Food Handling Certificate: Steps, Download and MORE

The most effective measures are those of hygienic prevention. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the Food Handling Certificate, the requirements, where you can take the course and more

The consumption of food in good condition is essential and of great attention, since otherwise, you could contract food-borne diseases that put the consumer’s health at risk. Food handling is something that is done on a daily basis, be it professionals in gastronomy, as distributors or making our food at home.

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Food handling and food safety is vital in the food industry. Food hygiene also has a place in this sector, a series of protocols and standards must be followed to prevent food contamination.

It is important that the professional who is dedicated to the field of food handling, know the basic hygiene rules, know the most common causes of food poisoning that can occur, the correct use of different tools such as refrigeration and freezing chambers .

The Food Handling Certificate, certifies that the person who took the course is fully capable of handling food since he received the necessary information for this. This is done with the intention of avoiding any hygienic or food safety problem.

Next, we will let you know what are the requirements you need to obtain the Food Handling Certificate:

  • Original and photocopy of your ID.
  • Proof of corresponding payment.
  • You must present your passport in case you are a foreigner.
  • If you are a minor, you must have a authorization signed by your legal representative.
  • You must present the proof of registration.

In general, the courses have to be paid, since they must pay for teachers, materials and rooms. That is why you must bear in mind that the amount for this procedure is $ 240 (Argentine pesos). Finally, you must print the proof of payment.

The classes will be seen in a blended way, will be dictated 5 days a week and may be a schedule between the morning and the afternoon. Likewise, the duration is approximately 7 hours that will be fulfilled during the classes, this will vary depending on the topics and content covered by the course itself.

Steps to Obtain the Food Handling Certificate

By taking and completing the food handling course, you will automatically be able to obtain primary training to work in activities related to the area, in terms of raw materials, utensils, equipment, among others.

In addition, you will be able to obtain the Food Handling Certificate, diploma or card, this will be approved and will allow you to work in the area. In this way, we will proceed to explain step by step how to obtain this certificate. Take note!

  • From your browser, you must enter the web page.
  • After you enter the page, you are given the option to register as a student.
  • Once you register as a student, you must download the «User Manual». This manual will provide you with all the information and instructions that you must follow.
  • When you complete the instructions indicated in the manual, you will receive an email to your email, where you will be given your username, date and time of the course.

In case you have forgotten your password, you will enter «Password forgotten». You will enter your DNI number and then select the option «Recover password». In this way they will send you a link to your email to make the password change.

It is very important to take into account that the date and time of the course can be modified at your convenience. After confirming the time and date, a proof of registration will arrive in your email.

Said voucher must be downloaded and brought on the first day of the course. You must bear in mind that, you will have to attend all the classes because if you have a 10% absence, you automatically lose the course.

Download the Food Handling Certificate

The importance of food handling is evident today more than ever. Several studies have concluded that there are two especially relevant factors in food handling, and therefore, we can say that they constitute effective mechanisms to prevent foodborne infections among consumers.

At the time of starting the course, you will obtain materials and knowledge regarding hygiene practices, this will help to avoid, prevent and reduce the number of foodborne illnesses.

Theoretical and practical activities will be carried out in order to demonstrate whether or not they are qualified to work in the premises or food stores and in this way to be able to offer consumers safe and quality products.

Once the course is finished it will be very important that you have your Food Handling Certificate at hand, for this you will have to download and print this document. Next, we will explain step by step how to download.

  • You must enter the website and enter your username and password.
  • Then, you must select the option «My Courses».
  • There, you will select the Food Handling course.
  • Next, the option to download is reflected on the screen.

This procedure is a simple one to perform. The download of the document is reflected in a PDF file, which will be easy to use. In case you want to print the Food Handling CertificateAll you have to do is select the «Print» option and finally you will have the physical file.

Likewise, if any problem arises, we recommend that you go to the GCBA office and withdraw your Certificate in person.


The Government Control Agency (AGC)

It offers the basic course of Food Handling, the objective is to instruct handlers on good hygiene techniques and on the prevention of the development of food-borne diseases, to ensure that companies, businesses or shops that distribute food in Argentina, offer the better services and safe products.

People who wish to take the course and approve it, will be incorporated into the Registry of Food Handlers and accredited by the government of Argentina. The validity of this Certificate is 3 years which must be renewed before the expiration date.

This course is carried out in person, but you can take your turn online, you can choose the schedule according to the available shifts. In the same way, you can go to the Food Institute, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 to 12 and request your turn.

Faculty of Applied Sciences to Industry (FCAI)

The food handling and hygiene course is carried out by laboratory personnel in third-party services.

White Bay

It offers the course and workshop aimed at teaching food handling.

Municipality of Rosario

Offers the training course in food handling at the Department of Food Education «Dr. Benjamin Berisso ”, this course will allow training in the area and will give you the opportunity to renew your card.

What is it?

Food handling encompasses a set of practices to be followed to eliminate any element that is harmful to public health. Unhealthy foods that contain harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, or chemicals cause more than 200 illnesses.

The Food Handling Certificate It is a document issued by a training entity that certifies that the person who is the holder of this certificate has received a specific course and that it is satisfactorily approved, so that this would be used to accredit knowledge regarding food safety.

This certificate allows the person who obtains it to be able to handle food safely, both for the person who has this document, and for the person who consumes the food.

The Law, every company that is related to the production of food, is required that each person who is part of said company compulsorily receives the Food Handling Certificate. This course can be taught by private training academies, public bodies or by the company itself.

In the event of any intoxication, inspection or any other inconvenience, the health authorities will request that the personnel who have received the training and education demonstrate this through some type of certification. If you do not have such a document, it is very likely that the company may be exposed to fines and penalties.

The World Health Organization reports many cases of illnesses that develop from food contamination. There is a relationship between the improper handling of different foods and the production of diseases that can be transmitted by their malpractice.

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