Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport: Format, Filling and MORE

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Land vehicular traffic is an issue that requires permissive documentation. In the Republic of Peru, the procedure dedicated to granting authorizations in this matter is the Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport. Which is regulated by this Ministry, in charge of governing everything related to land transit in Peruvian territory.

If you want to know more details about this requirement for the land transport of people and goods, stay reading with us. In this opportunity we will tell you what it is, what it is for, who should process it, who issues it and how is the procedure to fill out the Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport.

Find out everything about this Form 002/17!

Format of Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport

The Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport It is a form that can be filled in virtually through the computer. Also, if you want to obtain the format of this document, you can access this PDF file that we attach below, for easy download.

On the other hand, to access the system of the Directorate of Land Transportation Services of the Republic of Peru, you can locate it through this link. Here you can find the annexes for the Form 002/17 updated and have current information at the time of your inquiry.

Filling of Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport

For filling the Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport, It is necessary to complete four (4) sections, which are intended to collect the information required at the time of registration of the procedure.

The first section includes everything related to the applicant’s data, such as the business name, address, type and number of national identity document, RUC number, fixed and mobile contact telephone number and email address. electronic.

If you want any administrative act of this procedure to be notified to you by email, mark with an “X” the corresponding “YES” box.

It is important that you register an email to which you have uncomplicated access, so that it can be used for subsequent communications.

In this same section, the data of the legal representative, names and surnames, domicile address, type and number of identity document are requested. Additionally, you must enter the registration number, the registration date and the location of the registry office.

Next, the second field to complete is the requested service, where you are presented with seven (7) options for you to mark with an «X» the one that meets your requirement.

What are the services that I can access through Form 002/17 from the Ministry of Transportation?

To decide about which service to request through this form, you can check the availability of options, as mentioned below:

  • Authorization to provide transportation service at the national level
  • Authorization renewal
  • Modification of terms in the authorization
  • Enabling the use of a new or replaced vehicle
  • Partial authorization, for eventual land movements of people
  • Partial permit, for eventual land movements of general merchandise
  • Safe conduct for private transport of goods

The third section of the Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport It is associated with the data on the right of the procedure, where you must enter the number of the clearance receipt, the code issued by the bank reference and the date on which the payment was made. These data are provided by the requesting person prior to the delivery of the documents.

And the fourth and last field refers to the affidavit. In which, the applicant grants permission or not, to a representative to present the document to the party table. For this, it is necessary to select the answer with an «X».

If you checked the «YES» option, then also enter the national identity document number, first and last names and the signature of the person who will represent you. However, if you selected the «NO» option, you must leave these fields blank.

Finally, you as the applicant must enter your names and surnames, signature and fingerprint. To certify what is established in the affidavit.

What are the annexes to Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transportation?

To the Form 002/17 Some forms are attached that go according to the type of service requested, so there are attachments for each of them, intended for the request for Authorization, Renewal, Increase or Replacement of vehicle:

  • Annex 002-A / 17: It is used for the regular service of transporting people. On this link You can find the format of this annex and its respective explanation for filling it out.
  • Annex 002-B / 17: It is used for the regular service of land displacement of people. Obtain the format of this worksheet by giving click here, and also discover the procedure to complete its fields.
  • Annex 002-E / 17: It is managed for the land movement of goods in the national territory. Find the format of this annex at this link, and the instructions for filling it.
  • Annex 002-G / 17: It is required for land and private freight transport activities. Access this format through the following link.


  • The information contained must be written in computer print.
  • When presenting the document to an agency of the Ministry of Transportation, it must be in optimal condition, without any amendments, erasures or transcription errors.
  • Make sure you provide all the information that is requested in the fields that are shown in the format of Form 002/17.
  • The fields that you are going to leave blank because they do not correspond to be filled in in your particular case, cross them out with a thick line. In this way, ambiguities are avoided when interpreting the information provided.
  • Attach to this document the annexes that correspond to your type of request.

Who should fill it out?

This form must be completed by persons residing in Peruvian territory, whether they are natives or foreigners. In addition, that they are of legal age (+18 years) and that they have their permissive legal documentation to drive a vehicle, in any of the types of land vehicles.

Likewise, the person interested in obtaining this permit is the citizen who wishes to carry out movements of people (carriers, individuals) or goods (general, public or private) within the national scope.

What is Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transportation used for?

The importance of this form lies in the certification it represents for the person who obtains it. It is a document that certifies that a Peruvian citizen has legal permission to transit within the national territory transporting people and / or public and private goods. In this way, it is guaranteed that an official of the Ministry of Transportation has evaluated the particular case of the driver and has authorized his movement on land roads.

Likewise, it is very useful when requesting a modification in a term that has changed over time in this same form, when it has already been obtained previously. The same happens when the document needs to be renewed.

On the other hand, when an accredited driver with his legal consent to transport goods or people, has made a change of vehicle. Either by theft of the previous one, renewal to improve the standard or personal decision.

So he Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport it is very important for the request to replace the previous data with the current ones. Through this document and its respective annexes, it is possible to keep a registered control on the portion of the population that is dedicated to the transportation of goods within a locality.

As well as its due review of the type of materials that is transported, its characteristics, quantities, places of origin and destination. And everything concerning, in legislative matters, the commercial activity that is part of the supply chain.

Who issues it?

This concession is granted exclusively by the Ministry of Transportation, Communications, Housing and Construction, which is the body in charge of regulating and proposing the guidelines to be followed in terms of land traffic within the territory of Peru.

Land transport includes all types of vehicles that move over land, such as private cars but also cargo trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

What is Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport?

The Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport It is a request for authorization for a Peruvian citizen to provide a ground transportation service in a specific location.

This is a permit granted by the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Peru to carriers for the movement of people and / or goods on land. It does not apply to air or sea transport.

As you got here, now learn much more about the Form 002/17 of the Ministry of Transport. Remember that having this document is of vital importance if you want to make land movements legally within Peruvian territory.

So, if you are dedicated to the transport of people or goods within the land area, you need to request your Form 002/17 of Ministry of Transport. With the indications that we have presented in this article, you can get it whenever you want.

Process your Form 002/17 of Ministry of Transport!


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