Form 1057: How it is, Completed and MORE

The Form 1057 corresponds to the Vehicle Patent Affidavit. It is used for various procedures that have to do with the automobile and which are handled by the Provincial Tax Administration (API). It is carried out in the province of Santa Fe and is used by the API to control the control of a vehicle.

We are talking about a very important document. For this reason, today we will explain how to download it, how to fill it and what it is for. Additionally, we will be telling you about who issues it and many other things you need to know to present this document. Stay with us!

How to Obtain Form 1057?

The Form 1057 it is very easy to acquire. You can get it on the official website of the Province of Santa Fe, to process it right there, print it and present it with the rest of the requirements. In this way you complete the process.

You have two (02) ways to acquire it: using the link that we will provide you to go directly to the form or by following the steps that we will indicate below. It can be through the procedures section, in the AFIP.

Let’s start with the link. Access the Form 1057 entering the link that we have left you. You can fill it out and print it right there in A4 sheet format. You can use this route, but you can also guide yourself through the other as you see fit. You may even feel more secure accessing from the official site.

Let’s see!

  • To begin, enter the web portal of the Santa Fe Province.
  • Once there, you must locate yourself and select the option of Services. Next, you have to click on Procedures Portal.
  • A list of the most common procedures and a search engine will appear: Search of Procedures. Sign in 1057 and click on Look for.
  • Choose the appropriate option:
    • Taxpayers
    • Heads of State.
    • Municipalities and Communes (exclusive).
  • You will be redirected to the procedure page. You just have to click on Perform this Online Procedure.
  • You need Fiscal key to fill out the form. For this reason, you must click on the corresponding option to go to the AFIP website.
  • Once on the page, locate the service of: API-SANTA FE-PATENT: AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE PROCEDURES.
  • There you can fill out the form.

As you see, the requirements to access form 1057 They are: having a Fiscal Code and having the corresponding service enabled. The guide to enable the services can be found on the AFIP page> Step-by-step guides.

Once you complete it, you must print it and present it in the DNRPA Sectional Registry Santa Fe. You must bring with you the other information on the process (in addition to Form 1057).

Finally, you must approach the Municipality or Commune where the vehicle will be located. You must bring the authorized form, vehicle title, ID and, if it is a 0km, purchase invoice.

The opportunity to fill out the document from a digital platform can be beneficial in many ways. First, you can fill it out from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. In addition, you will find extensive information regarding the procedure, not only here but on the official pages.

This is a breakthrough in managing procedures in the public sector. It is especially advantageous if the time factor is taken into account, because if you know how to fill it then you will be saving it. Without a doubt it is an improvement in the processing, not only of this form, but of many others.


Being an Affidavit, you cannot omit or falsify data.

If you print it and fill it out by hand, it should be with a black ink pen, using block letters. Crossouts or amendments will not be accepted.

Filling out Form 1057

Now let’s talk about filling out Form 1057. This is probably the most important aspect that we will be dealing with today. The truth is that many people find that filling out this document can be very complicated, especially when ordering codes.

We will try to explain the fields that you must fill out and we will also offer you the tools so that you can learn more about this document and how to fill it out. Let’s see!

  • To start with, we have the Document Identification Data. Obviously here you should not put anything. It is the official name of the form and the logo of the organizations involved.
  • Then you will find the field to enter the Commune. You can get the Code by clicking here. It is important that you know that if it is a process of change of location, the code of the vehicle seller goes.
  • The Tramit number It is completed by the corresponding body. You should not enter anything.
  • Next, a box will appear. This corresponds to all Formalities what you can do with this form. You must select the one you are going to manage.
  • Next to the procedure, certain letters will appear in the column of Items. These letters are the items that must be completed on the form. We will explain each of them to you.
  • A: Vehicle Identification. You must enter the check digit and the patent. Obviously, if it is a 0km car, the space is left blank. If not, enter the domain, script, code.
  • B: Vehicle Features. You must put the basic data and necessary codes. These are the make, model, model year, vehicle type, invoice date, empty weight. You will also find: engine type and number ™, power (HP or C), vehicle type code, vehicle price 0km and empty weight.
    • If it is a passenger or cargo vehicle, then you must indicate the requested information.
    • CF: 0 if it was manufactured in the country (0), if it was imported (1) or assembled outside the factory (2).
  • C: Owner’s Data. Here are the information of who will be the owner. This can be a natural or legal person. These are basic data, some fields are only filled if applicable.
  • D: Address. It is nothing more than the location of the car owner. If something doesn’t apply, put a dash.
  • E: Motor Change. Make, number, type of engine and if it is gasoline, diesel or CNG
  • F: Total Low. Only put in keywords because of the unsubscription.
  • G: Previous Owner Information. Enter the CUILT / CUIT or CDI, full name, type and number of identity document and address.
  • H: Patent Number Change. You must place the one that appears registered in the register and then the true one.
  • Finally, the full name of the attorney-in-fact or owner of the car and this signature is placed. Yes there are Observations, you enter them in the corresponding section.

To know the codes and take advantage of a more in-depth view of the completion, go to this link. They are not complicated at all and it will help you a lot. Do not complicate yourself! Knowing this and complementing with the information that appears when you click on the link, you will have everything you need to fill out Form 1057.

Payment Information on Form 1057

There is another area that we do not mention. This corresponds to the Details of payment. This section should not be completed by the applicant. It is there to be filled out by the agency where you are submitting the processing request.

What is it for?

The Form 1057 it is an extremely useful document. It is used to carry out numerous procedures, as you will already know if you have already accessed the document and saw the list that will appear as soon as you open it. It cannot be said that it is used for a single procedure, but that you can use it for many. That is why it is important that you invest your time in knowing how to fill it out.

They are more than thirty (30) procedures those that you can request. Let’s see!

  • Motor change
  • Transfer within the province
  • Change of Address Within the province
  • Leave due to death
  • Low change of address outside the province
  • High 0 Km. Previous year model
  • Change of National Patent Sheet
  • Low transfer out of the province
  • Total Destruction / Claims
  • Transfer Report
  • File a Sales Report
  • High zero km.
  • Sale Report
  • Low due to aging and communal veneer
  • Low for Theft
  • Incorrect Data Correction
  • Low for improperly appearing
  • High for not appearing in SPI
  • Theft Report
  • High income to the province with Free Debt
  • High entry to the province

All these procedures can be managed by using Form 1057. If you own a vehicle, it is very likely that you will have to do at least one of these at some point.

Who Issues It?

The Provincial Tax Administration (API) It is who is in charge of issuing Form 1057 to the province of Santa Fe.

As its name implies, it is in charge of everything concerning taxes in the area. Specifically, of the determination, collection, inspection, judicial collection and return of taxes that are the responsibility of individuals, as established in the Tax Code.

If these tax obligations are not fulfilled, then this entity is authorized to apply the pertinent sanctions. You should not violate what is established in the legal regulations of the State.

Finally, you should know that the support of the National Directorate of Automotive Property (DNPA) works in many procedures. Form 1057 goes into this.

What is Form 1057?

The Form 1057 It is a document that is used to carry out more than thirty procedures in the province of Santa Fe. Actually, in a form in PDF format that can be filled out and printed online.

This undoubtedly facilitates the completion of all these procedures. The interested party should only know how to fill it out and present it. The steps following its completion are to authorize the document in the DNPA Sectional Registry and then in the Municipality, API or Commune.

The additional requirements will depend on the procedure you are doing, as well as the payment of the fee. In addition, you must use the form once you fill it out in the DNPA.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for. You now have the tools to work with this document.

Until next time!

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