Fomag Certificate: How to Download, Register and MORE

The Fomag certificate It is a bearer document, which proves that there is a social protection or severance fund, every citizen in Colombian territory must be accredited for any legal management in the country, since it includes relevant labor data of the bearer, which serve to support other requests in the public or private sector.

This certificate includes an active teacher, inactive teacher, health beneficiary, retired teacher, pension substitute, contributing parent. Do not stay without joining, below we will guide you on its management and process so that you can be certified in Fomag.

How to Download the Fomag Certificate?

Affiliated pensioners or active teachers can download the Fomag certificate in a simple way, entering the page Web, Thanks to the new technology, this certification process is simplified.

Objectives of the Fomag

The Fomag originated in 1989, as a special account of the Nation with accounting, patrimonial and statistical autonomy. The assets of this entity are used by a state or mixed savings trust firm. The purpose of the Fomag is based on the administration of resources that come from the special account of the Nation are safe.

Among the functions carried out by the Teacher’s Social Benefits Fund (FOMAG) we find:

  • It grants each of its social benefits requested by each of the affiliates who is registered with this entity.
  • Protects the health insurance of all its members.
  • Manage payroll as affiliated entities, granting nominal contributions when requested by the entity.
  • Verify that each state entity has the contributions in order and does not have overdue debts with social security.

Fomag Certificate Registration

  • Enter the page of Fomag
  • In the question What type of user are you ?, select «Teacher».
  • Select the button that has a person as an image and is at the top of the screen.
  • You click on the button «Register Here» and you will see the general recommendations and the instructions for the correct registration.
  • Choose the type of Document and Document Number.
  • You issue the requested information, you generate the key or password, remember that it must be 8 characters long and must contain capital letters and special characters. (Example + *% $).
  • You start the session again and select the type of Document, Document Number and enter the password or key that you already generated in the previous step.
  • Enter your personal information and select the Fomag Certificate what do you need.

Fomag layoffs

The Severance of the Fund of Social Benefits of the Teacher (FOMAG), is the right of monetary aid that every teacher has when he stops working in an educational institution for various reasons, such as the termination of the employment relationship or death.

When a teacher is affiliated with Fomag and wishes to stop working and do layoffs, Fomag will offer the teacher a variety of benefit options, according to what they have contributed in their affiliation period.

This payment of the Fomag Severance is made when the member has formally made the request at its headquarters, after the Fomag gives the approval of the payment, they must also have a bank account, either at Banco Agrario or Banco BBVA, which They are the financial entities with which Fomag works to carry out these operations.

This resource helps the quality of life of Colombians who want to start over and innovate another trade. The teacher who issues his request to withdraw the funds, definitively or partially, will be subject to the policies established by Fomag. To consider, the form of withdrawal will concern the financial resources of the applicant.

Salary factors For both annuity and retroactivity:

  • Basic Monthly Allowance.
  • National bonus.
  • Extra hours.
  • Premium services.
  • Twelfth Christmas cousin.
  • Twelfth cousin on vacation.
  • Discount Decree 1566 of 2014.
  • Pedagogical bonus Decree 2354 of 2018.
  • Extra-legal premiums, only those recognized according to liquidation minutes approved by the Ministry of Education.

Applicability by regime:


Associate teachers have the right by order of the territorial entity before January 1, 1976, admitted by the nationalization process, as well as associates from this date, according to the provisions of Law 43 of 1975.

Severance assistance equivalent to one month’s salary for each year of service or the same for a fraction of the year worked is settled, on the last salary received.

If the case of no variation in salary income in the last three months occurs, in the opposite case, the accrued during the last registered year is divided, considering the last year prior to retirement from service, if it is a definitive unemployment or if it is It is about a partial layoff.

The formula for the calculation applicable to retroactive teachers is as follows:

Last Salary earned on retirement date x number of days worked


The teacher who is linked to the Social Benefits Fund of the Magisterium has the right granted by the current Law 91 of 1989, for this teacher the value of the severance paid annually and without retroactivity will be recognized, taking what is registered in the salary register sent by the Secretariat of Education unit from the year 1990.

Partial Severance

Partial Severances are those destined only to solve a basic need and that is related to cases such as:

Living place:

  1. Home repair
  2. Homebuying
  3. Mortgage lien release
  4. House construction
  5. With Memorandum No. 20170820070163 dated 05-04-2017 issued for the concept of home acquisition through the particularity of housing leasing.


  1. Law 1071 of 2006, contemplates in its article 3 numeral 2 the partial withdrawal of Severances for study.
  2. In Memorandum No. 20170820070183 dated 05-04-2017, the concept on payments in foreign currency for tuition fees in foreign universities is originated.
  3. With Memorandum No 20170820070203 dated 05-04-2017, the cancellation of educational credits acquired with ICETEX and for studies of previous validity is born.


  1. Housing: every three years
  2. Study: It has no periodicity

What is the Fomag Certificate?

The Fomag Certificate It contemplates a series of legal documents that are directed to a specific sector, public or private entity. The certification approved by the Fomag is based on the legal procedures that request a Fomag Certificate.

When processing a Certificate Fomag A series of personal precautions must be included, which said organization requests depending on the type of certificate to be managed, in order to issue the corresponding record.

The Fund for Social Benefits for Teachers (FOMAG), is a Colombian company that was created in 1989 to take charge of the payment of social benefits to affiliated teaching staff, guarantee the provision of medical assistance services and keep accounting and statistical records as well as the responsibilities that the Fund must assume in terms of benefits.

How can I download the Fomag App?

  1. On your cell phone select the alternative to Google play – App store.
  2. In the browser at the top of your cell phone write the word Fomag Mobile, click when the logo appears.
  3. Choose the Install Option.
  4. Once installed, you give it Open.
  5. Apply the option Register and write the data required by the application, accept the privacy and security policy and apply the button.

By entering from your App you can immediately and easily achieve the certificates: Income and Withholdings, Substitution Pension Affiliation, Pension allowance, Payroll Proof, Proof of interest, Extract of interest from severance pay, Severance.

What are the functions of the Fiduprevisora ​​before the Fomag?

Fiduprevisora ​​SA is a mixed economy company and administrator of the resources of the National Fund for Social Benefits of the Magisterium, in accordance with the commercial trust contract signed with the National Government. Given that it is a financial entity that works by the regulations of private law, therefore it does not have a struggle to issue administrative acts.

Its mission is to supervise the administration of the Fund for Social Benefits of the Magisterium, advancing its planning and execution and supervising compliance with the terms and obligations contracted in the contracts. Its obligations include:

  • Affiliations, register teachers linked to the state educational service, manage the database, and collect contributions and liabilities. Issue payments derived from the services provided by the fund, all framed within the conditions of the trust agreement signed with the MEN.
  • Economic benefits, ensure the study of files in order to approve or deny the economic benefits of active teachers and pensioners: pensions, layoffs, interest on layoffs, disabilities, aid.
  • Administration of the health service, prepare the hiring and supervision. of medical service providers, guaranteeing the provision of health services for active teachers and pensioners.


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