Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport: Format, Filling and MORE

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The transport of goods is one of the most important economic activities for a business. Since this allows the respective mobilization of products and merchandise, from the places where they are obtained, to the places where they must be delivered. It is a fundamental service that links the company, with its respective suppliers and with its customers.

It is considered an essential activity in logistics and of course in the supply chain. By working closely with inventory managers, transportation professionals aim to ensure that the business has products available where and when customers seek them. In this article, we will explain everything about the Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport.

Take note, this information is for you!

Format of Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport

The transportation of merchandise is extremely important in the supply chain. But it should be noted that certain inconveniences may occur during the transfer process. For instance:

  • Late deliveries can be sources of complaints and service problems.
  • Products may be damaged during transport.
  • Warehouse staff can load wrong products.

All this can cause some frustration to the client and in a certain way dissatisfaction to the degree of making future purchases from another company. The opposite happens when a company delivers products on time and in excellent condition, as this can generate more confidence in customers.

That is, when the company builds trust with the performance of the service, it can prevent customers from succumbing to competitive offers and promotions. In this way, we have to emphasize that the fact of having the Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport it is also very important.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications, is in charge of and responsible for the evaluation, recognition and granting of rights in terms of infrastructure and services of land transport by road, rail transport, water transport, multimodal transport, related services and complementary activities, through authorizations, permits , licenses, among others.

The Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport It has a series of requested fields that must be filled in correctly (in the next section we will tell you what those data are). You will have to download this document, it will be presented in a PDF file which will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

In this way, you will only have to download the file and start completing the requested fields in legible handwriting. You must refrain from tachons, erasures and amendments, since the relevant authorities will not be able to accept the document.

Filling of Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport

Freight transport is an essential element in logistics. Since the latter involves that part of the supply chain management that is responsible for planning, implementing and controlling the efficient flow and storage of goods.

Transportation provides the flow of inventory from points of origin in the supply chain to destinations or points of consumption. Most companies handle both inbound logistics and outbound logistics. However, the most relevant thing in both cases is that transport is required for its correct execution.

The Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport It has a series of fields that must be filled in correctly to avoid inconveniences, as we had explained previously. In this way, below we will let you know what these fields are.

  • Applicant details.
    • Natural person or legal person.
    • Names, surnames or company name.
    • Legal address (Av, Calle, Jirón, PSJE, N °, DPTO, MZA, LOTE, URB)
    • District, Province, Department.
    • DNI.
    • CE / CI
    • RUC number.
    • Phone or Fax
    • Cell phone and email.
    • Legal representative (names and surnames).
    • Address of the legal representative.
    • DNI / CE / CI of the legal representative.
    • Power of attorney registered in the file / Item No. _______ From the Registry Office of _______.
  • Type of Service requested. This should be marked with an X.
    • General freight transport service.
    • Freight transport on own account.
  • Transmitter’s right.
  • Sworn declaration.
    • Identification document.
    • Surnames and names.
    • Firm.
    • Fingerprint of the authorized person.

These will be the boxes that will appear in the document once you have downloaded. As we explained previously, this will have to be completed with a legible handwriting, without streaks and erasures, since it could lead to the bad time of not accepting the file.

This form is completely free, that is, you will not have to pay to obtain it.

The documents that are attached to this file must have the current date. The documents that are observed as missing in the seal of lack of requirements must be submitted with a simple request within a maximum period of two (02) business days. If the omissions are not corrected within that period, the request is considered as not submitted (Article 125 of Law No. 27444, Law of General Administrative Procedure).

You should be aware that once you print the document, it will contain two pages. One with the fields that must be completed correctly and the other page, with the instructions that must be followed.

What is it for?

The transport service fulfills the function of transporting a certain merchandise from one place to another. This service is part of an entire logistics chain, which will be in charge of placing one or more products at the time and place of the indicated destination.

The Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport It will serve to grant the operating permit for the transport of goods in general, renounce the operating permit for the transport of goods in general, it will allow the vehicle authorization for the transport of goods in general by increase or substitution. In addition, it will help you to carry out the following procedures in case it is a freight transport on your own account.

  • Registration of carriers that transport merchandise from their own accounts and proof of registration.
  • Renewal of operating permits for the transport of goods in general.
  • Modification of the terms of the operating permit for the transport of goods in general due to a change of company name, merger and spin-off.
  • Registration of cargo transportation companies or companies that manufacture explosives for civil use, supplies and related items.

The transport service is known by many as the distribution service, logistics, distribution management, among others; It is an important piece in the economic process of a country, because it will increase or decrease the efficiency of the transport service in the market and this result is reflected in the level of competitiveness and the good service that transport companies offer to the public.

If you have any questions, complaints or problems, do not hesitate to contact the Ministry of Transport and contact the area in charge. The corresponding staff will be responsible for solving any type of inconvenience that may arise quickly, or in that case, they will help you to clear up your doubts.

Who Should Fill It Out?

Freight transport is considered one of the most important strategic sectors for any economy. Likewise, it is considered one of the main engines of the industry and the service sector, since it is obvious that without the existence of a good transport network, an effective exchange of commercial products would not be possible.

The Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport It must be filled out only by the person requesting it, since all the documents that will be requested during the process will be in their name. Likewise, you will also have to make a series of payments at an assigned bank, so the receipts will also be in your name. These payments can be made in:

  • Any banking agency at the national level.
  • In the form of certified check or cashier’s check, they will be payable to Banco de la Nación.
  • In the form of certified check or cashier’s check, they will be payable to the MTC.

What is Form 003/15 from the Ministry of Transportation?

We know that transport consists of the movement of people or goods in a physical space, in which mobility is facilitated, allows accessibility to the territories and has a significant importance in the economic and social development of the country.

Land transport is the most used alternative for short distances. Especially used in developed countries, which have well-adapted infrastructures for road transport. As we said, the existence of a wide road network allows the collection of merchandise and delivery to its destination to be effective.

This sector also includes freight traffic by rail, which is cheaper than by road. The main advantage of land transport is that it allows you to send any type of merchandise due to the balance between price and conservation. Perishable foods are included. It should be noted that it is not the cheapest route, but in moderate quantities it is acceptable for freight transport companies.

The Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport it will allow a person to carry out the transport service in a safe and legal way, granting an operating permit. Or even, if you want to renounce this permission, you can do it through this form.

What are you waiting to apply for the Form 003/15 of the Ministry of Transport? You already have all the information you need!

We wish you the best of luck in your process.


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