Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport: How it is, Filled out and MORE

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The Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport It is a document that has great weight throughout the territory of Peru. It is important and relevant that you pay attention to each of the points to be developed so that you are well informed when processing it. Next we are going to develop some help points to expand everything related.

In this article we will explain everything about the Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport. From its structure, its due filling process, the function it has established to fulfill. Also, we will explain to you what is constituted as the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Peru and what is understood as Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport for Peruvians.

Stay with us and expand more on the points that we mention in the following sections!

What is Form 001-A / 17 like?

The Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is a document that is issued by the same entity. You will be able to find it on its virtual platform in a very practical and easy way. Now, in this section we are going to point out each of the things you should know about how this document is, its structure and its download format.

First, we already mentioned the place where you can find it, you can also do click here same to proceed to download it. This will be done once you have entered your preferred internet search engine and open the link to download your form. The format in which it will be downloaded is the most common and practical one known as PDF format.

Now, as regards the internal structure of the Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Peru is as follows:

Internal structure of Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

  • It is divided into four (4) parts. Each one corresponds to the grouping of certain data that you will have to supply by filling in the form.

We will provide each of the parties and their respective data in a section after this one.

  • This is a form that you are going to fill out by printing it, even if it is given to you digitally. You will have to download it, print it, fill it out and then scan it.

Completion of Form 001-A / 17

As we mentioned in the previous section, here we are going to give you the instructions so that you can fill out this document correctly. Also, we are going to explain each of the divisions that the Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications owns. It is essential that you read in detail and meticulously each of the things that we are going to explain to you below.

The first thing to indicate in this section will be the reference to the various divisions that the Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications owns. It should be mentioned that, first, there are four (4) sections in which the data and boxes to be filled are grouped and these are the following.

Divisions of Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Part 1:

  • The first section that we are going to find is titled: «Original permit». In it are the data referring to the countries in which they operate, their origin, destination, cities.
  • There are also spaces to put the number with which it is frequented, the departure times, the time in which each trip is calculated and to attach a sketch of the corresponding route.

Part 2:

  • Subsequently, we have the following division under the name of: «Occasional Permit for Transportation of Passengers in a Closed Circuit». The following data correspond to this section:
  • First you are going to indicate both the origin and the destination and the intermediate points. Then you will indicate the border crossings that you are going to take, the date on which you will leave and arrive.
  • Additionally, there are the border crossings that you are going to take in relation to the return and the vehicles that are offered.
  • In the following section, which is titled under the name of: «Fleet Modification (High or Low)». In this basically what you have to do is indicate or mark with an X (x) the type of fleet in the boxes that appear with the options next to it.

Part 3:

  • Finishing with the structure and divisions to fill out of this form we have the fourth section and it is: «Vehicle fleet». Here you will also have to indicate, marking with an X (x) several of the columns that are displayed there.
  • Among these columns we have a first one that is from the Taxiway Plate. The next one is regarding SOAT. Later there is another one that is in relation to the CITT and the CAF. Each of these columns have twenty spaces to fill.
  • It is also important to remember that if there are more than twenty (20) vehicles to be offered, you must also attach the relationship between them. Also with your requested data in a pertinent and respective way.
  • At the end they also make you a reminder in which they mention that you must fill in each box with a legible letter and that each data provided is understood. This for due review and processing.

Steps to fill out Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications:

  1. First you must enter your internet search engine, from any smart device in which you have internet access.
  2. You will proceed to enter the link that was indicated in one of the previous sections to be able to download your form correctly and quickly.
  3. Once you have printed your Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications you will continue with the filling process.
  4. It is recommended that it be completed by hand, in ballpoint pen and legible handwriting.
  5. You are going to indicate with the first section with the requested data, and so on with each of the sections. This until you have completed everything successfully and very carefully.
  6. After completing the step of completing all the boxes, you will verify that all the data is correct and where it goes.
  7. You scan it and leave the file saved on your device for the moment you upload it to the platform once it is requested.

What is it for?

The use established by the Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications that is established in the law is what we are going to talk about and expand on in this section of the article. It is important that you pay attention to each of the details that we are going to present to you below, because it is of great relevance to have prior knowledge of said information at the time of processing that paper.

Now, the first thing you should know about the function established for this document is that it will be required for all those who live in Peru. And that its established use is for requests in relation to transport, at an international level, that is, outside of Peruvian territory. This applies to all types of levels, either land or through some other route through which the various activities to be carried out are carried out.

It is also worth noting that this will be applicable for the entire area that belongs to the Southern Cone and also that is within what is known as the Andean Community. Understanding that this is a paper that is used to give a certain type of permission to all those who intend to carry out tasks on the borders of Peru, or wish to move to one of the neighboring countries.

Likewise, it should be noted that there are documents in which you can see missing in terms of the seal, this corresponds to the name of «Lack of requirements». These papers are usually presented by means of a simple request and within a set period of time of about two (2) business days, this maximum.

If this omission is not solved, remembering the time that was established to carry it out, said request will be considered as not submitted. Here we cite article number 136 of the Single Text Ordered in Law number 27444. Also in the Law of General Administrative Procedure and which is approved under Supreme Decree number 004-2019-JUS.

Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru

It The first thing to highlight is that this is an organism that is a governmental entity, through which the functions of being able to connect and integrate the entire territory of Peru are fulfilled. This is achieved through the development of transportation systems offered by the State. Also, it will depend on the infrastructure of all communications and, additionally, telecommunications.

It should also be noted that through it, several documents and forms can be processed, these endorsed by the same entity. The documents that will be processed through this are those related to licenses, exams related to traffic rules.

In the same way, you can make your query regarding your driver’s record, about your medical certificate and revalidate all the documents that are processed and delivered to you through it.

What is Form 001-A / 17?

As we have been reading throughout this article, the Form 001-A / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is a processing document by the aforementioned entity. What is established to be able to define and explain what it is, is that it is a document by means of which you will be granted certain permits to be able to mobilize yourself in border matters.

In this you will specify how this activity will be, the vehicles you will use to carry out your activities and everything related to your identification and that of your transport. It is important that you consider all this that we have mentioned, so that you can carry out your procedure without any problem.

We hope this article has been very useful to you and that all your concerns have been clarified. We will read to you soon!


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