Form 1246 of the Anti-Corruption Office: Procedure, What it is and MORE

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This article will explain everything related to Form 1246 of the Anti-Corruption Office. This form is very important in the Argentine territory, which has been carried out for citizens who are married. In addition, to have children who are under 18 years of age.

If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend that you read on so that you can take note.

How to process Form 1246 from the Anti-Corruption Office?

It is very important to note that in Argentina they have made the decision to implement one of the most faithful and updated regulations. Its purpose is to prevent a person from being arrested or punished. Without first going to a debate in the Anti-Corruption office.

They must bear in mind that this is not something serious. This process has been used like others so that citizens can get to carry out their procedures in the best way.

People who need to process the Form 1246 of the Anti-Corruption Office, you must comply with the following:

  • First the citizen must collect the necessary documentation such as: your parental identity document, a copy of the birth certificate of each child you have, it is usually recommended bring the original also for safety.
  • You must present the labor certification of each of the citizens who have worked in the family group.
  • Attach the personal behavior references, They must be of close people, except the family.
  • If the citizen has a vehicle, he must attach the documentation to prove it.
  • When you have all the documents, you must enter the web portal of the AFIP. You should consider having your Fiscal key on hand.
  • After that, you must access between the forms that are presented for the returns, and then choose one of the options of the web portal. Then it will give you the option of New to be able to get out of the top flap.
  • Finally, it must be possible to identify each of them of the organisms.

Fiscal key

People who want to obtain their tax code, must first enter the following link. When you have entered you should look in the menu for the option to «Tools, then request and / or recover the tax code«.

Next you must scan the code of your Identity Document (DNI) and take pictures of your face.

Also request your tax code by downloading the application «My AFIP» that is available on any mobile device, for any operating system, either Android or IOS. In addition, an important requirement is to have your ID in card format and be of legal age.

If you wish to request your tax code in person, you must present the Form 206 Multinota in some AFIP offices must comply with the following indications:

  • Must be Argentines by birth or naturalized. Attach your copy and original of your digital ID.
  • People who are foreigners must attach a copy and original of their identity document from their country of birth, passport or identity card Mercosur (if it is a bordering country).
  • Foreigners domiciled in Argentina, either in a way temporary or transitory that do not contain DNI. They must attach an original and a copy of the identity card, certificate or proof that shows the file number assigned by the National Directorate of Migration.

What is Form 1246 from the Anti-Corruption Office for?

They may have the doubt to think What is Form 1246 from the Anti-Corruption Office for? But for a long time there were problems of corruption between parents and children. But most of the time this happened because the parents are separated.

For this, the Form 1246 of the Anti-Corruption Office It must be completed by people who are married or living with their partner or have minor children.

The procedure for processing this form is very simple, it will be responsible for presenting an anti-corruption debate. This is due to the fact that cases of corruption can occur in families.

Hence, the Form 1246 of the Anti-Corruption Office it is important to discover cases of corruption in a family, whether they are united or separated.

At the end when the debate takes place, citizens must present the Form 1246 of the Anti-Corruption Office, with the required documentation.

Form expiration

It is important for citizens to note that the forms they fill out or request have expiration dates. In the case of Form 1246 of the Anti-Corruption Office has a validity of at least one year.

If the year has passed, the citizen will have to carry out the procedure again to process it. Because as time goes by, this document is not presented as validTherefore, they need to do the procedure again.

It should be noted that citizens who have not completed the process or, in that case, left it in the middle, should know that, after a while, they will not be able to resume it again. returns null.

For these reasons, it is recommended that citizens start the process when they need it, in the simplest and fastest way. But if the person presents any circumstance according to the process, there may be the possibility that the citizen presents a letter of withdrawal.

Frequent questions

Citizens can always generate all kinds of doubts regarding the form 1246, therefore we will answer you below:

Question 1: What are the forms that I must submit?

When the citizen goes to the presentation of the procedure, he must bear in mind that he must bring two forms which are: Form F-1245 and F-1246.

The form F-1245 It is a document that has personal, patrimonial information and the employment history of each person. Instead, the form F-1246 It will be used by people in cases where they are married or have a family with minor children.

In the event that the person submits each and every one of the forms of the affidavits, it may correspond to one of the taxes that is directed to the profits or assets of the AFIP.

Question 2: How does the person introduce it the first time?

First, the citizen must enter the website of the AFIP, then you must take into account that the tax code is at least in one of the levels 2.

Next, the person must access the form F-1246, in order to choose one of the web portal options and then the New option to be able to exit the upper flap.

You have to identify each of the agencies, in this case the Anti-Corruption office. It is important to note that the person who is present, it is not necessary to use form 1246 because it only applies to people who are married and have minor children.

Question 3: How is the fiscal period selected?

To file an Initial, Annual or Low Affidavit for at least 2016 or previous years, you must follow these steps:

  • In the initial cases of the years 2013 to 2016 , people should keep in mind that they have to select each of the positions and functions that they have registered at that time.
  • In the case of the annuals that entails in the years 2012 to 2016, citizens must select each of the fiscal periods corresponding to that particular year.
  • For the initial or withdrawn DDJJs in the year 2017, citizens must comply with the obligations regarding the new form that was implemented in that year.

What is Form 1246 from the Anti-Corruption Office?

The Form 1246 of the Anti-Corruption OfficeIt is one of the most important documents that they implemented for citizens who are married, as well as if they have children under 18 years of age.

It works to present the Affidavits, only that those who are married and with children, must process and take the 1246 form.

To conclude, this form is essential for families with children in Argentina, if this is your case, you must complete this document as soon as possible.

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