FELCC Background Certificate: Steps, Cost and MORE

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If you are Bolivian and need to acquire the FELCC Background Certificate, it is important that you have an irreproachable conduct. Therefore, it is important to comply with each of the internal laws of the nation.

Next, we detail everything you must do to process without delay and obtain the FELCC Background Certificate. This is a very important document both to travel in the territory, and to emigrate from the country. Consign each collection that is requested and you will get it in an easy and simple way.

Keep reading and you will learn more about the process!

Requirements for the FELCC Background Certificate

To handle the police registry, people with Bolivian identity have their own needs and to obtain the authentication of a police registry you must record the following precautions:

For nationals

  • Submit a 4 × 4 size photo with a red base.
  • Two copies of the passport or personal document.
  • Consign the Identity Card.
  • Women bearing the married name must present a copy of the Birth or Marriage Endorsement.
  • Likewise, you must pay 25 bolivianos to the bank account approved for your Specialty.
  • A basic copy of the payment receipt.

For outsiders

Immigrants also have their own needs to apply for the FELCC Background CertificateFor any individual who is an outsider and who lives in the Bolivian region, it is not that difficult to acquire. These are the needs:

  • Submit a 4 × 4 size photo with a red base.
  • Two copies of identification or personal document.
  • Present Legible Identity Card and in good condition.
  • Subsequently, pay 25 bolivianos to the financial balance approved for your Specialty.
  • Finally, a simple copy of the payment receipt.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the FELCC Background Certificate

It is important to carry out the corresponding follow-up to obtain the certificate, for this reason we detail what you must do:

  1. The candidate makes the reserve of – 75 bolivianos for the Guarantee, in the name of the applicant to the Cta. 14041070 at Banco Unión SA
  2. The candidate makes the payment of – 10 bolivianos for the photo, in the name of the applicant to the Cta. 14041070 at Banco Unión SA
  3. The candidate will go to the workplaces of the Directorate of Specialized Auxiliary Administrations – Bolivian Police and will present the Data Window with all the records.
  4. The data staff gives the candidate a card and waits for his signature.
  5. As the amount of the file indicates, the candidate is called to the Public Aid Window and must present all the reports of the process.
  6. The person responsible for the public aid window prints the endorsement and approaches the candidate to place his signature.
  7. The candidate, after verifying the data in the document, continues to sign and transmit again to the responsible person.
  8. The person responsible for the public aid window signs and stamps the Declaration and transmits it to the candidate.
  9. The candidate collects the Declaration of police records: FELCC, FELCN, TRANSITO, FELCV.
  10. The candidate at the time of collecting the Declaration of Police File: FELCC, FELCN, TRANSITO, FELCV (as material), must demand the Apostille of his Endorsement from the official.

What is it for?

This will allows to demonstrate the absence of a criminal record or, where appropriate, the presence of the same. According to the table of correspondences by nation. Likewise, in case of emigration, this Report can be entered as evidence for border posts.

Validity and Costs of the Document

Citizens who carry out the process must take into account the following:

  • It will be valid for six months for minor penalties.
  • Also two years for less serious penalties that do not exceed 12 months and those imposed for reckless crimes.
  • Finally, three years for the rest of the less serious penalties (those that exceed 12 months and do not reach the serious ones).

Tips and Questions about the FELCC Background Certificate

How do you know if a person has a FELCC History?

In the particular case of Bolivia, knowing if a person has a criminal record can be achieved in the main event by mentioning their updated authentication of police records or criminal records, there is no possibility of advising another person.

In several cases, the Administrative Commissions of Bolivia, any judge or investigator and unknown specialists may demand a FELCC Background Certificate, upon request. Therefore, have all the documents in order to avoid delays.

Specifically, unknown specialists can assist you through a consular request and it is generally done to verify the status of Bolivians who have moved to different nations or are in situations of weakness for various reasons.

How can I obtain the FELCC Background Certificate in Bolivia?

To get the FELCC Background Certificate In Bolivia, a progression of fundamental advances must be followed, but for invested individuals it is very simple. The means are those that accompany:

  • Make a deposit at Banco Unión, in the name of the individual who will require the declaration in account 14041070, for a value of Bs.75, which is compared to the cost of the certificate.
  • Cancel at Banco Unión in the name of the natural person who will demand the declaration in account 14041070 for a value of Bs. 10, compared to the estimate of a photo that is needed for the process.
  • With the payments made, the applicant must appear at the Bolivian Police or at the Directorate of Auxiliary Specialized Administrations.
  • Once at the Bolivian Police compound, go to the data window and present the essential files.
  • In the data window, the staff continues to verify that the records are complete and, assuming this is the case, the person will be given a card that is compared to a movement with a designated number.
  • After a couple of moments, the person is called by an authority in one of the windows, according to the assigned number.
  • Again, the aforementioned reports are released and if everything is in order, the public assistance officer continues to print the statement.
  • At the time you print it, they will show you the record so that the person can examine it and, if the information is all together, the will is fixed and transmitted.
  • The mentioned police will must have the attached data: FELCN, TRANSITO, FELCC and FELCV.

Is there any way to delete them?

The FELCC Background Certificate in Bolivia it has the idiosyncrasy that it can very well be eradicated or «clean», from time to time, depending on the infraction or irregularity that has been perpetrated.

The time in which the police file is erased is organized as follows:

  • Light punishments: they will be eliminated with the greatest legitimacy of half a year.
  • Less genuine punishments: they do not exceed one year and they do not become serious offenses, with a greater legitimacy of 2 years.

  • Light punishments: for this situation the punishments exceed one year of legitimacy, but they do not become serious crimes, with a maximum legitimacy of 3 years.
  • It is essential to consider that genuine crimes are not among the contemplations or violations that can be erased from the criminal record.

What is the FELCC Background Certificate?

The police file is a vital report to realize how an individual is in court, in the case that he has committed a crime or in the case that he has not committed any crime. To get this report, you must meet the prerequisites.

Police records is information collected by the police as a primary aspect of the prevention and investigation of management offenses or offenses. Police records collect data about an individual without requiring their consent.

How long does it take to obtain the FELCC Background Certificate?

Every citizen must bear in mind that after completing all the procedure to obtain the FELCC Background Certificate, you must wait 72 hours later to be able to withdraw the document.

Who can request it?

The criminal record establishes a verifiable record of an individual’s common conduct and his conceivable authorized crimes that have been distinguished and authorized by law.

Acquiring the authentication of criminal records is a privilege of any resident at the time it is required, in Bolivia the endorsement has a base cost that must be insured by the individual.

The Judicial Registry of Criminal Records (REJAP) (Art. 442 Code of Criminal Procedure),establishes that these records are kept, in this way, their dispersion or data is restricted in an open way, they can only access:

  • The individual who has or does not have the record.
  • The judges and examiners.
  • The Authorized Commissions of Bolivia.
  • Unknown specialists who demand it as a global legal participation.


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Thanks for reading us, success in the process!


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