Famisanar Certificate: How to Obtain, Download and MORE

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The Famisanar CertificateIt is a document that must be requested in order to obtain health benefits. It can be managed from home or office using a PC or a mobile device.

This certificate can be validated when the affiliate is already enrolled in an EPS, it is also one of the requirements that are requested when certain procedures are carried out. Next, you will know the thousands of options offered by Famisanar and the requirements to register

How to obtain the Certificate of Famisanar?

To obtain this certificate, if the person does not belong as a user affiliated with Famisanar, and you are looking for a way to do it, then in this article the main requirements to be able to count will be mentioned, it is part of this important insurance company:

  • The photocopy of the identity document of each of the insured
  • Photocopy of Birth certificate
  • Civil Registry of Marriage, in case it is very necessary.
  • Declaration of coexistence signed by the two companions

Among other types of documents and aspects that must be taken into account, which can be consulted through this link

Being registered in the Famisanar System, it is necessary to have the affiliation certificate and to complete the following steps:

  • Enter the official website of EPS Famisanar through this link
  • Once you are in the portal, you will have to complete a form attaching the registration data and click on «Get into»
  • After locating the icon «Certificate of Affiliation» to access this document, it must be downloaded and archived on the pc or storage device. In this role you can carry out various procedures, it is also a proof that you are affiliated with the EPS.

If you are not yet affiliated with EPS Famisanar, it can be done through a commercial advisor or go to one of the offices of the Complementary Care Plan User Service (PAC), where a series of requirements must be demanded, such as:

  • Apply for PAC registration, it should not have studs or amendments.
  • Photocopy of the identity documents of each person who is going to join the EPS Famisanar
  • If there is a case that some of the citizens have a registration in a prepaid health plan or a Complementary Care Plan, the seniority certificate must be brought with the date of not exceeding 30 days.

Download the Certificate of Famisanar

By having the account of each of the registration data, and have access to the virtual office of Famisanar, you can now request the Certificate of Affiliation to Famisanar Certificate. In order to do these steps, it is through the website, the following must be done:

  • Enter the website of Famisanar Certificate, you can do it through the following link
  • By completing the form that appears on the site, it is to be redirected, with the registration data to request the system, and click on the button «Get into»
  • In a moment when you find the system, you should look for the option that allows you to request the affiliation certificate, which can be found with this same name.
  • In this way, you can download the membership certificate, save it on your PC, or any device with memory, to be able to print it when you need it, be it for carry out a process or make a request.

Famisanar Virtual Office

The online platform has a system that insurers offer, with the aim of carrying out different procedures, in a comfortable and simple way, from home using the computer, or any other smart device, with an internet connection.

In this case, we will explain how to issue a service affiliation certificate Familiarize. It is very important to note that there are many procedures that people want to do, for which many times, it is very necessary to present this certificate affiliated with the EPS to tell this process.

What is the Family Certificate for?

The Famisanar Certificate, is characterized by being one of the best health companies in the country, stands out for the quality of service, better care, requirements towards users and a better online platform, it is fully functional. Giving each user the possibility of making their request online.

It is very important to remember the compensation funds, the accounts as allies, Cafam and Colsubsidio, are part of the Family Subsidy System, which is granted to the affiliates the social service necessary for well-being, in this particular case, destined for the health sector.

This company, from its portal, you can schedule appointments. However, it offers the opportunity to access online, where you can enjoy its different services, such as:

  • Affiliations
  • Payment inquiries
  • Family Group Membership Status Query
  • Data update
  • Verification of pending documents
  • Generation of license
  • Affiliate Certificate Printing
  • Presentation of complaints, claims and authorization.

Registration in Famisanar

It is important to have access to this EPS Famisanar system, where the person must be registered in the Virtual office, for this you must have and comply with the following steps:

  • Enter the link
  • It is important to fill in the form that appears on the screen and click on the option to «Request a new user»
  • Click on «Accept», after having read all the text. On the next screen you must choose the option «Affiliation to EPS»
  • They will appear in another form where you may have to indicate the requested data, and then click on the button «Accept»
  • It will appear on a new screen with a «Informed consent», press on «Accept» and it will be sent to the email with the applicant of the data destined for the Entrance to the Virtual office, since with that you can request the certificate.

What is the Famisanar Certificate?

Famisanar is known for being a company that promotes health, it was born from the union of two companies Cafam and Colsubsidio. Its main objective is to provide the entire Colombian population with a good health service, with the highest possible quality.

In addition, it has many possibilities of having an Affiliation certificate with which it is affiliated to enjoy all the benefits that this organization has.

To obtain this certificate, it is not necessary to go to the headquarters of this organization or pay for a third party to obtain a document. Those who can obtain a certificate need to have a computer with internet access, it can also be facilitated when performing on their phone or tablet.

This system is known as a method to update company records of the news in Law 100 and social health security. The topics of greatest interest to these employees who handle social security, related to Law 100, are the following:

  • Family coverage and Affiliations
  • Payments of contributions, disabilities and licenses
  • Current legal regulations

Famisanar has medical services among them, the following:

  • Medical and dental consultations
  • Authorization of services
  • Medicines
  • Home Oxygen.

Cafam is a care center affiliated with Famisanar in the Caribbean region. This alliance tries to help in the health of all the affiliates in order to have a more exclusive service.

Now it is important to clarify that in Famisanar by Colsubsidio It is a benefit on a monthly basis that is received in money, kind and services, for being a affiliated worker and each person who is in your charge.


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