Form 001-D / 17: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

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The Form 001-D / 17 It is a document that is issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in Peru. This has great relevance to all citizens of the country. It is important to note that you must carefully read each of the points to be developed so that you are well informed when processing it.

Next, we are going to develop some helpful points to expand everything related. In this article we will talk about various aspects of the Form 001-D / 17. From its structure, its due filling process, the function it has established to fulfill. Additionally, we will expand on the people to whom the document is directed, what they understand you as Form 001-D / 17.

Stay with us and expand more on the points that we mention in the following sections!

Format of Form 001-D / 17

The Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is a document that is issued by that same entity. You will be able to find it on its virtual platform in a very practical and easy way. Now, in this section we are going to point out each of the things you should know about how this document is, its structure and its download format.

Now we are going to mention where you will be able to obtain and download the form. You can get it through the web platform of the Ministry of Transport and Communications or simply by doing click here. There you will be able to download the document.

Once you have entered your internet search engine and managed to open this document, you are going to download them by clicking on the icon at the top. The format in which it will be downloaded is the most common and practical one known as PDF format.

How to fill out Form 001-D / 17?

Now that you know the format in which you can download the Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Here we are going to tell you everything related to the process so that you can fill it out and complete it successfully.

We will also indicate the divisions that this form has internally and what refers to each of them. Read each one well so that you are clear when you want to carry out your procedure. It is essential that you read in detail and meticulously each of the things that we are going to explain to you below.

In the first place, what we are going to mention in this section is what corresponds to each division that the Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. In total there are three (3) divisions in which the different data that you will have to supply properly and in order are grouped. These divisions are as follows.

Divisions of Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications:

  • In the first section that is presented we have the spaces corresponding to the area in which the form will be operated. And also indicate the countries in which it is going to operate together with the origin.
  • Then comes a second division in which data will be grouped, such as the vehicle fleet.
  • In this section there will be a total of twenty rows or columns in which the vehicles to be used will be placed. You will enter data such as the license plate, the SOAT, the CITV and you will mark the CAF or vehicle.
  • Finally, in the last part there will be the third section. In it will go something called an Andean Policy Contract and Commitment Letter.

In it, a series of spaces will be displayed to complete with data such as the full name, the identification document number. Also the company of which you are the representative, the registration number. Additionally, the legal address and then what refers to the commitment that will be granted to you.

  • What you will have left is to place your respective signature and the national identification document, the DNI.

Procedure to fill out Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications:

  1. First of all, you must review and make sure you have a stable and secure internet connection to be able to download without any problems.
  2. Then you will proceed to enter the internet search engine that is of your preference. From any smart device that has access to connectivity.
  3. Then you can choose to enter the web portal of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Or simply click on the link provided above to directly download the form.
  4. Once you have proceeded with the download, you will open the document and print it.
  5. You will begin to carefully fill in each of the sections and spaces that you must fill and complete
  6. Verify that everything is in order and in the place requested.
  7. You scan it and you will only have to wait for it to be requested to send it, process it and finally be legalized by the respective authorities to that process.
  8. Ready, you will have successfully completed the process of filling the Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Peru.

Usefulness of Form 001-D / 17

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in relation to Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. This function is established in the law and regulations regarding this form and it is exactly what we want to expand on in this section.

It is important that you pay attention to each of the details that we are going to present below, because it is of great relevance to have prior knowledge of said information at the time of processing this paper.

Now that you know the structure, the format and how to fill it out, it is essential that you know that the function that this form has is that of control and registration. The use that will be given to it is to be able to make a request and register activities related to the subject of transportation and border and foreign affairs. It is important to note that this will be applicable at all levels, both terrestrial and some other means that warrant it.

It will be carried out either for commercial activities or for simple mobility between borders. This is considered for all those countries that are within the area called the Southern Cone. And that they are within what is called the Andean Community

This is a form that gives permission to that person who passes through those areas you mention and who intends to carry out activities there. Applies to the borders of Peru and neighboring countries.

Mention must also be made of what is contained in the legislation in which this form, and others that are in the hands of the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications. Form 001-D / 17 is a document that is based on the General Administrative Procedure Law and that is approved under Supreme Decree number 004-2019-JUS.

Who Should Fill It Out?

This is another of the most frequent doubts among people who must and wish to process the Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It is certainly an easy question to answer because this is a document that should be required by any citizen who does activities at the borders.

By this we mean that this form must be requested and obtained by all those Peruvian citizens, whether they are ordinary or natural or legal persons. And that you intend to carry out activities at the border or neighboring countries or that you simply want to move and require this special permit.

Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru

The first thing to highlight is that this is an organism that is a governmental entity, through which the functions of being able to connect and integrate the entire territory of Peru are fulfilled. This is achieved through the development of transportation systems offered by the State. It will also depend on the infrastructure of all communications and, additionally, telecommunications.

In the same way, it should be noted that through it several documents and forms can be processed, these endorsed by the same entity. The documents that will be processed through this are those related to licenses, exams related to traffic rules. Likewise, you can make your query regarding your driver’s record, about your medical certificate and revalidate all the documents that are processed and delivered to you through the same.

What is Form 001-D / 17?

As we have been reading throughout this article, the Form 001-D / 17 of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is a document for registration purposes. Through this same, the citizen is granted a series of permits in order to be able to carry out activities outside their country of origin, that is, Peru.

As well as this form, there are a number of other forms that are similar and that perform the same or similar functions. These are also processed by the same body and it is essential that you know about it. It gives you some benefit to move across the border without major problem.

We hope this article has been very useful to you and that all your concerns have been clarified. We will read to you soon!


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