Form 1495 of Activities Performed: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Form 1495 of Activities Performed It is a document that works mainly for making tax returns. It also provides the guarantee that the person who owns it has not generated taxable income. With which, it is governed under the legal regulations of Peru.

In the same way, this format is relevant with respect to the fact that the foreign citizen has not made generations of sources compared to the country’s income. That is why, if you are interested in this topic, you are in the indicated portal. Below we will tell you how to carry out this procedure, what it consists of in detail and much more.

Format of Form 1495 of Activities Performed

First of all, it is essential to tell you, first of all, what the format of the Form 1495 of Activities Performed. Likewise, these indications can help you to recognize which are the specific data that you must detail in it. With which, the necessary aspects to fill in are the following:

Foreign Data

  • Name and surname
  • Specify the type of Identity Document you have
  • Number of said document
  • Original nationality

Immigration status

  • Specify your work or what you do particularly
  • Date of entry and exit from the country determined
  • Day of issuance of the procedure
  • Stamp of receipt by the immigration authorities

Completion of Form 1495 of Activities Performed

In the same way, it is essential that you take into account this significant aspect within the process. With which, you are aware of how to get the Form 1495 of Activities Performed, will provide you with a proper completion of it. That is why, immediately, we will tell you how you should carry out this procedure:

  • First, as a simpler alternative, you can do click here to access the Form 1495 of Activities Performed
  • Later, after doing this, you must proceed to start the download process
  • In this sense, the file will be saved on your electronic device under a PDF character format.
  • Thus, you will have the possibility to print it and have it in a physical mode
  • Once you have carried out this, it is necessary that you prepare to fill it
  • In this step you must be very careful, because the data you enter has to be substantiated and true

  • With which, we suggest that you do it calmly and thus you will not make mistakes that could harm this process.
  • You can also fill it with a black ink writing instrument.
  • On the other hand, this document is what the hiring company is usually responsible for filling out when employees enter.
  • In any case, you must send the form to the National Migration Service when leaving
  • Therefore, the reason for this is simple, because it can simplify the delivery process and reduce the bureaucracy involved in these processes.
  • In this way, the immigration authorities are responsible for approving the due acceptance of the Form 1495 of Activities Performed
  • Finally, this must be submitted to the Lima Tax Administration Service (SAT)

What is it for?

  • This document focuses on national taxation throughout the country
  • He too Form 1495 of Activities Performed It must be legal and comply with the requirements of the State Treasury
  • Likewise, only foreigners residing or residing in countries of Peru can use this form
  • The purpose of this important document is to demonstrate that they have not performed any activity that may generate taxable income
  • That is, you have not carried out any activity for which you must declare income in Peru

Who should File the Form 1495 of Activities Performed?

On the other hand, it is essential to indicate who should fill out the Form 1495 of Activities Performed. Thus, you will be able to be aware of your situation and when you must carry out this respective procedure. Therefore, this form must be filled out by the foreign person currently living in Peru.

Thus, the fact is that the current legislation is very clear in this regard because it stipulates that only foreigners can deliver. With which, the reason is that Peruvian citizens are supposed to pay all of their income to the authorities for the work. However, however, this is different from the situation of foreigners.

That is why, depending on the type of visa that has been obtained, it is necessary that you have this essential document. Therefore, the holders of artist, religious or student visas are obliged to declare that they do not carry out lucrative activities. Also, if you enter the country with a worker visa, independent visa or immigrant, you should not carry out profitable activities.

The purpose of this is to inform the government about all the activities that people carry out in the country. Therefore, no tax fraud or fraud is expected by foreigners or Peruvian companies that employ them. In turn, at the same time, this prevents capital flight in Peru.

Sworn declaration

  • With respect to Form 1495 of Activities Performed, something that we must take into account is to know is an affidavit of the activity carried out
  • Likewise, it has an important significance in Peruvian legislation.
  • This is a legal document whose purpose is for an organization or individual to point out certain content on a specific topic.
  • Based on this, the «Declaration of Good Faith» was approved, in which as an applicant you provide all the required information

  • In the same way, it is carried out in conjunction with the activities carried out
  • Also, all incidents that managed to generate treasury income are reviewed
  • Likewise, we must mention that the purpose of the Form 1495 of Activities Performed is to accurately indicate that no income of any kind is generated
  • That is why, the reason for this is that if the income has already been generated, it must be guaranteed by the National Treasury.

Regulations Regarding the Procedure

  • Form 1495 of Activities Performed It is one of the Peruvian laws with the least regulations, because it is generally a fairly simple process
  • In this way, it should be noted that it is mainly subject to Supreme Decree No. 179-2004-EF and Supreme Decree No. 115-2002-PCM
  • For N ° 179-2004-EF, this is the main source of information for those interested in article 13 of the law
  • On the other hand, for 115-2002-PCM, emphasis is mainly placed on article 19 of the aforementioned law, especially on SUNAT

What is Form 1495 of Activities Performed?

Form 1495 of Activities Performed It is a document that serves as the basic pillar of many activities carried out by foreigners in Peru. In addition to this, the aforementioned form is a kind of sworn statement that some people must render during their general stay.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that its specific name is «affidavit for carrying out activities that do not involve income from Peruvian sources.» With which, This is a method that you must know in your own name, except by numbers. In other words, you must take into account the name of the procedure in order to avoid inconveniences.

In the same way, there is a very important aspect that you must take into account. This is that this is a procedure that you cannot confuse with other programs, although it may be something similar to some different processes. Thus, these programs mentioned are inclined towards immigration situations and tax returns in a legal way.

National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT)

The National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration is the entity in charge of providing the Form 1495 of Activities Performed. Likewise, it is necessary that you take into account the legal methodologies that it proposes, since this is a jurisdictional procedure in Peru. Thus, some of its functions are as follows:

  • Manage government taxation national (except municipalities),
  • Promote tax and customs compliance through the use of technology and tax awareness
  • Thus provide foreign trade
  • Work with a comprehensive, unified and competent human team dedicated to providing quality services to the country

Download Process

On the other hand, once all the above information regarding the Form 1495 of Activities Performed, it is essential to highlight something else. In this sense, it is worth mentioning how you should perform the download procedure for this format. Also, we anticipate that it is a fairly simple and short process.

  • First, you need to have stable Internet connectivity
  • Also, you must have an electronic device such as cell phone, laptop, computer among others
  • Through this device you can enter cyberspace to start the file download process
  • With which, it is essential that you enter the page of the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration

  • Likewise, once you access it, you must click on the Orientation section of procedures and services
  • Next, you must proceed to select the alternative that refers to Exit from abroad
  • Once you have performed both steps mentioned above, it will be necessary to proceed to search for the Form 1495 of Activities Performed
  • Then, you can start downloading it in a file with the extension PDF
  • Thus, this data will be found in the base of your computer or the electronic device that you are using at the moment.
  • Finally, you can print it, in order to have it in a physical format and start filling it



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