Famisanar Affiliation Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Famisanar Affiliation Form, is the form where all the data referring to the description of an operation, procedure or transaction that is prepared through the registration of the Unique Affiliation Form and News Report are issued, therefore, they are mandatory for the contributor, head family, beneficiary, employer, entity or authorized institution, when an affiliation is signed or any news is reported.

The employer must make use of Famisanar Affiliation Form When you present an important report, such as by affiliation, death, change of personal data, termination of employment, among others. It is an important tool as a means of affiliation between the organization and citizens. We invite you to learn more about this relevant document below.

Famisanar Membership Form Format

The Famisanar Affiliation Form You can find it on the online Famisanar portal, where you need to indicate that you want to download and print, to later be delivered to the customer service headquarters.

East Famisanar Affiliation Form is requested in case of:

  1. Modification of basic identification data.
  2. Correction of basic identification data.
  3. Update of the identity document.
  4. Updating and correction of complementary data.
  5. Completion of enrollment in the EPS.
  6. Re-registration in the EPS.
  7. Inclusion of beneficiaries or additional affiliates.
  8. Exclusion of beneficiaries or additional affiliates.
  9. Beginning of employment relationship or endowment of conditions to contribute.
  10. End the employment relationship or loss of income to continue contributing.
  11. Mobility.
  12. Affinity to an entity authorized to make collective affiliations.
  13. Separation from an entity authorized to make collective affiliations.
  14. Transfer.
  15. Death certificate.
  16. Registration of the process of protection of the unemployed.
  17. report on the quality of pre-pensioner.
  18. Report on the quality of pensioner.

You can view the form here.

Filling out the Famisanar Membership Form

The information transcribed in this Famisanar Affiliation Form It is of real importance, for each of those involved, so for its processing it is necessary to use black ink, print, without amendments and follow all the instructions, see here.

The form It is classified as follows:

  • Header.
  • EPS logo.
  • Date of filing.
  • Chapter I. Details of the procedure.
  • Chapter II. Basic identification data of the contributor or the head of the family.
  • Chapter III. Supplementary data.
  • Chapter IV. Identity data of the members that make up the family nucleus.
  • Chapter V. Identification data of the employer, other taxpayers or the entities responsible for the collective, institutional or ex officio affiliation.
  • News report.
  • Chapter VI. Data for the news report.
  • Chapter VII. Declarations and authorizations.
  • Chapter VIII. Firms.
  • Chapter IX. Annexes.
  • Chapter X. Data to be processed or verified by the territorial entity.

Delivery Questionnaire

In the same way, the delivery questionnaire that goes along with the Famisanar Affiliation Form, It must be without amendments, written in black ink, in block letters and with their respective signatures of the claimant or attorney-in-fact.

It is classified as follows:

  • Carry out a survey or questionnaire on the rights and obligations of members, and patients in the general health and social security system, and attach a performance letter.
  • Prior authorization, for the processing of particular data and sensitive personal data.
  • Affiliate’s signature.
  • Signature upon request.
  • Fingerprint.

See here.

Funds for him Famisanar Affiliation Form

  • Legible copy of the identity document for the interested parties.
  • Copy of the Civil Registry of birth.
  • Legible photocopy of the Civil Registry of marriage, for spouses.
  • Declaration of coexistence signed by the couple
  • Photocopy of the immigration card or passport for foreigners
  • Photocopy of the civil registry and letter of authorization and causes made by the EPS itself. For children with disabilities.
  • Passport for refugees

What is Famisanar?

Health Promoting Entity Famisanar manages risks to the health of its members, by developing agile and accessible processes that allow internal and external users to safely and effectively manage their needs. In strategic union with Cafam and Colsubsidio, to cooperate with the health and well-being of Colombian citizens.

First of all, Famisanar is EPS, but what is EPS? They are responsible for the well-being of their subordinates, providing them with comfort, safety and quality services, for those who want to continue enjoying their service, and also responsible for bringing information to those who are not qualified so that they can be informed and become affiliates.

Every citizen has the rights and obligations to belong to the country’s social security system, regardless of whether he has financial resources, whether he belongs to a company, or on the contrary, whether he is an independent worker; affiliation is free for all.

Famisanar has joined this technological era and decided to create Famisanar online, where you can perform different operations and handle important documents related to health.

Regarding the health promoting entity (EPS) Familiarize, invested 6 billion pesos and aspires to become one of the strongest health services entities in the national market.

Benefits of Famisanar

Actively changing the quality of life of family members is one of their motivations, that is why we tell you the benefits that Famisanar has:

  • If you need them in any moment, give you the possibility of providing medical and health counseling by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Because they know that most of the time you do not want to go to the clinic, so depending on the medical case they carry out the medical consultation family at home.
  • They have a special room for preferential care for your family in certain medical centers, where they will be surrounded by comfort, happiness and, most importantly, exclusivity.
  • If your relatives need medical services, they should not consult a family doctor first, but can contact the specialist of their choice directly. Remember that the number of specialties varies according to the program to which they belong.
  • It allows you to manage your requests from the comfort of your home without having to travel, and they know that now you want to protect yourself, that is why they have virtual channels available such as AppFammóvil, Virtual Office and email.

PAC Famisanar

PAC stands for supplemental care plan. The Famisanar plan allows specialized medical consultations. To do this, you must register through the system. Similarly, you must specify if you register through CAFAM or Colsubsidio.

Between plans PAC that can be obtained through Famisanar, there are 3 types: Elite, Special and Famimás. In order to access them, you must complete a registration request form, which can be done through the customer service office.

When registering, you must also bring a copy of your ID. You must also show that you have enrolled in a mandatory health plan through Famisanar. In Bogotá, there are 6 offices authorized by PAC. There are also 11 offices in the country.

Famisanar service channels

To make direct contact with the EPS Famisanar, you can do it through several options such as:

  • Main headquarters, located at Calle 78, Nro. 13A – 07 in the city of Bogotá.
  • By email to the address: servicioalcliente@famisanar.com.co
  • Through the telephone numbers: +57 (1) 307.80.69 or +57 (1) 307.80.85.
  • There are also their telephone exchanges no. 01 – 8000 – 91.66.62 or 12.73.63.

What is the Famisanar Membership Form?

The Famisanar Affiliation Form It is the only document by means of which the interested parties can join Famisanar or the affiliate can make any type of news report, such as modification of personal data, updating of documents, terminating their registration, re-registration, inclusion or exclusion of affiliates , transfer, among others. Since May 2, 2016, the Famisanar Affiliation Form has been strictly used.

Familiarize allows people to check in from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, this process can be done physically or from any device with a good Internet connection. In this way, you will be able to visit the most valuable company in the country and they will provide you with the best service.

In addition, it is a social program that provides health services in the national market of Colombia, the program aims to seek solutions and provide benefits to its users and branches, so the program provides family affiliation, and its main interest lies in the core a social security system linked to family health

The system collects contributions from the family, to organize and provide a health system in the future, to meet the needs of all family members, be they adults, mothers and children.

Familiarize It is a program characterized by the agile care it provides, its services and the quality of services provided to each member of the family.

Famisanar members will be able to enjoy the services of specialized child care clinics, comprehensive care medical centers and other hospitals or specialized care centers.


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