the most used payment options in the banking world. However, there are other methods that have benefits and advantages, even better than those mentioned. This is why here we will tell you the requirements for the Falabella Card.

On the other hand, we are aware that you are used to organizing with basic payment cards; Visa and Mastercard. However, we inform you that this card is versatile and widely used in the Chilean market. It has even reached the level of the big brands due to its demand as a financial object.

Falabella is a branch that contains many stores and shopping options within the same organization. In addition, it offers discounts and offers through its various social networks. One of these offers is the Falabella card that works as a payment object for these stores. You can even deposit money in this payment tool.

Although, this benefit cannot be acquired so easily. For get It shall comply with certain procedures and send the corresponding documentation. It must be affiliated with the brand and have points of purchase, which are acquired by making or carrying out transactions, purchases, sales and withdrawals in the physical or online store.

What are the Falabella Card Requirements?

Falabella cards are a great way to manage your personal expenses, minimize the amount of cash you carry, and avoid accumulating an outstanding balance. Are accepted as a payment method in Falabella stores and on the Internet.

To request this card must follow these three easy steps:

1.To open an account

You can open a Falabella account online (by clicking here) or in person at a branch of the same brand. Once you’ve decided what type of account you want, visit a branch or go to the website and fill out an application. Proof of identity will be a key part of the process: the institution will require you to present one or more forms of identification.

They can even ask for a driver’s license, passport, and social security card. Online applications will ask you to photograph your ID with your mobile phone. If you are under 18 years old, you will need an adult to sign the bill.

2.Apply for the Falabella card

If you apply for an account in person at a branch, if you completed the previous step you must get your card immediately. Falabella has created a personalized debit card for your site, while other institutions give you a temporary debit card and then send you a personalized version in a few days.

If you are applying online, you may have to wait seven to 10 business days before your new debit card arrives in the mail.

3.Activate your Falabella card

If you get the personalized card at the branch, the activation is handled by the store clerk who assists you with your request. If you receive your debit card in the mail, you must activate it yourself, usually by phone or online.

These steps are valid only for stores in Chile.

Documents Needed to Apply for the Falabella Card

While visiting your branch to apply for a Falabella de Chile card, you should take the following with you:

  • Original and photocopy of your identification card.
  • Proof of address
  • Driver’s license
  • Ration card
  • Passport.

Make sure your documents have your correct and current address as your card will be sent to this address. If you don’t have any proof of address for your current address, you can also submit any of the following temporary proofs of address:

  • Electricity bill.
  • Gas bill.
  • Leasing contract.
  • Authorized letter from employer or organization.

However, the temporary address test it is valid for three months. After this period, you must either extend your temporary address or submit proof of your permanent address.

On the other hand, if the account holder is not available at that address during delivery or if the address is incorrect, the product (i.e. the card)will be returned to the customer’s branch. You will receive a message that it has been returned. You will be charged a tax and this charge will be debited from your Falabella account.

CMR Points

Some cards only charge you to use their product. But others give incentives for the amount of money you spend with your card. These CMR points are rewards of the Falabella card and come in different forms, but all give you a benefit for using your card more.

Generally, earn a certain number or percentage of rewards for every dollar you load on your card. Some cards reward you more for spending in certain areas or may only reward you on certain purchases.

The rewards are generally divided in one of three categories: cash, points, or miles. Cash rewards are the simplest and easiest to use. However, cash rewards cards don’t always pay you cash.

Although, some programs only allow you to redeem your cash rewards as a credit to your account (note that these credits generally do not count as a payment to your account).

However, they will send a check or make a deposit to your account when you want to redeem your reward. Or, you can redeem your cash rewards for gift cards with your card issuer’s business partners. Typically, you will have to redeem your rewards in certain increments, such as $ 25, or with a specific minimum.

Benefits of the Falabella Card

These cards they are one of the most popular instruments these days for cashless transactions. You can use the cards in retail stores and online for any transaction. You can also use the same card to withdraw money at the store. However, there are benefits to obtaining the Falabella card:

No more debt

When you have a Falabella card, you are more likely to make impulse purchases. But a card like the one mentioned keeps you under control as it is linked to your bank account. You can only spend the amount that is in your account. You no longer have to worry about rising credit card bills.

Get rewards

Offers are not limited to Falabella cards only. Using your card can also help you earn rewards and offers. Several online outlets and retailers offer rebate offers for every debit card purchase.

Even, points can be redeemed at any time to buy products from a bank’s online catalog or to win shopping vouchers for various brands.

The Falabella card can be obtained easily

When you open a checking or savings account, most branches issue a free debit card. Make sure you complete the necessary documentation to receive your debit card.

Very convenient to use

One of the advantages of a Falabella card is that you can swipe to make transactions and withdraw cash from ATMs within the store and even make cash advances.

Easily accepted

Falabella cards are widely accepted throughout Chile and in similar destinations. Make sure to authorize transactions simply by calling your branch. These cards can also be used to withdraw deposits at ATMs in international stores. Therefore, you do not have to carry cash when you travel.

Where can the Falabella Card be used?

This card can be used exclusively in stores affiliated to Falabella or, failing that, to the same entity. On the other hand, you can make use of this tool in banks that have an alliance with the corporation. Some customers prefer to save this card for use in the store when deals originate.

No However, as a security measure, the store will block your card if you enter the wrong PIN number three times in a row. This measure ensures that the card is not being misused. The card can be unlocked by calling the customer service number and authenticating your identity. However, be sure to reset the PIN.

Make sure not to write it down or share it with others. The PIN is confidential information.

What is it?

The Falabella card it is a financial instrument that will allow you to make purchases or transactions within the store. It looks like a credit card, and works like one at the cash register, but acts as a direct link to your account.

When you pay for something with a debit card, the money from that transaction It comes directly from your checking or savings account, but you save yourself the hassle of writing a check or worrying about whether you have enough cash in your wallet.

While convenience is the main advantage of using a card, there is also another important one: With debit cards, you can’t slide into debt like you would with a credit card.

However, you have the facility to pay with plastic, allowing you to shop online, and most banks will allow you to log in online to keep track of your purchases, but you save the monthly bill, and you will never pay. interests, since you are spending the money you already have.


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