Form 010/17: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

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Everything related to the Peruvian railway system is managed through the Form 010/17. For this reason, in this article we leave you information on this subject, and we invite you to continue reading this information of interest.

You will find how the format is, the instructions to complete it, what the Form is, what it is for, what the Ministry of Transport and Communications is and much more information.

Format of Form 010/17

The Form 010/17 o Authorization Form on Railway Infrastructure, is divided into five (5) parts, which are detailed below:

  1. Applicant Data: In this field you must enter the company name, the Unique Taxpayer Registry (RUC) number, the specific address of the residence, the telephone / fax number, the cell phone number and the email address. Also, Information about the legal representative.
  2. The Service being requested: Choose if construction, improvement or rehabilitation is requested.
  3. Elimination of Main Railway Infrastructure: Enter what it is, and the reasons why you are requesting the deletion.
  4. The Right of Procedure: In this space you must enter the Banco de la Nation transaction number and the payment date, prior to the delivery of the documentation.
  5. The Affidavit: You must select with an X, whether or not another person is authorized to consign the return. The data of the person if it is the case, the identity document number, surnames and names, the form of the applicant or the legal representative.

NOTE: The requirements indicated in the sole text of current administrative procedures must be attached.

How to fill out Form 010/17?

To fill the Form 010/17, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Specify home address in the request: Avenue, street, strip, passage, number, block, lot and urbanization.
  • Enter the landline or cell phone number.
  • The attached documentation must be up to date.
  • Fill in all the spaces in print and also sign the affidavit.
  • Any blank space must be crossed out with a line.

General Guidelines for Completing Form 010/17

The documentation observed as missing in the seal (lack of requirements), must be consigned with a simple request. In a maximum period of two (2) business daysIn the case of not correcting the faults in that time, the request is taken into account as not consigned.

This is established in Article 136 of the Single Ordered Text of Law No. 27444, Law of General Administrative Procedure, approved by Supreme Decree No. 004-2019-JUS.

Specific Guidelines for Completing Form 010/17

Field I. The Applicant’s Data

Format for the use of requests for Authorization for the Closure and / or Lifting of railways, and put them at the service of rail structures, and also the development of rail infrastructure.

Present the information as stipulated by SUNAT, the RUC number, and the respective domicile address, the telephone number and email address, if it is considered pertinent for future notifications. Likewise, provide the information of the legal representative, as established in the respective registration item.

The Field II. Required Service

Select with an «X», the requested administrative process, taking into consideration this:

For Process DSTT-001

  • The descriptive memory.
  • The location map, at proportionate level, referring to relevant geographic sites that enable their location.
  • A joint plan, at level 1: 20000, that indicates the path from the beginning to its final site and referring to a geographic coordinate system.
  • The topographic plan of the line at level 1: 20000, which include a strip of the area 40 m wide, with curves to degree with vertical equidistance at 2 m and delimited every 10 m, having the qualities referred to the location of the coordinate with its aspects, location of artistic works and water path.
  • Longitudinal contour, with the respective strokes, at a vertical level of 1: 200 and horizontal 1: 2000. In a thick line and continuing, the vertical line will be reflected, in a fine line of elements the tangents of the vertical curves up to the meeting point.
  • The specific plans of the sewers.
  • Detailed plans of the walls.
  • The specific plans of the bridges.
  • Detailed drawings of the tunnels.
  • The specific plans of the buildings.
  • Qualities of the railway frame.
  • Special analysis.
  • The environmental impression analysis.
  • Technical details.
  • Footage.
  • Unit cost studies.
  • Budget.
  • Work execution schedule.

For Process DSTT-001

Indicate if the infrastructure belongs to: Improvement, Rehabilitation or Construction.

Field III. For Elimination of Main Railway Infrastructure

Present the characteristics of the main infrastructure that will be eliminated, and the reasons that stimulate the request.

Field IV. The Right of Procedure

  1. Present the required information regarding the cancellation rights by the respective management.
  2. The corresponding payment in the Bank of the Nation, is carried out in any of the banking agencies throughout the Peruvian territory.

Field V. The Affidavit

Present information, the number of the National Identity Document (DNI), the name, fingerprint and signature of the authorized individual. In the same way, sign the sworn statement that proves the truth of what has been declared.

What is it for?

This Form is a documentation issued by the Railway Organization, which allows staff to participate in railway activities that are carried out on the roads it handles. In such a way that, this format provides data to the railwaymen.

These must be used to adapt to the trains, with the aim that they have the ability to safely execute the technical components involved. After completion of the training, they will be in charge of managing the trains and protecting the participants.

It is essential that the interested parties record each of the requirements to complement and request admission, and thus carry out the conservation and restoration of the roads. At present, there are different communication alternatives on the portal, and they are adjusted to the requirements and some results of the person.

In such a way that, it is essential to know about these options in order to have contact with the Ministry of Transport and Communications:

  • In the case of wanting to attend personally, the address is the following: Jr. Zorritos 1203 in Lima.
  • Via email address via this link, you have the opportunity to make questions, claims, or complaints.
  • Another way to communicate is through these phone numbers: (o1) 6157800 and (01) 6157900.
  • Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 pm, and on Sundays from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm

Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru

The Ministry of Transport and Communications reports directly to the National Executive. Takes care of connect and integrate the Nation, through the development of transport projects, and also of the structures of both communications and telecommunications.

On the other hand, this institution promotes socio-economic growth, regional, national and international incorporation, the facilitation of trade, the simplification of poverty and mainly, the comfort of the population. It is also in charge of negotiating with both local and regional governments.

East The organization works hard to provide the Nation with an optimal road, land, rail, air and maritime system. Similarly, it enunciates regional plans that will be linked to the RDNFO (National Fiber Optic Backbone Network), and thus grant internet to many more regions.

In addition, through the entities that inspect and attached agencies, it controls the proper management of land, water, air and telecommunications routes.

What are the Entities with which the Ministry of Transport and Communications works?

  • SUTRAN (Superintendency of Land Transportation of People, Cargo and Merchandise). Takes care of regulate the tasks of the transfer of people, merchandise and cargo.
  • APN (National Port Authority). This entity seeks the growth of the springs.
  • CORPAC SA (Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation SA). It is a state company under private law, which deals with nautical and airport services.
  • ENAPU SA (Empresa Nacional de Puertos SA). This is a state company under private law that is in charge of the organization, operation and conservation of ports.
  • SERPOST SA (Servicios Postales del Perú SA). It is a state company under private law, which deals with provide postal services both nationally and internationally.
  • ATU (Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao). This is a specialized technical entity, and its objective is incorporate and coordinate urban public transport in the provinces of Callao and Lima.
  • Promobility (National Sustainable Urban Transport Program). This is an institution that, deals with promote comprehensive transportation systems in the cities.

Functions of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Normative Functions

  1. Issue and renew the rules governing the actions of the railroad.
  2. Conduct the essential standards for stability in the public sector, of the employers who inspect railway activity.
  3. Stipulate patterns that encourage rail system optimization.
  4. Establish basic standards related to the neighborhood and local railway system.
  5. Define the safety standards to be agreed with public railway associations.
  6. Stipulate rules to prevent traffic accidents.

Management Features

  • Ensure consistency with the patterns that guide railroad activities.
  • Organize the development of the railway activity and the public rail system.
  • Grant authorizations to complement the public railway company, when required.

What is Form 010/17?

The Form 010/17, It is an instrument that authorizes request to the body in charge of the management to carry out the rehabilitation and maintenance of the railways. It should be noted that the Ministry of Transport and Communications has the power to inspect in an avant-garde way through computerization.

Thanks to this, the difficulties that arise are few. Which contributes to making it easier to give technical advice, make payments to administrations and enter the application platform. As appointed, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has published a Form on its web portal.

The Form 010/17 It is issued by the General Directorate of Authorizations in Transport, which is a body that depends on the MTC.

To complete the Form, it is necessary to attach the necessary requirements to be able to present this procedure to the aforementioned Directorate and for this management to be a success.


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