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The Form 13 in Argentina, it is a document that streamlines the purchase and sale of vehicles in the country. This is a market that has grown a lot in recent years and due to the high consumption of the automotive sector, the authorities request the acquisition of forms to proceed with these procedures.

Here you will find out about what it is, how to obtain it, requirements they request and much more. Keep reading so you don’t miss it!

What is it?

The Form 13 It is a traffic violation and patent debt free report. It can be taken as an Affidavit of the buyer or the person who will obtain the new vehicle.

This documentation shows the records of a truck, motorcycle, vehicle and another that is included in the automotive sector in Argentina.

The bodies in charge of registering this type of document are the National Directorate of Automotive Registration and Pledge Credits (DNRPA) in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport. They are then in charge of processing the appropriate forms to initiate the transfer of a car.

How to Get Form 13?

Having clear the requirements or procedures that must be carried out in advance to obtain this form is one of the first things that are needed.

Also, find out about the requirements and conditions that request the National Directorate of Automotive Registration and Pledge Credits (DNRPA) and the Ministry of Transport it should be one of the first things done to start this management.

An automotive domain report must be generated urgently to verify the registration status of the vehicle within the Argentine automotive system, before requesting the form.

The purchase amounts that are established for the purchase of vehicles must be legal and if it exceeds the amount of $ 1,800,000, the incorporation of the buyer to the single FIU file is necessary to convert the amount into bequeath.

To request reliable information, it is best to go directly to the main office of the Ministry of Transportation located in the City of Buenos Aires. Yirogoyen Avenue. Number 250. Palacio de Hajando, 21st floor.

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 1pm.

Requirements to Obtain Form 13

All the documents required to complete the process are important and essential to obtain the document without delays or any other inconvenience.

The Form 13 shows the registration information that the vehicle system has so that the interested person or organization has an automotive reference.

Next, the list of requirements requested by the DNational Directorate of Automotive Registration and Pledge Credits (DNRPA):

  • Original and copy of valid or renewed DNI (National Identity Document).

If you are a foreigner, present an original and a copy of your passport number.

  • Copy and original of the Affidavit, if you are a foreigner.
  • If it is a car, the vehicle’s green card.
  • For legal persons, present an original and a copy of the social contract and a certified signed certificate.
  • Proof of residence of the owner of the vehicle.
  • Receipt of some service: electricity, water, gas or another in general.
  • General vehicle purchase invoices.
  • Include Form 08 and Form 381.

Deliver all these requirements in a brown legal size letter and present them when requested by the DNational Directorate for Automotive Registration and Pledge Credits (DNRPA).

Step by Step to Generate it

To obtain this document it is not necessary to go to the DNRPA. By new order of the National Government, the web platform of the Ministry of Transportation issues this and other documents related to the automotive service.

  1. First, you must enter the web portal of the DNational Directorate for Automotive Registration and Pledge Credits (DNRPA).
  2. Once there, in the internal search engine, write Form 13.
  3. The system will automatically show the terms and conditions that you must accept and so you can continue.
  4. Finally, the system will indicate the requirements that must be gathered for subsequent delivery.
The form will be legalized for 48 hours, this will allow its legal use in the transfer or sale of the motor vehicle.

What is Form 13 for?

There are several uses that can be given to this form, including:

  • Vehicle transfers to buyers.
  • Vehicle registration with the DNRPA and the Ministry of Transportation.
  • It shows the traffic authorities the infractions that are registered with the vehicle, if any.
  • Verify the legal status of the vehicle within the DNRPA system and at the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Guarantee all tax contributions for the automotive service.

This form is used primarily to transfer automotive services. It must be attached with the other Forms 08 and 12, and with the Green Card.

What does Form 13 contain?

  • Vehicle’s own data: make, year, registration, type.
  • Personal information of the owner: full names and surnames that appear on the ID and business name.
  • Address of the owner.
  • Stamp of the entity authorized for this purpose.

As mentioned previously, this form contains information regarding the vehicle’s infringements or patent records, so if you have them, it will also appear in the documentation.

How to generate Form 08?

To obtain this Form 08, it is not necessary to contact the DNRPA as the web server of the Ministry of Transport facilitates this and other procedures related to automobiles.

Once the signature of this form is obtained, a period of up to 30 days is granted to carry out the automotive procedure. In the case of a sale complaint and it is made by a seller, after 30 days it will be prohibited to drive the vehicle.

This form gives one person permission to transfer ownership of one vehicle to another.

To achieve this it is necessary:

  • Identification of buyer and seller. From being a common property, from spouses as well.

People of Argentine nationality present ID and, if they are over 75 years old, LC or LE. Foreigners present ID and, if they are over 75 years old, LC or LE. Foreigners without residence present a passport with permanent residence or identification document of the country of origin.

A proof of the document in process does not represent an identity document.

  • CUIT certificate issued by AFIP or CUIL issued by the buyer’s ANSES.

Failing that, CDI of the buyer through Affidavit Form No. 663 or Form 622 of AFIP.

  • Vehicle ownership title or Certificate of Assignment of Title (CAT) and green and blue certificates of the vehicle
  • If you have a pledge, present proof, either by telegram, letter or transfer document.
  • If the vehicle is registered in a contract of leasing.

The steps to create your Form 08 are through the web and are the following:

  1. Enter the DNRPA web portal.
  2. In the internal search engine, write Form 13.
  3. Automatically, the document and the terms and conditions that you must accept and continue are displayed.
  4. Finally, the system will indicate the necessary conditions to attach it to Form 08 (National Identity Document, Green Card, etc.)

Maximum prices of the forms in some locations:

LocationForm 13
Capital$ 34.80
Buenos Aires$ 34.80
Catamarca$ 34.80
Cordova$ ______
Currents$ 34.80
Between rivers$ 34.80

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