Firefighters Certificate: Requirements, Documents and MORE

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The Firefighters Certificate in Colombia it corresponds to a document with the denomination of Technical Concept. Therefore, it is based on the demonstration of referenced data after carrying out a visual inspection. Likewise, this visit consists of supervising the protection conditions of a specific area, in which there are buildings.

Likewise, this activity supports security methodologies inclined towards the Fire Protection System (SPCI) and, in addition, Human Security situations (SH). Also, the fire brigade performs hydraulic pressure tests in the inspected sector. Here’s how you can complete the application process and more.

Requirements for the Firefighters Certificate

First of all, we must mention what the requirements are for the Firefighters Certificate. In the same way, you must comply with the following succession of steps simultaneously for its correct request:

  • You must submit a request letter for the technical inspection
  • In it you must provide your email address, town where you live, contact numbers and names of the representative
  • In the same way, it is necessary that you specify exactly the square meters that govern the sector in which the visit will be made.
  • Have the drawings corresponding to the hydraulic system of the location
  • There must be specified the aspects of the pumping system, retentive and control valves, the specific technical data and components as a whole.
  • Then, these data will be reviewed by the fire department and they will send you the quote for the inspection
  • Therefore, one of the payment methods that you can have is to go to the Santa Marta fire department
  • Likewise, you can cancel through the account number 6304019214 of the Davivienda bank, in the name of the Volunteer Fire Department of Santa Marta
  • In the same way, at the time of the visit, the fire service will record the situation and some suggestions to finalize the certification
  • With which, you must comply with these indications within a period of 30 days after issuance.
  • Finally, before this expiration, you must provide a letter for a new visit and guarantee said compliance

Documents Needed for the Firefighters Certificate

So, it is important that you know each of the documents that you must present for the application of the Firefighters Certificate:


  • Recently issued copy of the Single Tax Registry
  • It must be printed under the seal of the National Tax and Customs Directorate
  • Update your email to carry out the previous point
  • Submit your statement of profitability
  • Place your signature on this document by accessing the option «in your own name»
  • Present (1) copy of the Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá
  • It must be the most recent to the date of application
  • Cancel the corresponding payment of $ 50,000 through your debit or credit card
  • Have the official receipt of this payment
  • Show the application format with your signature, if you are the legal representative of the establishment
  • Reflect (1) copy of your identity card or identity document, only if you are the representative of the specific entity for the inspection

Settlement request

  • In the case of the common regime, you must have the original document and a copy (1) of 6 bimonthly statements issued by the ICA
  • Also, demonstrate the issuance by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce of the Certificate of Legal Representation in force for the moment
  • If the instance is of a simplified regime, you must present the original certificate and a copy of the Valid Legal Representation
  • As well as, demonstrate the original data of the ICA tax of the year prior to your application
  • On the other hand, being new establishments you must present only the original document and a copy of the Certificate of Legal Representation valid for 1 year

At what points can the technical inspection be requested?

Subsequently, it is essential that you know how the care service of this human security body performs its tasks. Likewise, you must go to the branch of your choice to complete the application process for the Firefighters Certificate. Then, once you are in the entity, you must make the corresponding payment and prior knowledge.

Here are some of the SuperCADE service points or locations:

  • CAD, located at calle carrera 30 N ° 24 – 90, business hours from Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • SUBA, located at Calle 145 N ° 103 B -.90, hours of operation from Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Américas, is located on Avenida Carrera 86 N ° 43 – 55 in the South zone, hours of operation from Monday to Friday 7:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Citizen Service and Attention Area of ​​the Official Fire Department, in calle 20 N ° 68 A – 06, first floor of the building

What is the Fire Certificate for?

First, we can say that this technical inspection is one of the most effective alternatives to be aware of problems. That is, hydraulic problems, fires, risks regarding incidents in establishments, among others. With which, it is essential to carry out these preventions to protect your life and that of others.

Therefore, it should also be noted that this certificate establishes necessary general requirements. Because, all entities must provide security measures in their facilities. This also works automatically in unexpected emergency situations. However, the main focus of it is fires.

On the other hand, among the objectives of the Firefighters Certificate are the following:

  • Completely inspect the facilities of each infrastructure on request by its legalized representative
  • Identify the problems of each component

  • Make recommendations that must be met to achieve improvements within functionality
  • Submit a corresponding report
  • Maintain a period of one year for the entity’s representatives to comply with the aspects to be improved

To conclude, this technical certificate of protection is aimed at natural and legal persons. As well as, public and private organizations, administrators, representatives and owners of the inspection projects. That is why the visit provides security within the building and safeguarding the lives of citizens.

Validity of the Firefighters Certificate

The Firefighters Certificate It is valid for 1 year after the technical inspection has been carried out. Similarly, if said infrastructure carries out any type of remodeling or change, it will be invalidated. Likewise, the same cancellation will be carried out if certain risks are found at the time of their expiration date.

In the same way, as a representative of an entity, it is necessary that you request this inspection annually. Therefore, it must be specified in a period of time of 5 business days before expiration, because, in this way, you will maintain the validity of the Firefighters Certificate. Also, if the building presents risks, it must be notified.

Finally, this notification will have to be made specific to figures within the mayor’s office or legal and permanent delegate. With which, after a period of 4 business days has elapsed, the Fire Department must support a new visit to guarantee the reduction of the identified danger. In order to do so, inform the municipal or district authority about the improvement.

What is the Fire Certificate?

The Firefighters Certificate It corresponds to the document issued by this service body after conducting inspection visits to buildings. Thus, supervision must be previously requested by the legal representative of the institution. With which, it must maintain an annual validity and be specified continuously, in order to issue a secure record.

Likewise, these private establishments and Public for industrial or commercial purposes must request the security activity in writing. That is, to demonstrate a document with a formal format to finalize the protection supervision. Also, attach the Single Tax Registry and the respective payment receipt.

The fire service will then notify you within approximately 15 days of the coordinated date of visit. Therefore, it will then proceed to the act of identifying risks in the infrastructure and the ways to improve it. At the same time, you will be given a report that reflects each of these aspects and the respective requirements that you must meet.

Finally, we can mention some topics that you should take into account:

  • In case of losing the technical concept document you can notify it in a complaint form
  • To start the inspection process, you must present the information of the request at the cash register of the branch.
  • Only one visit per entity per year can be made
  • Those data presented for the purposes of legal procedures will be returned to you after carrying out the cancellation payment.
  • These data may refer to commercial records, industry and commerce payments, among others.

Request your Firefighters Certificate and stay safe!


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