Family Loads Certificate: Steps, Requirements and MORE

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Do you want to know how to get the Family Charges Certificate? We will tell you! This document can be especially important to show the total of current charges that a pensioner has registered in CAPREDENA, this being a pensioner of Montepío or retirement.

That is why we will explain how you can process it, as well as the requirements that you must meet, who is it for, what is the cost of the process and how long this document is valid, among other things that we believe could be useful to know everything that you need about the Validity of Family Charges.

Requirements for the Procedure

Let’s start with the Requirements for Family Charges Certificate, because without these you will not be able to complete the request for the document, not to mention the certificate as such. In other words, these requirements are exclusive.

Consequently, if there is one that you must process before to obtain it, do it as soon as possible. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! First let’s see what you must consign according to the way you use to do the management: in person, mail or online.


  • You only need your Identity card. This must be current and you only need the original to complete the procedure in the office.


  • To get started, be registered on the CAPREDENA page to enjoy their Online services. Specifically, you need the RUN and the Login Key.
  • In the case of not being registered, you can enter with the Unique Key. In fact, this will be the only way you can enter from 2021.
    • This is very easy to process; you just have to go to one of the offices of the Civil Registry and Identification with your identity card and indicate that you want to request the Key, and then enter the page of Activation with the code that they will provide you.

By mail

  • First of all, you must write a Letter of Request for the Certificate of Family Charges. This must be addressed to the CAPREDENA pension department and contain:
    • Full name.
    • Address.
    • Email.
    • Firm
    • Finally, indicate the way in which you want to receive the document: as a registered letter to your address, by email or simply go and pick it up at a specific CAPREDENA regional agency.
  • Finally, Photocopy of the identity card. The copy must be on both sides and all the information contained must be legible, including the photo. Again, it must be current.

With this you will be able to obtain the certificate you are looking for and you should not have any problem in the process. Just make sure you don’t forget any.

On the other hand, we recommend that you process the Unique Key if you do not have it yet. This is used so that you can do a large number of transactions online, in the fastest and most comfortable way possible. So take some time and get it!

Steps to Request the Certificate of Family Charges at the Office

Now that you know what you need to do the procedure, we can continue with the Steps to Request the Certificate of Family Charges at the Office. We will explain the procedure you must follow to acquire this document in person, a way that you will probably feel more comfortable with.

Let’s see!

  • To get started, go to a CAPREDENA regional agency. You can check which one is closest to you by entering this link.
  • Once you are there, indicate that you want to purchase the Family Charges Certificate.
  • Hand over your identity card so that the person in charge of assisting you can consult your information online.
  • That is all! They will make you delivery of the certificate immediately.

This may be the most beneficial option for those who prefer to do the procedure with people who know the subject, so that they can resolve any doubts that arise immediately.

In addition, it is ideal if you do not handle the computer very well and you cannot get someone to help you with the management. Be that as it may, we urge you to read the other ways and see which one suits you best.

In case of doubt…

Call +56 2 2422 78 00 or 600 830 6700

Steps to Request the Certificate of Family Loads Online

The Steps to Request the Certificate of Family Loads Online They are very different from the ones you already saw. Everything is done online, from the electronic device you have in use. This route is especially advantageous for those who do not want to move from where they are, and we consider that it is the fastest, safest and most comfortable option that you can choose.

Also, you don’t need to be a tech savvy. You only need to know the basics, so that you can follow the instructions and get the document successfully. Next, we explain what you should do.

  • First, you must get the password to enter the Online Services system of CAPREDENA. Registration you can do here, filling out the form that appears on the screen. This is only if you don’t have a Unique Key, in which case you can skip this step and start the next one.
  • Once you have what is necessary to manage the certificate, you have to go to the CAPREDENA web portal> Online services. Enter your RUN and System Password. If you have Unique Key, click on the relevant option and enter your RUN and Password.

  • Click on Certificates and then in Certificate of Current Loads.
  • Verify that your account number is correct, as well as your RUT (Unique Tax Paper).
  • Proceed to click on To emit.
  • And voila! The certificate will download automatically to your computer, so that you can print it and make use of it whenever you need. This document has the same validity as that issued in the same office of the Fund.

As you can see, it is the fastest way you can choose to obtain the certificate. In addition, you can do it from your home or from wherever you are, without wasting time moving from one place to another.

In case of doubt…

Call +56 2 2422 78 00 or 600 830 6700

Processing by Mail

Finally, you can do the Processing by Mail. It may seem unconventional at this point, but many procedures have the option of being done by mail. If you’ve never tried it, it’s easier than you might think, and if you’ve done it before … then better for you!

Let’s see what you need to do, exactly.

  • Firstly, you must write the letter that we mentioned in the requirements. This must be addressed to the CAPREDENA pension department and contain the name, signature, address, email, request and the means by which you want to receive the document. Remember:
    • By letter to your home address.
    • Email.
    • Withdrawal in an agency.
  • Once you have it, you must place it in a upon together with the photocopy of the identity card.
  • Then send it to the CAPREDENA pension department. This is located in Santiago, specifically in Bulnes 102.
  • Finally, wait a minimum of three (03) business days so that the Family Charges Certificate, not only taking into account the time it takes to the department, but to the postal mail. IF you requested it by mail or if you asked to pick it up, three business days will be enough to receive it.

Once in your hands, you can make use of it as you wish, for the period of time allowed, an aspect that we will mention in the next section.

As you can see, it is just as simple as the two methods that you already saw. However, using this route you will not get the document immediately, something that you should take into account if you need it urgently.

In case of Doubts…

Call +56 2 2422 78 00 or 600 830 6700

Who is the Family Burden Certificate Aimed at?

Almost to finish, we would have to touch on a very important point: Who is this procedure for? In the first instance, it is addressed to CAPREDENA pensioners, whether they are from Montepío or retirement.

However, it can also be done by beneficiaries of these pensioners, although with the condition that they receive the direct payment of family allowance. Essentially, these are:

  • Ascendants who are over 65 years of age.
  • Spouse, including invalid spouse.
  • Disabled children in charge of State Institutions or duly recognized, if their upbringing and maintenance correspond.
  • The invalid spouse (in accordance with current regulations).
  • Abandoned or orphaned children.
  • Children between the spouses, of one of them and those who are adopted.
  • Widowed mother.
  • Minors entrusted by court ruling.
  • Orphaned or abandoned grandchildren by both parents; or even if they are great-grandchildren.

Yes indeed, minors only receive the benefit until they are 18 years old. Only those who are studying in institutions of the State or recognized by it may be up to 24 years of age. In addition, they must remain single.

Finally, the management can be carried out by the owner’s attorney-in-fact. However, this must be authorized by the power unit of the Fund.


The procedure can be done throughout the year

What is it?

The Family Cargo Certificate It allows the holder to know or prove all the family charges that he or she has in force, which are registered by a pensioner from Montepío or retirement from the National Defense Provident Fund (CAPREDENA).

This document can be used in three ways: in person, online or by mail. All three have their advantages and disadvantages, and by now we hope you’ve decided which one to use.

The validity of the Family Charges Certificate is 30 days, which begin to be counted from their date of issue. It can be acquired by the pensioner or the beneficiaries of direct payment, using the requirements depending on the procedure.

We hope we have helped you in what you were looking for.

Until next time!


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