FONAVI Form 2: Format, Filling and MORE

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The FONAVI Form 2 It is a document that for Peruvians has great relevance. For us it is important that you have knowledge about it, so read carefully and in detail what we are going to present to you below. Emphasizing how fundamental is the prior knowledge about the procedures that we are going to carry out in the future.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the FONAVI Form 2 through several sections that will be very useful to you. We will provide you with information such as the way in which you will have to fill out the form, the functions that it has established to fulfill. Also, we will explain what corresponds to the National Housing Fund and what corresponds to its certifications.

Stay with us and find out about this and much more about the FONAVI Form 2 in Peru!

Format of FONAVI Form 2

It is important that you know the information about the format in which the FONAVI Form 2. You can search for this through the FONAVI page, or as its acronym indicates, the National Housing Fund (click here to enter the aforementioned web portal).

When entering the FONAVI web platform, you will be presented with several options, among them you have the following:

  • First of all, you have what corresponds to the «Form number 1 for FONAVISTAS».
  • Then, in another box, you have other alternatives, among them is that of the «Form number 2 for employers».
  • In that same place is the «Form N ° 2 for registration of Information on Periods contributed to FONAVI».
  • Next we have the reference to «Instructions for employers to generate text files».
  • And finally, there is the «Form two (2)».

Together with what we have just indicated are the respective formats in which each of the documents that are displayed on the page must be. The formats in which you are offered the download of each of them are:

  • The first format is the one corresponding to a document in PDF.
  • Then we have the format to download in a file of Word.
  • And, last but not least, you are also offered the format under a file corresponding to Excel.

Filling out of FONAVI Form 2

Now that you know the information about the formats presented for you to download your documents, we are going to explain the process you must follow to fill out the FONAVI Form 2. It is important to note that you must pay attention to what, below, we are going to indicate and expand so that you fill it out correctly. You must take into account the guidelines established in the regulations for these procedures.

Follow the instructions to fill out the FONAVI Form 2 it is something very simple, easy and practical. Next, we are going to show you step by step the ideal way in which you should do the filling process of your FONAVI form. This is also known under the name of «Form number 2 for Registration of Information on Periods contributed to FONAVI» and it’s only for employers.

Steps to fill out FONAVI Form number 2:

  1. The first thing you should do is proceed to download the form, you can download it by doing click here to make it easier for you.
  2. Once you have done the previous step, you should start filling it in with the data that will be requested in each box.
  3. The corresponding data: the first boxes are in relation to the employer as such, the type of institution, if it is public or private.
  4. Also on the type of document (RUC, Lib, tlf, among others), the document number and the name of the entity or company.
  5. Then they will present you with a box in which there are several columns. In which they will be filled in with the data referring to the information on the Periods Contributed to the FONAVI of the workers.
  6. In this box you will place information such as: the type of document, the document number, the corresponding surnames. That is, the paternal and the maternal. Their names, in full.
  7. There are also the data corresponding to the date of birth of each worker, the self-generation number. Additionally, you must indicate the code belonging to the worker.
    1. The date on which the contribution to FONAVI began and also the date on which this process was completed. And the frequency in which said contribution was paid, that is, if it was monthly, biweekly, weekly or daily.
  8. Later, at the bottom of the form, there is a section that says «Optional data» in which you can place things that need to be specified. Like income.
  9. And, finally, they indicate that said form is presented under an Affidavit and if there is any false information, it will have consequences under the Law respectively.

What is it for?

One of the most frequently asked questions is «What is the FONAVI Form 2? ». It is normal for this question to arise in citizens who live throughout the Peruvian territory and who require the same form.

It should be noted that this is a form that is designed to provide its functions solely and exclusively to employers. It is a form that works and serves to make a record of the information of the Periods in which a contribution has been made to FONAVI.

This registration function must be carried out by the employers for each of their employees, respectively, and who have contributed to the National Housing Fund, FONAVI.

National Housing Fund (FONAVI)

The institution that corresponds to the name of the National Housing Fund and that gives meaning to the initials of FONAVI, has its beginnings on June 30, 1979. This corresponds to the creation of said entity and that was promoted by the Decree of Law referring to number 22591.

The purpose of this institutional entity is to satisfy the workers’ need to obtain a home. This under a progressive modality and according to the income that they were obtaining in a respective way.

The National Housing Fund, FONAVI, is no longer in operation today. Its validity period was from July 1, 1970 to the year 1998, on the 31st of August. The contributions made to it were made by the workers, both dependent and independent, the respective employers and the State.

This, currently, is a socio-economic entity that is responsible for ensuring the improvement of the quality of life and well-being of each Peruvian. Regarding the work activities that he performs and that has this as a means of economic income.

He is also the one in charge of generating the plans and projects on the collection that is carried out in the long term and thus being able to offer more housing opportunities to each citizen who is registered. It will be executed through the different forms that each one of them processes in a respective way and that this entity offers.

About the Technical Secretariat

We also have here another institutional entity, which would correspond to FONAVI, which is known under the name of the Technical Secretariat. This can be defined as a Unit that is in charge of Executing as the body that functions at the executive level and in an operational manner in support of the Ad Hoc Commission.

She is in charge of implementing and carrying out each and every one of the agreements that were adopted by the Commission mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Return to Workers Fund

Another of the questions that are frequently asked according to what this institution was and what it has become now. It is about the formation of the Fund to Give Back to the workers. And, certainly, it is an entity that is made up of the total contributions that have been effective in the collection for FONAVI.

Again mentioning and highlighting the figure of the worker, again, both in a dependent and independent manner. These have to be informed in the Commission by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Nation of Peru. Additionally, they also have to be informed at the Banco de la Nación and also at SUNAT.

What is SINFONAVI ?:

Certainly this is another body that emerged from everything we have mentioned previously, this is the one corresponding to the Information System of the National Housing Fund, FONAVI. This can be defined as an application, at a computer level, that is responsible for providing support to each of the Identification and Disclosure of Labor History processes.

It also provides data such as the Construction of the Individual Account, the Estimate and the Refund. Through it, the processes to be carried out on the control of the entity referring to the status of the procedure that each Fonavista must have are carried out.

What is FONAVI Form 2?

The FONAVI Form 2 It is a document that has the established function of providing workers with certain benefits and that must be processed through employers. It is a form that is part of the Information Record of Periods Contributed to FONAVI. This you will be able to get through the following web portal by doing click here.

The term in which it must be delivered by employers, whether of a public company or a private company, is about one hundred and twenty (120) days set on the calendar. These are counted from the moment in which the Ad Hoc Commission is required to be carried out and thus make the entry of the FONAVI Form 2.

Another relevant piece of information on this same form is the way in which employers can contact the Technical Secretariat to present it. This can be done through the telephone line 640-8755 during office hours. You can also send your query to this email:

We hope you liked this article and all your doubts have been clarified.We will read later!


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