FNA Portfolio Normalization Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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The FNA Portfolio Normalization Form It is a document, by which the debtor requires the standardization or restructuring of his home loan.

Therefore, after taking into account the situation of its debtor affiliates, the fund considers it feasible to provide debtors with opportunities to normalize their obligations. Through the FNA Portfolio Normalization Form and with a guaranteed credit, You can help solve housing problems, in order to avoid legal processes ending up auctioning the property.

Format of the FNA Portfolio Normalization Form

The Format of the FNA Portfolio Normalization Form can be downloaded on the page Web of the FNA is easy to access and fill out.

Said form is based in accordance with the regulations established by the Board of Directors of the FNA, in order to help its members to improve their financing and housing stability, with extensive payment options.

How to fill out the FNA Portfolio Normalization Form?

Once you download the form, you must enter the following information:

Applicant details:

  • Select the option if you are an affiliate or attorney-in-fact.
  • Identity document data
  • Address of residence, City, Department.
  • Landline, cell phone, email.

Affiliate Information:

  • Type of document and number.

Normalization mechanisms:

  • Standardization, no. resolution.
  • Payment agreement
  • Extinction

Leave blank the exclusive space for the official use of the National Savings Fund.

Additional Documents and Requirements for the Application

Along with filling the FNA Portfolio Normalization Form, the applicant must comply with the following:

  • The affiliate must have made all the minimum efforts to take refuge in the resolution.
  • The attorney’s professional fees must be paid.
  • Request for resolution, for cases of normalization and extinction.
  • Peace of mind of attorney, for cases of normalization and extinction.
  • Legible photocopies of deposit receipts, payment of the economic effort.

What is the FNA Portfolio Normalization Form for?

Through Agreement No. 1080, the Board of Directors of the National Savings Fund Since 2006, authorized the restructuring of pending loans, it knows the Requirements stipulated by the aforementioned administrative decree. This is how the FNA Portfolio Normalization Form.

Managing Director of National Savings Fund It provides for the restructuring of non-performing loans, written off, as a normalization mechanism for the investment portfolio of the National Savings Fund. Financing to maintain continuity and the debtor can use the plan as a portfolio normalization mechanism.

It establishes regulations with the purpose of the fund to help solve the housing problems of the members, the fund must take measures aimed at recovering the portfolio in an agile and efficient manner.

What is the National Savings Fund?

The National Savings Fund is a Colombian banking institution established by Special Decree No. 3118 of 1968, to administer the layoffs of public employees and regular workers. Through the Law, the company was transformed into a state-owned industrial and commercial company with a national financial character, which allowed it to expand the market to the private sector.

Its purpose is directly related to the purpose of the country, especially the right of all Colombians to have a decent home.

Mortgage credit for severance pay or AVC:

The home loan granted by the National Savings Fund to the affiliate through their severance pay or by Contractual Voluntary Savings (AVC) under the forms of:

  • Purchase of new or used home.

Intended to finance the sale price, agreed by a sales contract, formalized in a public registry of a housing unit, as long as the certificate of tradition and freedom certifies only a transfer of ownership.

  • Construction and home improvement.

It is the loan intended to finance the construction or remodeling of a housing unit owned by the affiliate user of the home loan or the spouse, on which a mortgage lien is based in favor of the FNA.

In this case, the financed loan may be designated for the repair or remodeling, expansion or modification of the home, as long as the funds are used to overcome one or more of the significant deficits in the home, or to improve the useful life or price of the home. property on which the remodeling will be carried out.

  • Release of the mortgage lien.

The loan funds are dedicated to the release of mortgage lien, towards the home owned by the member and / or his / her spouse, founded in favor of legally authorized entities in Colombia, to grant home loans.

More information on the page Web.


  • No penalty will apply for total or partial prepayment of the credit granted.
  • You do not need co-debtors to apply for and / or approve the home loan.
  • You have the possibility of requesting a loan for new or used housing, portfolio purchase, construction on your own land, home improvements.
  • You can take the joint application with another member, both must support the income.
  • In the case of individual loans or housing leasing with an unaffiliated joint debtor, each one must justify all their income, attaching the support to the loan application with the necessary documentation, depending on the product required by the affiliate.
  • Availability of Life, Unemployment (severance loan) and Fire Insurance, which are made up of favorable parameters and treatment, for FNA members who are creditors.
  • You have the option of requesting the credit in UVR or in PESOS.
  • Comfortable financing terms.

Requirements for a home loan application:

To submit a home loan application through FNA, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a contributor to FNA through voluntary contractual savings.
  2. Have a minimum score of 400 points calculated through the personal rating system determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. Comply with the amounts deposited in the AVC account that are not seized or disposed of.
  4. Submit the loan application form for affiliates in the AVC, duly processed and with all the required documentation, depending on the purpose.
  5. In turn authorize the FNA, to inform and investigate your credit behavior to the advisory centers that the Entity has.

What is the FNA Portfolio Normalization Form?

The Form for Normalization of FNA Portfolio It is the document where the request for restructuring a housing loan is made before the FNA, in turn it is the link to achieve:

  • The requested restructuring approval, the National Savings Fund It will be based on this information proposed by the credit bureau, it will consider the applicant’s payment habits and behavior of compliance with obligations with other financial entities.
  • With this instrument, the judicial execution of the house for non-payment of payment is avoided.
  • The affiliate’s credit condition is recovered.
  • It contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of the citizen in Colombia.
  • Special plan approved by the FNA , to avoid the deterioration of the investment portfolio, for example: extinction of write-offs and unpaid balances of portfolios, such as pending loans, payment agreements and arrears.
  • This format favors officers, non-commissioned officers and professional soldiers; military and administrative officers, national police officers; Civil employees at the service of the Ministry of Defense, the army and the National Police; official teaching staff; teachers associated with private education institutions; freelancers who earn a comprehensive salary.


In compliance with the function granted by law, the National Savings Fund contributes to the resolution of the
housing problem of its affiliates in Colombia, with the aim of improving their quality of life, becoming an important alternative of social capitalization, for which it makes the housing loan available to those interested, as well as the Form for the Normalization of the FNA Portfolio.

Affiliate members must demonstrate their ability to pay the monthly reimbursement fee, including the insurance premium Homologated by FNA.

In the personal credit investigation process, the following factors can be considered: Distribution credit, income of the spouse or permanent partners of members, must comply with the parameters stipulated in this regulation. The credit will be based on the ability to pay of the members and their spouses or permanent partners.

The new financing conditions for housing loans, granted by the National Savings Fund to the affiliates through AVC, will be those established by agreement by the Board of Directors, after their respective analysis of the case presented. The National Savings Fund reserves the right to return the initially agreed financing term.

Likewise, your affiliate will be notified in due time, to carry out the necessary documentation and sign the established agreement. The conditions of the contract by mutual agreement, describe the purpose, amount, rate, term and amortization system.

The debtor member will be responsible for the insurance payment, its cost will be paid together with the fee. The amount of the corresponding insurance will be paid by the credit line, as well as all the amounts in arrears may be collected for the time of the new agreement.


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