Form 04: Presentation, Steps to Fill It Out and MORE

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The Form 04 It is a very important document, as it can be used to carry out the process of modifying the address of whoever is the owner of the car or anyone related to it. National Register of Rural Lands (RNTR). That is why today we will be explaining everything you should know about it, so that you can fill it out correctly.

Consequently, we will explain how you should present it, how to fill it out and what it is for. Likewise, we will indicate if it has any cost, if it is mandatory and many other things that will be useful to do this procedure. Stay with us!

How is Form 04 Submitted?

With respect to Presentation of Form 04, the truth is that it is a very simple procedure. You can get the form online and fill it out from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. You can also purchase it at the same office where you are going to do the procedure, as part of it.

This comfort when it comes to fill out forms it is something very recent, but very effective. Those interested have the opportunity to acquire the forms they need on the internet and present them as validly as possible.

Without a doubt, this not only saves time, but also ensures better management. Often times the forms can even be filled out in real time and submitted online for inspection. The applicant must not go anywhere. A) Yes, technology in paperwork management it has become a very powerful tool.

But going back to our form. If you will do the process of changing the address of the owner of a vehicle, then this document will be delivered to you at the office if you do the process in person.

This office corresponds to Sectional Register where the car is located. You will also have to complete Form 59 and make the payment of the processing fee.

To summarize, it can be presented in the following ways:

  • Acquiring it on the internet and presenting it in the registry.
  • Going to the corresponding office and filling it out right there. The advantage of this route is that you can fill it with immediate help.

On the other hand, for those who are going to Modification of Condominiums Before the National Registry of Rural Lands (RNTR), they can present it by post. You should go to the nearest post office with the envelope that contains all the documentation for the process.

It is sent exactly to Special Section N ° 7, Branch C0076 Courts 1 CF, Paraná N ° 777 CPA C1017AAO.

Steps to Fill Form 04

Now let’s talk about Steps to Fill Form 04. In this section we will explain how to fill out this document and, by the way, you will know what data it includes. Although filling it out is very simple, it will probably be even more so if you pay attention to what we will tell you below.

Please note that it is a form interactive. That is, you can fill it out even if it is in PDF format. What’s more, you don’t even need to download it, just filling it out and printing it directly is enough. As a result, it is recommended not to do it with a pen or pencil, unless so indicated in the office where you will do the procedure.

The Form you can find by entering the link. Once there, you are ready to fill it. Let’s see!

  • Applicant details It is the first section that you must fill out. Corresponds to the data of the submitter of the form. You must enter your full name, type and number of identification document, CDI / CUIL / CUIT, telephone, fax, email and postal address.
  • Likewise, you must enter the nature of the procedure, the registration and who issued it.
  • Property data: here are the new data of the new address of the property. You must inform of its exact location (province, department, party, town and location. You must also indicate its surface (Ha), registration, real estate title and cadastral nomenclature.
  • Almost to finish, you can go on to fill the section of Owner Information. In this case, you must inform about the property, basically about your ownership. These vary depending on whether it is a natural or legal person.
    • Surname and names, Doc, Percentage of ownership.
    • Denomination / company name, Registration and date, Who granted legal status, Percentage of ownership.
  • Finally, you will find the signature and certification of the firm. At the same time, the place and date are included.

Once you complete it, you only have to print it and present it. You can only do the procedure in person. That is, the online option to do it using this form has not yet been enabled, either by email, on the web portal or on a specific platform.

However, if it is true that you can make the change of address on the web, although by submitting other forms. click here to know more about it.

There you will have to pay the cost of the procedure, which we will talk about later. For now, as you can see, it is a very easy document to fill out. It does not have major requirements, only the basic data.

Is Form 04 Required?

Is Form 04 mandatory? Yes. That is, for the change of address of the owner of a car, if he performs the procedure in person then he must fill it out and deliver it together with Form 59.

However, if you carry out the management in a blended way, then you must fill out form 08, the application type TP and form 59, without having to fill out form 04.

For the procedures before the National Registry of Rural Lands, this document is mandatory to make the Change of Domain of a Property. In fact, it is vital.

But back to the automotive. It is important for the official entities of the country to know where the owner of the car is domiciled. Many times it may seem like a pointless procedure, but the truth is that it is not.

The same Argentina law establishes that the registry of vehicle owners must have up-to-date information. For this reason, if they change their place of residence, they must communicate it as soon as possible.

Likewise, you must be registered in the General Directorate of Transit and in the rest of the records that correspond to it. Compliance with the laws that regulate traffic, motor vehicle registration, etc., is mandatory.

In addition, if a person is wanted for a certain reason … It may be that he has overdue obligations, you have carried out a crime, he needs to receive information, and so on. Endless things. In these cases it is necessary that the competent authority be able to locate the owner of the vehicle involved in the matter.

The police would have access to this information, if strictly necessary. Having updated databases, in all areas, is undoubtedly very important to work efficiently.

What is it for?

The Form 04 serves to manage Address change of the Holder of a Vehicle. If you have a motorcycle or a car, and you change your place of residence, then you will need to present this form if you do the process in person.

This is the use that is given to the document. Again, only in the case that the management is done in an office.

Likewise, it is also important that you know that only the owner can carry out the procedure. This, in addition, must present other requirements, which are:

  • Identification document. It can be the DNI, Passport, CI of the country of origin. Obviously, it varies depending on whether you are a national or a foreigner.
  • Documents proving representation. This is if the procedure is done by an attorney or legal representative if it is a legal person.
  • Title and identification of the vehicle.
  • Document that allows to prove the change of residence. It can be a copy of the title of the property, rental contract, proof of payment of some service, and so on.

On the other hand, it is also used to make the Modification of Condominiums. This procedure is administered the National Registry of Rural Lands (RNTR). As its name or indicates, it is done when there is a variation in the owners of a property. Of course, as long as this is attentive to what is established in the Law 26,737.

These are generally the uses that are given to them to Form 04. And you? What other uses do you know of them? Note that Form 04 can be used to name other forms, so you always have to be careful.


The Processing costs they may vary depending on whether it is a vehicle or motorcycle. These fees also involve a series of procedures that are carried out within the same procedure of change of address of the holder.

As a result, you will get that you will have to pay:

  1. Signature certificate.
  2. Address change.

However, Form 04 specifically may be free. How? If the signature is certified and the procedure is presented in the Sectional Register, then you don’t have to pay anything. That is, it is free and now, since you will not do the procedure online. Or at least not involving this form.

Finally, for the process before the RNTR, the cost will vary depending on when you present the document.

What is Form 04?

The Form 04 It is a document that is used to complete the process of changing the address of a person who owns an automobile. However, it is only used when the process is done in person, since doing it semi-in person involves other forms.

It is also used for the processing of Change of Condominiums before the National Registry of Rural Lands (RNTR). Our recommendation is that you go to the Sectional Registry and fill out the form right there, while before the RNTR if you send it by mail if it is more comfortable for you.

Until next time!

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