Form 1.47 before ANSES: How it is, Filling and MORE

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If you have minor children read this article related to Form 1.47 before ANSES. Review what the form looks like, how you should fill it out correctly, and where you should go to complete the form.

Know in detail the information and documentation that must be consigned together to form 1.47. If your case does not apply to fill out the form, you surely know someone who does apply or has a family member who can take steps to process the help obtained with the correct completion of form 1.47.

How is Form 1.47 before ANSES?

In this section we will explain in detail the sections of the Form 1.47 before the Anses. Here are the indications regarding form 1.47:

Personal and Relationship Data Update Section


Argentines or foreigners with permanent residence in the country. They must place the DNI, LC or LE in original and copy.

If you do not have the aforementioned document, you must provide proof of the document in process or present any other document issued by an official entity and where the names, surnames, date of birth and number of the corresponding document (identity card, license of driving, passport, among others).

Section Accreditation of links with the owner of AUH

In the following cases:

  • For the Child born in Argentina, you must include the data of the Act or the Birth Certificate in original and copy.
  • For children born abroad who must record the Act or Birth Certificate translated, legalized or apostilled in original and copy.
  • In case of Child holding, present in original and copy or the Judgment or the agreement between the parties, duly legalized before a justice mediator registered by the Ministry of Justice, before a Notary Public or before the competent justice.
  • Guard, must be consigned in original and copy of the testimony of the sentence or of the Guardian Certificate issued by the corresponding authority.
  • GuardianshipAlso consign the original and copy of the Custody Certificate.
  • Legal guardianship, which corresponds to parents under 18 years of age and their children are subject to the Guardianship of grandparents. They must consign original and copy of the Birth Certificate of each one of the minor parents; likewise, the child’s birth certificate in original and copy.
  • In the cases of Adoption, present the original and a copy of the Adoption Judgment.
  • If you are in charge of Universal Assignment, You must provide the judicial summary information or the report issued by the entity in charge in this case the Ministry of Social Development where it indicates:
  • Consanguineous relationship between them, for example uncle, brother, grandfather.
  • Indicate the coexistence with the minor or elderly with a disability that is under their responsibility.
  • Indicate if you do not have a legal guardian, guardian or curator.
  • Likewise, you must indicate the start date of the relationship.

Affidavit of the responsible adult

Whoever is in charge of the minor, child or adolescent, must sign the Affidavit once a year. In this way you are reporting the employment situation you are in.

According to the Education, has to go to the educational center where the minor attends to complete the corresponding data and certify compliance with the school year. This section is mandatory for those over five years of age, without disabilities.

In the section of Vaccines and Health Controls, has to go to the healthcare center closest to your home, so that they certify the due fulfillment of the sanitary and vaccination controls. Children under the age of six must be enrolled in the Plan Nacer.

To complete the form, you must use black or blue ink pens. The signatures on the form must be clear. Also, avoid erroneous data, do not cross out, delete or make amendments to the form.

Filling out Form 1.47 before ANSES

To make the correct filling of the Form 1.47 before ANSES, which is the entity called the National Social Security Administration, you must bear in mind that you need to have the notebooks related to Form 1.47 available. In other words, you must have all the universal assignment books for each of your children.

It’s a process that is carried out annually, where you must make the call well in advance to any of the numbers specified in the web portal. Likewise, you can request the appointment through the web portal.

Subsequently, the entity in charge of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), is in charge of making the monthly payments of 20%.

To fill out Form 1.47 before ANSES, you must follow the following steps:

  • Perform the download form 1.47, related to the education and health book. This form can be found in printed form at ANSES agencies or delegations.
  • put the ID and personal data.
  • Indicate the contact information, phone number and email.
  • Has to present health checks and vaccines. This section once completed must be signed by doctors of hospital enrollment.
  • You can apply in the same way with each of the application charges.
  • In the case of children under five years of age, they must appear before the SUMAR Program.
  • When it comes to education, this is a type of program that you must complete, sign and seal each of the schools.

What is it for?

The Form 1.47 before ANSESIt is a form that must be completed correctly by the parents or representatives of the minor children or represented, it must be updated since this information will be in the ANSES system.

This form 1.47 It is essential if you want to be part of the Universal Assignment program for each child. It is an aid that aims to serve families with children under 18 who are studying.

This monthly benefit seeks to pay for everything related to the health and education of minors. Parents must be receiving a salary no higher than the minimum salary.

Printing of Form 1.47 before ANSES

To download and print the form, people must go to the ANSES official platform, this is in the case of people who are not registered. To do this, they must do the following:

  • You must go to the integral unit of action that is best for you to go because of the proximity to your home.
  • You must carry the original birth certificate and copy of the children to be able to enjoy the benefit.
  • Record the marriage certificate parental.
  • Also, include the DNI of the family group.

In case people are registered in the web portal, they will not have any problem if they want to print the form. To formalize the registration, they only need to do the following:

  • Do the printing of form 1.47.
  • You must take it to schools or children’s education center for the signature and completion of the corresponding information.
  • Parents must go with their children to the health center so that they validate the sanitary controls and verify the control of the vaccines and deliver the certificates.
  • You must go to a ANSES office with prior shift request, with the form to verify the information.
  • On the date corresponding to the assigned shift, people must do the presentation of documentation correspondent.

What is ANSES?

The National Administration of Social Security or ANSES, is a national entity, state agency in charge of the policy of the Republic of Argentina in the area of ​​Social Security.

ANSES is in charge of granting retirements and pensions, family allowances, family allowances to active and retired workers, unemployment benefits financed by the National Employment Fund. It is also in charge of carrying out different Social Security programs.

This institution allows to guarantee the maintenance and payment of the value of retirement assets and contribute with the realization of investments in the maintenance of resources.

This entity called ANSES is committed to responding to society in a framework based on solidarity and directed to Social Security.

What is Form 1.47 before ANSES?

The Form 1.47 before ANSES It is nothing more than a document in which the parents or representatives of minors must empty and update the requested information, to then be registered in the ANSES system.

Filling out Form 1.47 is mandatory to qualify for the Universal Child Allowance program. It is a program aimed at families with children under 18 who are studying, to receive the monthly benefit and can pay for health and education expenses.

Parents who qualify for this program must receive a salary less than the official minimum salary established by the Argentine state. The amount to be received is given to one of the parents, usually to the mother and she receives 80% of the amount. Being then 20% which is canceled at the time of presenting the Universal Child Allowance booklet to verify school attendance and due medical controls.

You already know more clearly who should receive the help provided by this program and for which the Form 1.47 before ANSES.

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