Form 1000 Payment Slip: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The Form 1000 Payment Slip It is a document that fulfills multiple purposes regarding mandatory payments. Also, these cancellations can vary between fines, tax rates, surcharge views, among others. With which, it is necessary that you keep up to date, as to what is the right time to proceed with these payments.

In the same way, this data remains inclined towards tax cancellations. That is, it corresponds to those orlinked operations directly with tax burdens in Bolivia. Such as IVA, RC, among others. If you are interested in this document, we suggest you continue reading. Next we will indicate how you should fill it and more.

How is Form 1000 Payment Slip?

First of all, it is essential to tell you, in the first place, what the Format of the Form 1000 Payment Slip. Likewise, these indications can help you to recognize which are the respective personal and general data, which you must detail in it. With which, the necessary aspects that you must fill in, once you start the process, are the following:

Header of the Payment Slip

  • Number of order
  • Tax identification number
  • Month, year and date
  • Operation
  • Tax Code
  • Form code that pays
  • Post
  • Quota Number

Aspects Detail

  • Debt Amount
  • Maintenance of Value
  • Default Interest
  • Fine for Breach of Formal Duties

  • Fines for Increase in Tax Determined in the Rectifying Affidavit
  • Penalty for Failure to Pay
  • Total
  • Available Balance of Payments to Clear
  • Cash payment

How to get it?

In the same way, it is essential that you take into account how you can obtain the Form 1000 Payment Slip. Thus, this corresponds to the actions you must take to proceed with its download respective in a PDF format. Therefore, we will immediately tell you what you must do to possess this physical document:

  • First, you must search through the web browser of your choice for the Official page of the National Tax Service
  • Then, you must access the option Virtual office located on the home screen
  • Once you have accessed the previous alternative, you must click on the option Declared jurisdictions
  • Thus, this is within the tools of Taxpayer Service
  • Next, you must enter each of the data suggested by the system

  • Such as number of tax information, username, password, security code that will appear on the screen
  • Then, press the option Log in and continue with the process
  • Immediately, you should access the option Others Forms, located in the central part of the next screen
  • Subsequently, you must proceed to enter each of the data suggested
  • Such as specific taxes, time period and other form
  • After doing this you must click on the blue box of To declare located on the right side of the screen
  • Finally, once you have completed each of the aforementioned indications, you can proceed to start filling the Form 1000 Payment Slip

Steps to Fill Out Form 1000 Payment Slip

In the same way, once you consider the above information, it is necessary that you also take this into account, to complete the Form 1000 Payment Slip in the right way. Therefore, it is necessary that you comply with each of the indications that we will mention in this section. Thus, the steps that comprise the filling process are:

  • First of all, in the Headboard of the form, you must specify who the taxpayer is using the receipt
  • Then, you must proceed to place the number corresponding to the order and complete it directly in the system
  • As well as the corresponding Tax Identification Number
  • Date on which this procedure was carried out, located in each box, especially day, month and year
  • Next, you must continue adding the information about the payment, highlighting the following points

  • You must place the action to be carried out, the code related to the tax and the form to be canceled
  • Also, you must identify the respective order number for this procedure, the load and the respective quota number
  • Also, in detail, you must specify the key points of payment of tax services
  • Such as the amount added to the respective debt, the value of interest and maintenance
  • Likewise, fines for not complying with certain duties and increasing taxes
  • The penalties, in case you have missed certain payments
  • Finally, in the section of All, you must determine the sum of the aspects mentioned above and specify the payment method that you will make

How to Pay with Form 1000 Payment Slip?

On the other hand, regarding the payment in the Form 1000 Payment Slip, this is usually the last point to execute so that you finish with the process. Therefore, it is necessary that you use this form 1000, in which you must execute the notification of the payment of duties.

Thus, when you have highlighted each box with the corresponding information, as indicated above, continue selecting the «Accept» option. After that, it is necessary that confirm the information to make sure everything is found correctly. In this way, you can rectify some errors, as the case may be.

Next, a button will appear on the screen that you must select, and finally you must pay the amount shown in the spreadsheet. Finally, to proceed to pay the Form 1000 Payment Slip, you need to observe the number displayed by the system.

At the same time, you can choose to to print files or payment forms. With which, it is essential that you know the payment objects related to the tax on services. So, once you have understood that the form is correctly completed, your payment will be valid.

Bolivia Tax Calculator

The National Tax Service, in its system, provides as an alternative of use a calculator. Whereupon, people can use this to find out the upcoming taxes to pay. Likewise, the calculator is electronic and each taxpayer uses it to verify each calculation to avoid errors.

Similarly, the use of this application is very useful to ensure that the process is running in relation to the statement sworn respective. That is why, among the most important aspects to consider, it is proposed that in order to use this application you must use certain values ​​as a reference.

These reference values ​​are usually those provided by the central bank located in Bolivia, and can be effective when the results are obtained. Thus, this is only a tool to verify and confirm the information that is used throughout the process.

Finally, we suggest that you personally perform each calculation in the return. Thus, the confirmation process is very useful and can be used online, which is even easier. In this way, you can have the guarantee of having carried out this procedure satisfactorily and without errors.

Frequent questions

What can I pay with this Form?

What stands out among the characteristics that make up the Form 1000 Payment Slip is that it can be used to generate payments. However, it is essential that you take into consideration the types of cancellations that you can do, since each payment method corresponds to a different form. Therefore, the payments that you can execute are:

  • Fines
  • Aggravated sanctions or punishments
  • For taxpayer-related fraud cases

  • Incitement not to abolish taxes
  • For not complying with a certain seal
  • So you can make certain additional payments

What is its validity period?

In this sense, it is necessary to tell you that the Form 1000 Ballot Payment no has a time limit. As long as you have not filled out the form, there will be no problems. Because, the taxpayer is the one who must cancel the specific payment point. Such as sanctions, fines, payments related to fiscal services provided at the national level.

Can I deliberately make this statement?

This is not possible due to deficiencies and fines, or when tax services are needed. That is why, first of all, you must take into account that this payment method no it is for tax purposes only. On the contrary, Bolivians can make certain mistakes and must use Form 1000 as compensation.

Therefore, with these points it can be emphatically pointed out that the error is also given directly by the Department tax. Thus, it can be solved by executing the corresponding procedure according to the fault committed. Thus, it is important to specify the situation, that is, the identity of the taxpayer in relation to the entity that will be produced.

What is Form 1000 Pay Slip?

The Form 1000 Ballot Payment is a document in template form regarding the tax payments what you do. Such as taxes, fines, aggravated payments, among other aspects. With which, it is necessary that you take into account its correct procedure. Therefore, we suggest that you complete the instructions that we propose here. Their functions are:

  • Cancel mandatory procedures
  • Serve as proof of said procedures
  • These payments must be directly linked to the type of tax cancellation what should you do
  • Also, it serves for the moments in which you do not make certain payments on time
  • These payments may correspond to VAT rates, RC VAT, among others.

We hope you make your cancellations with the greatest success!


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