FOPEP Certificate: Validation, Types and MORE

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The FOPEP certificate, It is a very important document since the income and withholdings are found there. The FOPEP has available to retirees and pensioners a series of procedures and services, related to the administration of the income that the respective entities place. To pay them the corresponding amounts according to the benefit of each user.

It is important to know that each of the procedures carried out in the FOPEP Consortium office are totally free. In this article we will explain how to obtain your FOPEP certificate, how to perform the validation, the types of Certificates and more. Keep reading! We have all the information you need.

Validation of the FOPEP Certificate

In Colombia, the administration of the public pension fund is carried out by several institutions. However, since 1993, one of the institutions replaced the old National Social Security Fund. Likewise, it also replaced the existing insolvent savings banks of the national public sector. We refer to the FOPEP.

The certificate issued by the Public Pension Fund is the document that identifies the beneficiary of this institution. It must be presented if any public institution requires it, to demonstrate that you have a pension.

Certificate validation is carried out to verify the authenticity of said Certificate. If you want to validate your FOPEP certificate, make click here. This link will take you directly to the official page. Next, you will see some fields that you must fill in, for example:

  • Certification Type – Income and withholdings, pension value, payment coupon, discounts or garnishments.
  • Code – in this field you will enter the code that presents the certificate that you selected previously.

Finally, you will select the «Verify» option. And in this way, you will validate your FOPEP Certificate. In the event of any type of inconvenience, present any questions or complaints, do not forget to contact the Customer Service Center, as they will be able to provide you with a solution quickly and easily.

FOPEP is the most used institution at the national level for the administration of pensions due to its experience and excellent service. It is responsible for providing the best to the client regarding the services (below is the information about it) and, for this you have a specialized staff that knows the processes and steps for any of the procedures.

Types of FOPEP Certificate

As we already know, the FOPEP is a document in which income and withholdings are related. In order to access the FOPEP certificates You must have an email address, as you must first register on the website (this will be explained later).

Every day FOPEP has been in charge of carrying out different updates, so that customers can feel comfortable. Each of these Certificates will be adjusted to the type of needs of the retiree or pensioner.

The different types of Certificate will be briefly explained below:

  • Certificate of income and withholding, with this document you can reaffirm the relationship that exists between the income and withholdings made by the depositor, in a specified period of time. It can be obtained through the online services available at FOPEP.
  • Certificate of Survival for pensioners, pensioners receive the amount of their pension from the organization. FOPEP offers a payment schedule to be credited to your bank account. If you are a user who is abroad, you must have your Survival Certificate.
  • Pension certificate in the FOPEP, It is the proof by which it is verified that the citizen is retired. This procedure can be carried out via the Internet, by entering the official page of the National Public Pension Fund.
  • Pension certificate for processing in progress, With this certificate, it is possible to verify if the citizen has requested a pension recognition and is in the process of carrying out this procedure, which must be presented immediately at a customer service point.
  • Certificate of NO pension offered by FOPEP, This certificate has a prevention mode, where it can be verified that the user has not made any request for recognition of the pension that can be used.

Services offered by FOPEP

Just as FOPEP is responsible for offering a variety of benefits (we will talk about this later), it also offers different services that adjust to the different needs of retired and pensioned clients. Next, we will let you know what these services are:

  • It will have a Calendar of Payment Dates, where from the dates indicated in the calendar, the payment of the corresponding pension will begin in the account of each pensioner.
  • From time to time, you can make a respective update of your personal data.
  • You can make inquiries about payment of minors.
  • Request certificates of payment of coupons, income and withholdings and value of the pension.
  • You will make the request to change the payment site.
  • You will be able to consult about the faith of life.
  • You can ask about the request for payment not collected on time.
  • Consult about the allocation to new pensioners.

Among the services that FOPEP offers, you can also make the Payroll Inclusion Consultation. To start enjoying these services, you must have an email and follow the steps that will be indicated below, correctly.

  1. Access the FOPEP Consortium website.
  2. Select the option «Online Services» – «Payment Certificates and Coupons».
  3. Then, select the option «I want to register»
  4. Complete all the requested fields, correctly.
  5. Registration will end.

You will receive an email to your email for the activation of your user, a link will appear, you will enter it and it will take you to the FOPEP portal, where in the same way you will have to complete a series of requested data such as, username and key, in order to finalize the registration.

FOPEP benefits

FOPEP, is responsible for generating security and tranquility in the administration of resources, it also provides a variety of benefits to its pensioners and retirees, this is done in order to provide more comfort and satisfaction to customers. Among the benefits that FOPEP offers are:

  • The pensioner receives his payment corresponding to his pension on a monthly and punctual basis.
  • In the event that the pensioner cannot go to the bank personally, he or she may open his pension account in the banks that are authorized under an agreement to pay the payroll.
  • You can collect your pension from any ATM close to where you are. It will not be necessary to authorize third parties.
  • You can make partial withdrawals of the amount of your payment, safely and quickly.
  • You will have free access to a debit card, issued by the bank in which the account is opened.
  • With your debit card and your identity document you can make payments through the windows, ATMs and bank correspondents.
  • You can accumulate your pension for three months in a row, these will not be returned.
  • You may be the owner of two accounts, one for collecting your pension and the other for your savings.
  • With the use of the debit card you will not have to get up early or stand in long lines to collect your pension.
FOPEP has a variety of banks with an agreement to offer retirees and pensioners the respective payroll. Among those banks are: Banco Popular, Bancolombia, Banco Caja Social, Davivienda, Banco Agrario, BBVA, Colpatria, Banco AV Villas.

What is the FOPEP Certificate?

The FOPEP Certificate It is a document that complies with relating the income and withholdings made by the paying entity in a specific year. The objective of FOPEP is to replace the payment of pensions either for old age or retirement, disability, replacement or survivors that were in charge of the National Social Security Fund or the insolvent funds of the public sector of the national order.

Either in Ministries, administrative departments, public establishments, State businesses, industrial companies and other official entities that the National Government determines to be in charge of the direct payment of said pensions.

It has its origins in 1993 under Law 100, specifically in Article 130. Where a special account is created, without legal character, in order to be a substitute for the payment of retirement or old-age pensions. As well as disability, survivors or replacement, which were in charge of the National Social Security Fund.

This special account is attached to the Ministry of Social Protection and the income is administered under the figure of a trust. FOPEP, as a consortium, is made up of Fiducolombia, Fiduprevisora, Fiduagraria and Fiducoldex.

Sole Venue: Cra. 7 No. 31 – 10 Floor 8 Torre Bancolombia Building. Retiree Service Line: Bogotá (+571) 319-8820

What are you waiting for?

Get your FOPEP certificate!


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