Food Debtor Certificate: How to Get It Out, Steps and MORE

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Argentine Citizens who wish to obtain the Certificate of Food Debtors, now they can request it easily and quickly. This tool will allow you to keep track of the people who owe alimony.

In this article you will have answers to your questions, for example, What is the Certificate of Food Debtors? The requirements you need? What are the means to follow? As well as Where could you register as a food account holder ?, among others. The purpose is that people clarify their doubts and can obtain the certificate without delay.

Keep reading and you will understand!

How to obtain the Certificate of Food Debtors?

Citizens who wish to acquire the Certificate of Food Debtors, they can obtain it simply and easily, dDue to the dismemberment of society today, solidified families are suffering deterioration of the family nucleus.

Most families are forced to go out and look for a living to cover expenses and, therefore, the obligation of family love is broken. Guardians often do not understand what is happening, the extraordinary damage that these divisions cause to their children.

To get the Certificate of Food Debtors people in debt with delinquent food, you must meet some needs close to your home and you must follow a couple of steps to make the request, among them we have:

  • Expressly go to the approved organization or government that relates to you to make the request in an ideal way for the case to proceed.
  • You must present your personal document (identity card or passport).
  • You can also do it online via the web, there you must complete the information mentioned on the official page.
  • There you will be assigned by law the part that you must pay for the support of food, clothing and other expenses of your child, you must pay on time.

It is significant that, as a parent, you always remember your obligation to your children, continually monitoring both the emotional, enthusiastic and financial level. Every citizen must ensure that his family member constantly sits close to him.

Steps to Follow for the Certificate of Alimony Debtors

People who wish to obtain the Debtors certificate food, They can do it in a simple and basic way, we will explain it to you in two different ways. They can do it in person and remotely via online, choose the one that best suits your possibilities.

Likewise, it is necessary for citizens to carry out their requirements face-to-face for security reasons, and validate that they cover all the needs of their interest. If instead, the process will be done online, you must have a PC, laptop or cell phone with a web connection.

Among the most important steps we have:

Face-to-face form

  • You must go to the Office of the Ministry of Justice and Security durbefore the time available where you must present your ID.
  • Fill out the form without ignoring any of the information mentioned.
  • You should not ignore any of the requested documents so that the process can be carried out without delay.
  • The Certificate of Alimony Debtors is withdrawn 48 hours after the request, not including the day on which the handling of the report by the office that requested it began.

Via On-line

  • You must access the official website of the Entity in order to request the Certificate.
  • Complete the structure with the mentioned information without excluding any data, verify it and send it.
  • The affirmation of your request will be displayed in the email provided.
  • They will send you the information to print the Certificate of food debtors.

Registration of Food Debtors

The RDAM tool is responsible for maintaining the data of food borrowers listed by court request that requires them to pay maintenance. According to the law that establishes it, if the citizen has three to five installments, he will appear as defaulter in the system.

The obligation contracted by the holder, is additionally responsible for covering clothing, clinical protection, studies and entertainment of the minor. It is important to note that it is mandatory for the responsible owner to pay the maintenance fee in a timely manner.

Certificate of Free Debt from the Registry

It is an authorized record that contains the individual information of an Argentine resident that needs to meet certain conditions in order to be attached to a file. It is important to mention that if an Argentine resident appears with a default, they must go to the office.

This in order, of present your case and therefore give the immediate solution. There you must inform about the regular fees that you owe and the total amount that you must pay to cover the obligations with the minor, which is regulated by your legal agent.

Likewise, through this report it can be proven that the account holder has complied with all his regular quotas assigned for the support of the minor. The individual who appears on the list must demonstrate with conclusive evidence why he could not make said delivery.

When verifying the data presented by the citizen and if they are correct, it will be erased in the registry. Responsible holders must bear in mind that it is important to be up to date with payments since the quality of life that their child will have depends on this.

What is the Certificate of Alimony Debtors?

It is a file that allows the Argentine resident to fulfill his obligation to help the minor. Likewise, it identifies him as an individual who has a maintenance obligation, can be up to date or with pending payments to the nation.

Citizens who promptly comply with their payments will be able to enjoy certain advantages that the country offers them. But if, on the contrary, they show default and lack of interest in complying with the obligations contracted, then they will not be able to enjoy the following:

  • You will not be able to access credit cards
  • You will not be able to leave the country until your situation is regularized.
  • Neither will they be able to opt for mortgage, vehicle loans, among others.

The Certificate of Food Debtors The distinctive and individual information of the two guardians and of the minor rests, among other prerequisites mentioned. To benefit, the young person must present a reliable report proving the family bond.

In the event that the resident does not fulfill his obligations, the specialists can take legitimate measures against the registered borrower. Therefore, it is important to comply with the established requirements in order to avoid problems to the detriment of the young person.

What is it for?

The Debtors certificate Food is a document that the nation of Argentina assigns to the holder the fee that must be paid to timely comply with the maintenance of his child.

That is why this system provides the amount of the monthly fee that the father must pay so that his son can enjoy the following:

  • Medicines, medical and dental expenses
  • Recreation
  • Clothing
  • First class education
  • among others.

It is important to note that anyone who is under this payment regime must comply without delay because otherwise they will have legal problems. Likewise, you will avoid having problems when carrying out a banking procedure or leaving the country.

The conscience of every parent should be to ensure the well-being and physical and mental health of their child, even if he is separated from him. Nowadays it is common for children to part with their children and therefore do not fulfill their duties.

What is the Redam?

The Registry of Defaulting Alimony Debtors (Redam) is to register those people who owe 03 progressive portions or not of their established maintenance commitments after a court request.

What is the finality?

It is to keep a summary of each of those individuals who absolutely or mainly owe three sequential or five alternate food servings, regardless of whether they are temporary or complete foods, fixed or endorsed by conclusive judgment.

This Law was promulgated on 11/11/99 by the Law 269 in the Autonomous Extension of the City of Buenos Aires and is the first in the country. It is currently a significant instrument in the battle against the resistance of the divorce settlement.

Faced with the difficulty of obtaining positive results through the main course, the required settlements are attempted, to bend the desire of the committed father / mother and make him agree to the payment of the minor’s assigned quota.

Successes with the process, we hope the article has been helpful!

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