Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments it is also known as the New Simplified Single Regime (NRUS). Also, this is a virtual form that is set up to allow members to declare and / or make payments online. Thus, it allows the tax collection process to be more efficient, reducing transaction costs.

Similarly, it belongs to a rate system designed to include small producers and merchants. Thus, the monthly quote can be used to determine it as purchase or inspection income, thus trying to cover most of the additional costs. Next, we will tell you everything about this document.

What is Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments like?

First of all, it is essential to tell you, in the first place, what the Format of the Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments. Likewise, these indications can help you to recognize which are the specific data that you must detail in it and thus you can carry out the process correctly. With which, the necessary aspects to fill in are the following:

  • Unique Taxpayer Registry Number
  • Specify the date and year of the tax period
  • Total income for the month
  • Enter the total purchases of the month

  • Reflect which is the determined table
  • Amount to compensate for perceptions of General Sales Tax that you have made
  • Amount to pay
NOTE: If the payment is being made after the deadline, include the corresponding late interest in the AMOUNT TO PAY

Completion of Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments

Next, we are going to explain how you should enter all the information that the aforementioned requires. Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments. So that you can do it easily. As well as, so that you know the data you need to fill it out. Since you must be careful not to put any wrong data. Thus, you must take into account the following:

  • First you must enter the official portal of the SUNAT
  • Then, you must enter the data suggested by the website regarding your username and password
  • Thus, once inside the system, you must access the New RUS option
  • Followed by this, click Form 1611
  • After you do this, the page will show us the initial form
  • You must first complete the period, enter the date of the tax period, depending on the situation

  • Select the option YES or NO, if it is a rectifying declaration
  • You must indicate the total income and the total amount of acquisitions
  • Subsequently, Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments suggests that you put the category that corresponds to you
  • Here you have only two options depending on the monthly income and acquisitions you have received
  • This will help you determine the total monthly amount that you must pay to SUNAT
  • Mark, accordingly, if this form is frequent or not
  • Click Submit / Pay / NPS
  • Finally, select the type of payment and the specific card with which you will make the cancellation

Advantages and Benefits of Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments

  • Its main advantage or benefit is that the SUNAT virtual system can now be used to express and pay for this program in a more efficient way
  • As a second advantage, we can mention that, as a taxpayer, you can choose two payment methods

  • With which, you can use Visa credit or debit card to pay,
  • As well as, you can use the bank account previously associated with the financial institution of your choice
  • In this case, the service is only available to De Crédito Bank, Interbank, Scotiabank and Continental customers
For more information, you can enter the official SUNAT portal or call 0-801-12-100 to contact the call center

Frequent questions

What are the activities that I cannot report on Form 1611?

  • Real estate marketing
  • Travel agency
  • Flammable liquids and petroleum products business
  • Warehouse or customs warehouse

Are there limits that I must not exceed?

  • Must be participate in activities at a single production site
  • Total income, up to 96,000 soles per year
  • The appraisal of the physical asset must have a total of 70,000 soles. Except cars and farms
  • Total gross profit cannot exceed 96,000 soles per year

How do I join the new RUS?

  • You must comply with the registration in the Unique Registry of Taxpayers
  • If you come from another Regime (General Regime, Special Income Regime or MYPE Tax Regime) you must do additional things
  • Thus, with the declaration and payment of the NRUS fee in the January tax period, within the due date
  • Also, you must have canceled your vouchers that entitle you to a tax credit and its attached establishments at most until December of the previous year.

What category do I have?

  • According to the higher value of your income or purchases, the category shown in the table of
  • Make the payment of the fee according to the category that corresponds to you, through the following channels:
  • On-site: At Banks and Agents
  • Virtual or Internet: – SUNAT Operations
  • Electronic money: BIM – On your cell phone * 838 #

National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT)

On the other hand, in this section we will talk about the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT). This is information that will be very useful throughout this process. Likewise, we can start, with this being the entity that provides the form 621 SUNAT.

The National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration – SUNAT, according to its creation Law No. 24829, General Law approved by Legislative Decree No. 501 and Law 29816 of Strengthening of SUNAT, is a specialized technical body, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Similarly, it has legal status under public law, with its own assets and enjoys functional, technical, economic, financial, budgetary and administrative autonomy. Thus, by virtue of the provisions of Supreme Decree No. 061-2002-PCM, it has absorbed the National Superintendency of Customs.

Thus assuming the functions, powers and attributions that by law, corresponded to this entity. The National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) has legal domicile and main headquarters in the city of Lima, being able to establish offices anywhere in the national territory.


The New Simplified Single Regime is a tax system established for small merchants and producers. Similarly, it allows them to pay a fixed monthly fee based on purchases and / or income, and thus they can use it to replace various taxes.

Likewise, the system is aimed at individuals who sell goods or services to final consumers. At the same time, those who develop transactions can also benefit from the new RUS. Likewise, in this tax system, sales tickets and cash tickets are allowed as proof of payment.

On the other hand, for the New RUS the issuance of invoices and other vouchers with tax credit rights is prohibited. In addition to this, the maximum income and / or monthly or annual purchases and the development of certain prohibited activities are restricted.

Also, it applies to natural and legal persons dedicated to managing the personal and real estate property of the client’s final consumer. For example: market stalls, shoe stores, bazaars, etc. On the contrary, non-professionals settled in the country receive income from the fourth category only for carrying out commercial activities

What is Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments?

The Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments It is an essential document provided by the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration. Likewise, this entity grants a number referred to the last digit of the number of «Unique Registry of Taxpayers».

That is why, to complete the Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments, consumers must respect the tariff system in accordance with their industrial work. With which, the tax law of Peru establishes fines and violations. Thus, these fines and violations are determined based on the responsibility to file the 1611 form.

In the same way, this data is also known as the New Simplified Unitary System (NRUS). So this is a virtual form that is set up to allow members to file and / or make payments online. Thus, the tax collection process is more efficient, reducing transaction costs and helping taxpayers.

Important aspects

  • On the other hand, in relation to the visualization of the Form 1611 for SUNAT Payments, you can deduct the corresponding fee from all payment categories
  • Which is the total amount linked to the increase in the general sales tax prepared by the supplier
  • Likewise, there are certain essential requirements that you must take into account to be able to present this document respectively.
  • The first of these requirements is that you must declare the monthly profit, that is, the general business of each verified month
  • At the same time, you must announce the monthly purchases
  • Likewise, the full offset for the general business tax provided by the dealer can be used for settlement.



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